20 Awesome Tools And Resources For Creating A Website

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Web developers and designers are very sought after in our current market. Seeing as the Internet is a big part of our lives nowadays, it is mandatory for all business owners to set up a website for their business. So they turn to the web development community. But just a website won’t do any more, now developers and designers need to make memorable, interactive pages that will attract as many customers as possible. What’s more, website owners then need to understand how to manage them and keep them successful.

Luckily, web services, applications and tools to help developers and designers have also grown in numbers and some of them can be real time savers. So we made a list of the best 20 we could find, to get you going with creating and managing websites.


Understanding how users are really using your website takes you one step closer to making these visitors your customers. HotJar Insights is the perfect tool to help you accomplish this. HotJar is a platform that unifies a number of services you can only acquire separately from their competitors. With a starting price of only $29/month HotJar offers you unlimited access to information about the way your website is being used. By using this data, you will be able to improve your website’s UX and conversion plan seamlessly.

Among the features that HotJar offers you’ll find:

–       Feedback and exist polls, by using this valuable information provided by your visitors you will be able to understand their needs from your website better and work to supply them.

–       Funnel and form analysis will provide you with the biggest opportunities for improvement and testing by showing you the page or step where visitors most often lose interest. Also, you’ll get to see which form fields they most often skip or take too long on and change them accordingly.

–       Visitor session playback will eliminate any doubt about who your visitors interact with your website and will provide you with valuable information.

Heat maps, show the areas that have received most attention from customers as far as have tapping or clicks are involved, as well as their scrolling behavior.


Giverz is rapidly becoming one of the best places on the Internet. This website is dedicated to scouring the Internet in search of the best giveaways available and they will also negotiate with businesses that their community deem interesting in order to convince them to organize giveaways. By doing all of this, the team over at Giverz is able to offer you some of the best giveaways you’ll find and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love getting free stuff? Among the past giveaways that they’ve organized we could mention a one year pro subscription to Treehouse, a $1000 Amazon Gift Card and, the latest, an awesome pack for a lucky web designer. Here’s how Giverz works: you go to their website and subscribe to their emailing list, you follow their current campaign either on their website or on Facebook or Twitter (they have a count down clock and everything) and you get ready for the moment the email arrives letting you know the giveaway is up for grabs. From there on, all that’s left for you to do is be the one who clicks on the link fastest and the giveaway is yours.


ZippyPixels is a service dedicated to offering developers and designers high quality resources at reasonable prices. The whole thing started when the team at ZippyPixels who are also members of the web development community decided they wanted to make a platform to offer products that can be used for web development and design at prices that everyone could afford. In setting out to do this, they reached out to their community in order to always be aware of what they want and need. And they continue to be friendly now, so don’t hesitate to communicate with them via email, Facebook or Twitter, through this constant communication, only good things can result, like their new Grandé bundle. This bundle is the answer to all your mockup needs. The Grandé bundle includes 160 HD mockups that cover categories such as:

–       Logos

–       Books

–       Flyers and advertisements

–       Device

–       Magazines

–       Stationery and more

You can go to ZippyPixels right now and take a firsthand look at this bundle and you’ll see in just how many ways it can help you.


ShrinkTheWeb is the perfect tool for web and mobile application developers, helping them cut the amount of work they put in to get the perfect screenshots way back. It helps you automatize the process of making screenshots to use in your projects. ShrinkTheWeb will capture, shrink, crop, save, upload and display thousands of screenshots and all you have to do is write a single line of code or use an existing plugin. The platform offered by ShrinkTheWeb is the most dependable website screenshot platform available and it also benefits from a well-documented API that developers will find very easy to use. And ShrinkTheWeb doesn’t just offer screenshots, it offers URL to PDF Conversion, Custom Size Previews, Full-Length Previews and Private Label Service. ShrinkTheWeb prides itself with unlimited scalability and unmatched reliability and with past clients like Microsoft and Semantic, you can be sure that they’re not just bragging. And the best part about this service? It’s completely free.


