Avactis Giveaway – Winners Announced

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Avactis, an e-commerce application with lots of handy features, was running a giveaway of 3 owned licenses for their application to celebrate the launch of their hosted services and hosting bonuses.

Winners are selected today and announced at the bottom of this post.

If you are not one of the lucky winners and/or prefer not to host the application yourself, here is a snapshot of what Avactis offers with their new services:


First of all, the best thing about hosted services is: you know that the application is setup in the best possible way. So you make sure it functions correctly.

The second advantage is "not dealing with any hosting-related issues" as Avactis handles that in a pro and secure way with PCI compatible servers, daily backups and an experienced team.

In addition to those, the hosted services include free forever-support and updates (updates are handled by Avactis automatically).

And, until 28th of April, there are some bonuses offered:

  • Standard plan, 1 month
    • Bonus: Free Setup
  • Standard plan, 6 months pre-pay
    • Bonus: 3 extensions pre-installed for free* (worth $82.85)
  • Standard plan, 1 year pre-pay
    • Bonus: SSL Certificate pre-installed for free (worth $149.00)
    • Bonus: 3 extensions pre-installed for free* (worth $82.85)
  • Professional plan, 1 month
    • Bonus: Free Setup
  • Professional plan, 6 months pre-pay
    • Bonus: SSL Certificate pre-installed for free (worth $149.00)
    • Bonus: 5 extensions pre-installed for free** (worth $118.75)

Simply, if you already tried the application and liked it, this can be the right time to get it. Otherwise, you can always give it a try for free and find out if the functionality fits your needs.

And, the winners

Here are the 3 winners of Avactis Owned licenses:

  • gediminas (comment #322672)
  • Jeff Szucs (comment #327078)
  • Caner (comment #321414)

Congratulations to the winners and thanks very much to every WRD reader for joining the giveaway.

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