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Paź 24,2016

Post pobrano z: Fira Sans: New Free Font Family From Mozilla

Fira Sans is a new free font family that was originally designed as a typeface for the Mozilla OS. Fira Sans free font family comprises of 16 weights in 2 styles, that is Roman and Italic as well as more than 2600 glyphs. Get it from here.

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Paź 24,2016

Post pobrano z: Golden Gate made of pencils / C’est facile de tailler?

bridge2015-mathilde-layec bridge-pencils-2016
BIC Kids Color pencils 2015
Source : Behance
Student ad by Mathilde Layec
School : Sup de Pub Paris (France)
PencilWings Agency – 2016
“Connecting ideas to executions that create impact”
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency :  PencilWings (India)
Paź 23,2016

Post pobrano z: Aristide Maltez Hospital: Show breasts
PR, Online
Aristide Maltez Hospital

Mastectomized women „show their breasts” on social media to raise awareness about breast cancer.

A digital campaign created by Propeg challenges social media censorships, make an awareness wake up call and invites people to share the message using the hashtag #allthebreast

Brazilian agency Propeg created for Aristides Maltez Hospital and Bahia League Against Cancer – LBCC a digital campaign about the importance of performing regular breast self-exams. Entitled “allthebreast”, this bold initiative defies the rigid rules of social media about the prohibition of showing women naked breasts pictures.

The agency came up with cards showing pictures of courageous mastectomized women. With the message “I can show my breasts on Facebook”, these women revealed that they overcame social media censorship in the worst possible way.    

According to the press office of Aristides Maltez Hospital, this unprecedented initiative may increase people’s demand for information about breast cancer and help to promote early diagnosis of the disease. „We are delighted with this action because, besides being brave, it rides on the back of a particular social context in which people discuss everything on social media. If a picture like ours worth more than a thousand words, we really hope that people talk about this disease and encourage the awareness and practice of preventive methods, such as self-examination”, they say.

The action “Mulheres de Peito” takes place on Facebook and Instagram till the end of October and has a partnership with the Correio da Bahia newspaper.

Advertising Agency:Propeg, Salvador, Brazil
CCO:Emerson Braga
Creative Director:André Amoedo
Copywriter:Emerson Braga, André Amoedo
Art Direct:Pedro Chequer, James Willians
Digital Crative:Rebecca Lyrio, Raphael Medeiros, Carol Silva
Account:Michele Estevez, Tatiana Leal
Plannner:Melina romariz
Grafic Prodution:Ariana Guerra, André Coni
Media:Rosana Ramos.
Make e Hair:Chocolate
Approval:Humberto Luciano
Suport:Jornal Correio, Bonita Também, Coletivo Minissaia

The North Face: Extreme Shopping

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Paź 23,2016

Post pobrano z: The North Face: Extreme Shopping

The North Face

The North Face Korea, the No. 1 outdoor brand in Korea which greets its 50th year anniversary of the foundation, publicly announced the statement ‘50years of exploration’ and began the campaign with McMURDO, which is a representative heritage product of The North Face, as the object. 

Can The North Face Korea, which had presented to the consumers an exploration within the downtown which could not be thought of while riding the dog sleds together with McMURDO in the last, give as a present yet-another, differently-colored adventure this time? In order to unfold a very special opportunity for an exploration of which the brand spirit is alive and overflows, the campaign overflowing with the energy was prepared together with INNORED. 

 Until now, as the spaces in which the unimaginable adventures are unfolded, the pop up stores of The North Face approached the consumers. In commemoration of the 50th year since the foundation, the consumers visit the special pop-up stores. And the customers who tried wearing the McMURDO products get around to receiving the proposal worth doubting the ears. “You can purchase the McMURDO product which you are wearing now free-of-charge. 

Can I help you for that shopping?” At the moment of answering ‘Yes’, suddenly, in front of the customer, the blue sky and the zipline that goes down 120 meters from a dizzy height are unveiled. The shopping situation is extreme, so much so that the McMURDO can be received free-of-charge at the counter installed 120 meters below. 

What would the people facing the moments of the challenges and the explorations, which could not be thought of, select? The moments of the adventures overflowing with the thrills. The new exploration begins! It has been gaining great views on YouTube and Facebook websites. The video has been shared rapidly, already achieved over 5mil. 

Views only in 6 days. The North Face Korea’s campaign series delivers a unique concept to people who lead a routine and would like to help them awaken the values of exploring in their life.

Advertising Agency:INNORED, Seoul, South Korea

Mercedes-Benz Night View Assist: Eyes

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Paź 23,2016

Post pobrano z: Mercedes-Benz Night View Assist: Eyes

Add Something extra to your eye while driving in dark.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director:MARK T SMITH
Art Director:Anurag Mishra
Copywriter:Anurag Mishra
Illustrator:Anurag Mishra

Paź 22,2016

Post pobrano z: Color Pop: Free Photoshop Action to Amplify Color

Color Pop Photoshop action enhances and amplifies the color of your photographs to make it “pop” or stand out. It is a blessing for photographers who are looking to manipulate their photos and adjust color settings. 

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Paź 21,2016

Post pobrano z: Octanis: Free Font Family with Multiple Styles

Octanis is a free font family that comes in 10 beautiful styles based on Sans, Slab and Serif. It is a typeface ideal for headlines, logotypes, typographic compositions and paragraphs of text. Download it for free from here.

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Paź 21,2016

Post pobrano z: Go Out! Magazine: Dishes, Laundry, Flowers
Go Out!

Contemporary art, music, fashion, gastronomy: Geneva is full of events, but many people remain trapped in their domestic habits. So to encourage to discover another daily, the Genevans’ culture magazine Go Out!, launches a campaign showing different apartments abandoned by their owners who went to see and experience all that Geneva has to offer them.

Advertising Agency:Havas Worldwide, Geneva, Switzerland
Creative Director:Gabriel Mauron
Copywriter:Thibaud Genevois
Art Directors:Pierre-Olivier Gardello, Simeon Brandner
Photographer:Pedro Neto
Photolithography:Scan Graphic

Paź 21,2016

Post pobrano z: Swedish Ministry of Tales: Read to Unlock
Online, Mobile
Swedish Ministry of Tales

An increasing number of children in Sweden have trouble with their reading and writing skills. The amount of distractions from smartphones, TV-games and computers make children read less and less.

To prevent this negative development and to help parents and children use the technology in a productive way, Ministry of tales – a non-profit foundation that runs writing centers for children – has developed Read to Unlock. 

Read to Unlock is an app that locks the tablet it’s installed on. Children who would like to use the tablet can unlock it by reading a chapter from a book that suits the child’s age/reading skills and then answering fun questions and writing exercises. Thus making a habit into a reading session every day.


Advertising Agency:KING Solution, Stockholm, Sweden

Netflix: #NetflixSwap

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Paź 20,2016

Post pobrano z: Netflix: #NetflixSwap
Media, Outdoor, Promo, Online

Earlier this year, Snapchat released its main used functionality: the filters. One of this filters – the Face Swap – has been a massive success since then. We capitalized on this trend in order to promote Netflix original series. 

We created the „NetflixSwap” the first mobile outdoor campaign using Snapchat and its new Face Swap filter, to fulfill your ultimate desire: becoming, even for a brief moment, your favorite character!


Advertising Agency:Darewin, Paris, France