Web developers and designers always have to keep in mind that their websites need to be compatible cross-browser and that is not always a simple task. Manually checking how your website looks like on a variety of browsers, not to mention mobile phones and tablets takes up a lot of time. Luckily, BrowseEmAll exists to automatize the process. By using BrowseEmAll you will be able to test out your websites and discover all issues you might have as far as cross browser compatibility is concerned. This tool not only allows you to find all the potential problems in your code or design, it will also offer you the possibility to test out your website on a mobile simulator and optimize it accordingly.  What’s more, BrowseEmAll provides you with a way to test both your HTML and raw files without having to upload them to a server. What are you waiting for? Get started with BrowseEmAll right now and make your websites cross browser compatible faster and easier.


Paddle.com is a London-based eCommerce platform that makes it super easy to sell digital products like apps, games, themes, templates and more. No worrying about payment processing, tax handling, file hosting & delivery or customer support — Paddle handles it all and leaves you to focus on what you enjoy: creating awesome products. You can have your own checkout in minutes; setting up with Paddle just involves naming and pricing your product, uploading your files and that’s it — you’ll be given a checkout link that you can use to start selling on your website. Of course you want to give your customers the best possible checkout experience too, so Paddle’s Overlay Checkout allows them to pay seamlessly on the same page using PayPal or credit/debit card.

If you want an incredibly simple way to sell your digital products, sign up to Paddle for free today.

Stamplia Builder

The Stamplia Builder is the perfect editor to help developers modify purchased email templates and offer your clients a product adjusted to fit their needs. The Stamplia Builder is very easy to use and it’s guaranteed to considerably lighten the workload for web developers. With this editor you will have access to features like a real time visualization mode so you can see how your changes impact the template overall instantly, a drag and drop feature that you can use to add components and a faster image editor when you need to add logos and such to your template. Also, by designing you templates with Stamplia Builder you will be able to automatically export them into email providers like MailChimp, CampaignMonitor and SendGrid and be assured that your template will be fully compatible with the email provider’s editor. What’s more, by submitting email templates compatible with Stamplia Builder, developers have the chance to be promoted amongst the customers of the aforementioned email providers. Another cool feature Stamplia Builder offers is making sure your email templates are completely compatible with mobile devices so they will look good no metter how you choose to visualize them.


For all of you out there who are always on the lookout for tools and resources to enhance your websites, DealFuel is the best destination. This platform offers the best deals and the greatest Freebies available on the Internet. They should know, they negotiate most of them. On DealFuel you will find anything you need starting with eBooks, eCourses and even WordPress themes and plugins. There are also offers for developers like SEO, website or software tools, as well as for designers who will find a great stock of graphic bundles, vectors, textures, Photoshop Actions and more. In addition to this, the purchase process at DealFuel is seamless, once you decide on the items you want to buy, all you have to do is click Continue and you will either be redirected to the supplier’s page where you can finish your purchase and benefit from an amazing discount DealFuel has negotiated for you or be taken straight to your account’s payment page.


When looking for an active chat room to add to your website, you cannot go wrong with RumbleTalk. They will offer you elegant HTML5 chat rooms that you are free to customize however you see fit.  You will have complete control over the visual aspect of your chat room by using CSS, you have the option of including RumbleTalk’s chat room by either embedding it into your website or by making it a floating tool bar. Other features that RumbleTalk offers are: talk from your smart phone or tablet, group chat with your audience in real time, archive and search through old conversations, ban users by IP, range of IPs or user name. One of the best features to boost your chat room’s activity is that your clients are free to add videos and pictures straight into the conversation and thus keep it lively and interesting. What’s more, RumbleTalk doesn’t require a lengthy, complicated install process, it’s all as simple as one copy & paste.

Web Starter Kit

The Web Starter Kit is the best starting point when you aim to create a multi-device website. This kit will give you access to a visual design system for documenting your website’s components, an integrated HTTP server, a multi-device responsive boilerplate, live browser reloading and more.

