Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress go head to head!

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This should be a very interesting contest…
There’s no shortage of people willing to rhapsodize about why their favorite open source content management system is better than everyone else’s. So it’s sure to be interesting to watch three skilled, dedicated teams trying to prove the superiority of Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, respectively, in a three-way showdown […]

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Firescope Firefox Add-on for Firebug

Fans of the swiss army knife of web development Firebug will be happy to hear that this wonderful Firefox add-on has added another blade to its arsenal. With the help of the Firescope add-on, it can now provide CSS and HTML reference in a snap. Just right-click on any tag and click on the context menu to perform a lookup. The tool appears to have been developed by the web gurus over at SitePoint, so tool has links to further information on the SitePoint Reference web site.

The tool is also searchable. You can:

… search for HTML elements, HTML attributes, or CSS properties (or any combination). The search happens live as you type, so usually you’ll only have to type one or two letters to get the results you want.

Check out the screenshots:


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CSS Magic with Fixed Background-attachment

Background-attachment fixed example

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Eric Meyer’s Complexspiral demo, which was created to demonstrate the power of CSS and the background-attachment attribute. There are many other sites that use this concept to achieve a similar effect, providing added visual interest to the viewer. This can be seen in sites such as We Bleed Design, Westciv, Econsultancy, and even CSS Zen Garden. It has been used for years by Timpelen.

Ask the CSS Guy has come up with a short, easy to understand tutorial to help you achieve this effect. He also provides three nice examples using this same technique:

In the above examples no JavaScript was used at all, only CSS, that’s MAGIC! :-)

View the full article.




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CSS Friendly Stacked Bar Graphs

Looking for a good, CSS friendly Stacked Bar Graph implementation? Look no further as Stephen of The Wojo Group has published their implementation, which is being used in Backbone, a CMS that runs on Ruby on Rails. It is based off Alen Grakalic’s Pure CSS Data Chart, and the awesome thing is that it is semantically correct, so it will definitely look good in screen readers.

CSS stacked bar graphs

Read the full article.
View the demo.


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