WPEka Club

WPEka Club is a constantly-growing repository of over 50 premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. The team over at WPEka created this repository because they wanted to share the experience they have acquired over the years of working with WordPress. In their gallery you will find a diverse variety of themes as well as any type of plugin you need from SEO, to Social Media, AdSense, Advertising, Auction and more. The all-inclusive plan from WPEka Club costs only $27. All members are given full access to all new product releases as soon as they appear and the team at WPEka Club promises there will be at least 4 new releases every month. What’s more, members are also on the receiving end of one of the best support systems available and you can check out their previous customer’s testimonials to see how happy they were with the services they received. So head on over to WPEka Club right no for all the WordPress awesomeness you require.


Luvly is a premium digital marketplace where you can find a variety of design resources to help you with all your creative needs. Amongst the varied array of products available on Luvly you will find: vectors, Facebook Banners, mockups, DIY projects and more. They also have dedicated categories for some of the most elegant and flexible Blogger and WordPress themes you can find. Luvly aims to encourage all creative individuals and offers them a place where they can find the resources they need as well as sell those that they produce. All the items you’ll find at Luvly have gone through a thorough approval process, therefore only those with the best quality have made their way online. In addition to all of this, the team behind Luvly wants to grow with its community of designers and developers, to this end they are constantly keeping them engaged by organizing interactive workshops, classes and tutorials.


CloudCart is the perfect service to help you start your own online store. By using CloudCart you will have access to a team that will take care of every detail of the process of putting out an online store and all you’ll have to worry about is being ready to start shipping your product. CloudCart will offer you a marketing module that will get your business ready to advertise across a number of social media and an Advance Reporting option that will give you an overview of your business at any time. In addition to this, you will also benefit from integrated and international payments, 1-page checkout, delivery and tax calculator and more. CloudCart will also take care of the little things, like offering you templates with professional and elegant designs, integrated live chat, secure hosting and CDN as well as a 24/7 support system that will answer your every need. In short, with CloudCart you will have access to all you need in order to create an immediate and professional sales platform.

Opinion Stage


Opinion Stage is the best service for opinion polling available. With this amazing tool you can create standard polls for your website easily with the best possible results. By offering your visitors polls where they can cast their opinion, you will make your website more engaging and by offering your visitors the option to share their answers your website will also become more sociable. Setting up a poll from Opinion Stage takes under 5 minutes and that’s counting the registering process as well. The polls from Opinion Stage are completely customizable and all the information gathered from them are available for you in Opinion Stage’s comprehensive dashboard that allows you to filter results by a diverse number of criteria as well as display them in graphs or charts. What’s more, you can monetize the polls from Opinion Stage by opting to put ads inside them or by promoting other polls from the Opinion Stage network within them.


With BrowserShots, you can see how your website looks on a variety of browsers fast and without having to go through the trouble of installing those browsers on your machine. All you have to do is submit the URL to your website, pick out the browsers and then click Submit, then the screenshots will be loaded for you to see.


jQuery is clearly the most well known and used library for JavaScript and its documentation is not in short supply, unfortunately, it’s not very well structured either. jQAPI aims to improve all of that by offering developers access to an alternative jQuery Documentation Browser that is easy to use and intuitive. What’s more, it can even be downloaded and used offline.

New Relic

New Relic is a popular performance tool used to check both your web and app servers for functionality issues through the use of a monitoring service. By seeing how your software performs in production, you will be better equipped to make better and faster business decisions in the future.

Inspiration Hut Downloads

Inspiration Hut Downloads is the place where you’ll find the biggest collection of creative downloads all in one place. By having only one stop in your search for the best design resources you will save a lot of time and effort that you previously wasted by going through countless websites. Inspiration Hut’s collection includes Free PSD, Fonts, Brushes, WordPress themes, UI Kits, Textures, Mockups and many, many more. This website is the perfect place to find the best resources and get inspiration for your next project. The team over at Inspiration Hut scours the Internet daily for the best creative downloads available in order for them to supply their community with them. Everything on Inspiration Hut is both functional and visually pleasing. Also, developers and designers are free to contribute their own work to Inspiration Hut’s repository and make them either free or premium. Head on over and checkout their gallery right now.


OOcharts is an API for your Google Analytics, it will help you create your very own Google Analytics dashboard. All you have to do to get started is log in with your Google Analytics account and provide an API key for your website, then you’re good to go. OOcharts will queue up all the information that would normally exceed Google Analytics and make sure that all the reports you ask for are cached so they will run faster the next time you call them up.



Fiddler is a web debugging proxy that supports all operating systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.1, Linux or Mac. With Fiddler, you can debug traffic on a number of frameworks, like .NET, Java, Ruby etc. This is a highly customizable proxy that can additionally be used to security test web applications by decrypting all traffic or only specific sessions.

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Must-Have Tools For Prototyping and Creating Mobile Apps

Post pobrano z: Must-Have Tools For Prototyping and Creating Mobile Apps

Are you currently on the lookout for the best available resources to help you craft websites, web apps, and mobile apps? If you’re like most web designers and web developers, then you must have a defined sense of what your favorite app builders, wireframing and prototyping tools are, so far. However, we both know that there’s always a chance you might stumble upon better alternatives to the tools you’ve been using. Check out my updated list of competent solutions for prototyping and app creation.


If you like to stay away from coding, and still do a great job, then you’re an ‘Apper’. This nickname addresses web designers who create beautiful web and mobile apps, without dealing with technical tasks, which take up a lot of time and kill the joy of designing unique projects. Hence, IGenApps Inc. takes the lead in my top favorite app creation tools, with Apper. Apper is an amazing DIY platform that makes it easy to forge, distribute, and publish mobile apps for any of your customers.

The web apps made here can be very similar to native apps. In addition, I feel confident that you will adore Apper’s fantastic URL feature, which instantly adapts your app to the device it is displayed on. In other words, the UI/UX is automatically scaled to be perfectly accommodated by Windows phone, Amazon Fire, iOS, and Android. For the modest price of $4.99/month, Apper continues to adapt and host your app, for an unlimited period of time.


Siberian CMS

Siberian CMS is the striking image of dear old WordPress. This resource counts very high in my preferences, because it leaves coding out of the question, not to mention that it enables users to drag-and-drop modules and rapidly customize a gorgeous app. Even more importantly, Siberian CMS functions on premises, and empowers web designers with two commercial versions that helps them launch their own app business.

Install Siberian CMS on your server, and take comfort in knowing that you’ve acquired an open-source tool. Since you’re always the sole possessor of the source code for your app, your ownership status can never be questioned. As I previously mentioned, you can also use Siberian CMS as the stepping stone of your very own online app building platform. The one-time price of circa $250 will unlock either of the two fabulous commercial versions from Siberian CMS.



There is no way you haven’t heard about InVision by now! I’m sure I’m not the only one who classed it as a top three resource when it comes to making aesthetically balanced prototypes. InVision is free to use by any creative professional who needs to rely on a design-oriented tool to prototype. To this day, 400K users and well-known companies like Adobe, Getty Images, and LinkedIn, have chosen to work with it. As any of them will confess, InVision provides an ideal setting to collaborate on designs, create prototypes, and share active projects.

InVision is unique, as it supports integration with software like Photoshop, Sketch, etc. Thus, prototypes made here will always have the appearance that you decide for them. Test the UX of your app in any imaginable way, and present it to your clients at any point.



I had the chance to try out many different cloud-based platforms, but in all honesty, HotGloo is one of the most accomplished wireframe UX prototyping resources. Its editor is such a breeze. Besides, HotGloo is at your service with a huge wireframe widget library. Work on your prototype by yourself, or with your colleagues, then save any version and send preview links to your clients. And finally, remember that HotGloo makes a lot of difference if you are wireframing for desktop, tablet and mobile, because your prototype will be responsive to each of these venues.



If I’m right, then Proto.io has anything a designer might ask for from a prototype creation platform that exempts her/him from coding. For instance, this tool has a clever drag-and-drop interface. Furthermore, users can easily import their own design assets, or take their pick from iOS, Android, and Windows phone UI elements, instead. Plus, thousands of preset icons are available, too. Not to mention that Proto.io’s wicked awesome animations will help you make interactive prototypes. That you can share via short URLs, or on the native player apps of iOS and Android devices.



Many of my friends turned to AppMachine for more than one app crafting project, and all of them, without exception, praised this platform – along with the fact that it didn’t charge anything during the actual building process. Users only pay when they’re publishing to stores. AppMachine is your tool of choice for creating native and web apps. In the very beginning, you receive 35 pre-coded blocks, and you can also connect to web services, import data, and use CustomJS to add code and new features.



Ever had the pleasure of working with Justinmind? If you haven’t, then you have no idea what you’ve been missing. This prototyping tool is a complete solution that helps users make high-fidelity wireframes for mobile, web, and more. In addition, Justinmind has pre-designed cards and patterns for Google Glass apps, and a valuable library stacked with menus, inputs, and controls specifically for creating mockups of apps meant for Windows 8.



How about Yapp? I am very fond of this platform, because it offers its services for free, and so enables web designers, as well as people who are unfamiliar with design and development, to build any type of mobile apps with great ease. Yapp is complete with native mobile features, and you can publish your app in just a matter of seconds.



PowerMockup is the right tool for making superb slideshow presentations of your wireframe.  If you have Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, or 2013, then consider using this add-on for PowerPoint. That’s right, PowerMockup is not a conventional wireframing lab. You can use it to build a slideshow that you clients really understand, by using the large library with wireframe stencils and icons. Also, you can give shape to new stencils, using regular PowerPoint tools, and then include them in your library.



I would like to bring another superb resource to your attention. Mippin has a prodigy app creation platform named App Factory, which is licensed for some of the most popular handset manufacturers and mobile operators. Feel free to use this App Factory to come up with ravishing mobile apps in a very short space of time.

POP is the acronym of Prototyping on Paper, and it’s a marvelous platform that helps people give shape to fantastic mobile apps without the least amount of effort. POP caters to everyone’s needs, and its retinue of users spans from entrepreneurs, ad agencies, designers, and students.



In some cases, it’s better to reach out to more task-specific resources. Take MobBase, for instance. This tool would be an ideal means to build apps if the client is a band, DJ, radio station, or a record label – anything that draws in throngs of fans. Long story short, MobBase will give you a proper environment to build, launch, and manage apps for iPhones, Androids, and the mobile web at large.


Appy Pie

Appy Pie is an incredibly popular mobile app and game builder. You probably stumbled across this magnificent platform, too. The first benefit of working with this tool is that you can do that for free. Secondly, Appy Pie is very user-friendly, and will allow you to craft app destined for Windows 8 Phone, Android and iPhone – faster than you can say ‘pie’.



As my list of advanced app creation and prototyping tools is drawing to an end, I need to mention one more platform that sparked my interest, as I’m sure it will spark yours, too. SwebApps is a creative and inexpensive resource that anyone can reach for in order to create fabulous mobile apps in a split second.



Finally, I saved the best for last: if you need to set up apps for Android and iPhone devices, then it might interest you to learn that iBuildApp now sports a huge discount of 40% for all the available plans, which means that the attractive Business package is now priced at $23.40/month, and billed annually.


I hope that you managed to find precious new information as you went through my updated list of tools for wireframing, prototyping and app creation. This article only encased the best and most proficient resources on the present-day market, and yet it is up to you to discern which of them would cater to your individual needs.Advertisements:
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Eveleth Letterpress Font Family (all 16 fonts) – only $9

Post pobrano z: Eveleth Letterpress Font Family (all 16 fonts) – only $9

When it comes to fonts, Yellow Design Studio consistently hits them out of the park. their latest Mighty Deal is no exception. With the Eveleth Premium Letterpress Font Family, you’ll get yourself 16 charming vintage fonts to work with.

Additional weights, shadow layers and entertaining icons, shapes and emblems are just a few of the extra that come along for the ride.

And if you act now, you can save yourself more than 80% off the regular price.

Eveleth Premium Letterpress Font Family Highlights:
16 Professional Fonts:
Made up of 3 unique sub-families, each with its own printed texture, the Eveleth collection includes 16 different fonts. With this bundle, you’ll get the following: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Slant Light, Slant Regular, Slant Bold, Dot Light, Dot Regular, Dot Bold, Icons, Shapes, Shadow, Clean Thin, Clean Regular, and Clean Shadow.
Uniquely Vintage:
Eveleth isn’t just a vintage type font, it’s a heckuva lot of fun. Created by the talented folks over at Yellow Design Studio, this font family offers some extreme realism and vintage charm.
More Than Just Letters:
The Eveleth Font Family includes more than just your basic alphabet. You’ll also get yourself a collection of really useful shapes, icons and emblems to spice up your latest projects.
Great Effects:
Other features included in this bundle are a Thin weight, a shadow layer and even clean (non-distressed) versions. The font package includes character maps for the icons and shapes, as well as instructions for adding spurs.
Multiple Languages:
Let Eveleth speak to your audience, no matter what language they use. The font supports over 50 languages.
Loads of Uses:
Eveleth is so versatile, you can use it just about anywhere. Create exciting images for websites, photographs, T-shirts, brochures, signs, posters, and so much more.
Normally, the Eveleth Premium Letterpress Font Family sells for $49 (for the Desktop version), but for a limited time only, you can get the entire set for just $9 – That’s 82% off the regular price. OR get both the Desktop and Web Font versions together for just $15.

See the font familyAdvertisements:
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Best jQuery Plugins for Dynamic E-commerce Websites

Post pobrano z: Best jQuery Plugins for Dynamic E-commerce Websites

Modern eCommerce solutions are dynamic, sleek, and futuristic. I still think we need more shiny chrome hover cars but that’s another discussion. Generally speaking, users want a site that’s both secure and fast. A shopping experience that behaves in a predictable yet speedy fashion.

eCommerce is about selling products and retaining customers. You can achieve this with an improved design, but when it comes to interactions the user experience is much more important. That’s why I’ve organized this handful of jQuery plugins meant to improve eCommerce websites. All of these plugins are free to use so check them out and see if anything catches your attention.

jQuery Credit Card Validator

jquery credit card validator plugin


filtrify js jquery plugin filters

Elevate Zoom

elevate zoom plugin open source

Cloud Zoom

cloudzoom image zoom plugin jquery

Half-Star Rating Plugin

jquery half star rating plugin

Product Colorizer

product colorizer plugin jquery open source


jcart ajax php open source plugin

Jssor Slider

jssor jquery slider plugin animated

Ideal Forms

ideal forms jquery open source


niceforms open source jquery input plugin

Slider Gallery

jquery slider gallery products images


simple cart js jquery plugin shopping cart


eu cookies directive jquery plugin


select dropdown menus custom plugin

Button Number Increments

increment button number input field code

Smart Validate

jquery credit card smart validate plugin

Smooth Products

smooth products image carousel free jquery plugin

360 Slider

360 product slider jquery rotation plugin

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Wash the dishes to pay the bill / C’est du propre!

Post pobrano z: Wash the dishes to pay the bill / C’est du propre!

vaisselle2012 vaisselle2014
Scotch Brite Restaurant “wash my bill” – 2012
« Don’t want to pay the bill? Wash the dishes! »
Source : AdForum
Agency : Grey 141 São Paulo (Brazil)
Mir (dishwashing liquid) Restaurant – 2014
« Mir Restaurant. Wash the dishes to pay the bill »
Source : LaRéclame, L’ADN
Agency : Ubi Bene, Paris (France)