Read On For The Best Black Friday Deals Ever

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Are you excited to get your hands on the hottest Black Friday deals for web developers and designers, cause we are itching to tell you all about them.

1. X by Themeco

Themeco are already widely known for their stellar themes that mesmerize viewers. Their latest release, X 3.0 promises to be the most feature rich WordPress theme on the market today. And the best part is that it comes with a lot of free Extensions. These will help you step up your game by designing the web site of your dreams. They were created by Themeco to work flawlessly with X: Content Dock is a simple yet effective tool that will enable you to place content or marketing offers in front of your viewers in a non-intrusive style; MailChimp will make sure that building custom option forms is easy and fun; Disqus Comments are better than the standard WordPress ones thanks to their unique and powerful features; the Google Analytics Extension will allow you to simply drop your code snippet, select the output and you’re good to go. X 3.0 has got you covered both on looks and reliability. You will be able to add as many pages as you want: About, Pricing, Contact and more. Additionally, the new shortcodes will take your website from dull to fabulous. With Responsive Visibility you’ll be able to choose what things show up on certain devices, while the Table of Contents is the perfect way to increase page views. Click on the button below to get your hands on all their Black Friday Goodies.

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2. Templates Master

Templates Master’s new checking out service, Firecheckout 2.0, will completely change the process your customers must undergo to check out and it will also help you increase your store conversion rate. How is it all possible? The Firecheckout service can be easily installed in one simple step (the Templates Master team of experts will install anything else you might need, within 24 hours) and it is available in twelve languages, in addition to English. Once you’ve got Firecheckout 2.0 going, you will be able to use the geolocation technology for location customers, show products’ images and change quantities thanks to the Ajax shopping cart. You can also enable custom fields that are lacking or disable those which you don’t find necessary. In return, your customers will be able to choose from over twenty different payment methods and thirteen shipping methods (Free Shipping, FedEx, UPS, Royal Mail etc.). This service completely revolutionizes the checkout process and it’s worth every penny. Luckily, it’s also on discount this Black Friday – just enter their promotion with the BLCK2014 code and you’ve got yourself a 30% discount.

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3. Designmodo

Designmodo offers web developers that lack a design background the opportunity to let their creativity flow and build intricate web applications or apps. No matter if you are a designer, a web developer, a freelancer or a startup, you will find something useful and beautiful at the Designmodo shop. Their most loved item is the Startup Design Framework, greatly appreciated both by designers and developers since it includes design in PSD files as well as the necessary HTML and CSS codes. It is based on Bootstrap 3 and it guarantees that all the resulting design will be completely responsive. This popular Framework includes 25 pre-made pages that you will be able to rearrange after your heart’s desire. Feel free to create and experiment with dozens of layouts that are all based on the same framework. Ready for more good news? Only for Black Friday Designmodo will discount all their products by 70%. So hurry to get your hands on the items that will make you site shine and click on the link below.

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4. Usersnap

Usersnap will help you get visual feedback from your users directly from you site. This clever tool will save you a lot of time by automatizing a process that could otherwise take days. Never request a snapshot again. Usersnap is a real lifesaver, which will bring bug reports and feedback from your users to you in just a few seconds. It offers familiar tools that will help you express yourself. Or you can switch off tools to reduce complexity. Annotating issues with Usersnap is a piece of cake. Problems are pointed out in the blink of an eye, so you can kiss all those endless bug report forms from your users goodbye. The In-browser screenshots will show you exactly what the user sees and save you a lot of time with tracking down the issue. You can even invite your team members to collaborate and discuss screenshots to come up with the best solution. Only now you can get your hands on a lifetime 20% discount for Usersnap by using the coupon “USERSNAP­BLACKFRIDAY14” and clicking on the link below.

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5. Themify

Themify is a user-friendly tool that was designed to help non-coders hit the ground running. Their cleverly built framework allows quick theme customization without writing a single line of code. All you have to do is adjust theme settings and styles via their options panel. Themify’s new Builder Addons are modules that can easily be used with any Themify theme or Builder plugin. You can create unique designs and experiment with text layouts by using Tiles, Pointers, Progress Bar, FitText and Counter. Moreover, you can add your own personal touches by creating contact forms with Contact, adding custom designed action buttons with Button, inserting audio playlist with Audio, and comparing two side by side images with A/B Image. The Advanced Themify framework includes also a drag and drop builder which allows you to build pages with instant live previews. This means that what you see is what you get. Don’t miss the chance to get a 40% discount for any product of your choice with the coupon BLACKFRIDAY and by clicking on the button below. After you grab this sweet deal, don’t forget to enter their iPad Mini lucky draw!!

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6. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes creates premium WordPress themes that have a pixel perfect eye for detail and will help you build the website of your dreams. Their main focus is emphasizing simplicity and beauty in layouts that are professional and responsive. One of their most popular creations, the Divi theme, incorporates numerous highly advanced features that will enable you to shape your site like you’ve always wanted to. No coding or programming skills are required to obtain stunning effects. The Divi Builder will help you achieve exquisite design without touching a single line of code. Fully dynamic websites are just a few clicks away with Divi. What is more, this amazing new theme comes with 18 pre-made layouts that are fully customizable and can be used as a starting point. The Divi Modules contain unique options that will take layouts customization to a whole new level. These modules will offer you complete control over how your page elements look like with the custom CSS box built into each module. We’re sure all this is music to your ears, so click on the offer below right now and get your own 20% discount for Developer subscriptions.

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7. PowerMockup

If you need a wireframe tool for prototyping web, mobile and desktop apps but you don’t want to invest time and money in a new software, then PowerMockup is perfect for you. This PowerPoint add-on is intuitive, easy to install and comes with a lot of cool features. It works with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 (only for Windows, both 32 and 64 bit). PowerMockup provides new functionalities for PowerPoint’s stencils. And you can even create your own stencils, import or export them to share with others. PowerMockup guarantees flawless integration with Word and other Microsoft office apps. This PowerPoint add-on will offer you the tools for creating storyboards and basic interactive prototypes. And since everyone is familiar with PowerPoint, you can rest assured your colleagues, designers or business partners will be able to participate in the designing process. Don’t miss the change to receive a 50% discount on any PowerMockup license through their Black Friday deal by clicking on the offer below.

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8. Improvely

Improvely is the number one service for tracking the visits, conversions and revenue from all your online marketing in one place. It will provide you with much-needed information on how to increase your profit by tracking the online performance of your ad campaigns and other marketing efforts and helping you identify what works and what doesn’t. You can find out where your revenues and conversions are coming from; furthermore, with Improvely you can segment and filter your site traffic by any combination of over a dozen different dimensions including medium, search engine and searched phrase, referring URL or domain name and so on.  This is such a complex service that it even provides a in-built A/B testing tools that will help you find out which landing page performs the best in terms of ad clicks. Moreover, Improvely will also lift the weight of click fraud off your shoulders, as it’s fully equipped for detecting, stopping and preventing fraudulent clicks and loss of money. Make sure you take advantage of the Improvely Black Friday promotion: a free trial of 14 days plus 10% off any subscription plan for life if you click on the offer below.

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9. Hotjar

Nowadays there are many solutions that will try to help you answer the question “How are your viewers really using your site?” But all of these professional tools have a big disadvantage: they only come with a key functionality and they are overpriced for what they really offer. Hotjar stands out by offering their clients a unified platform for just a fraction of the price the competitors are offering. What do you get for 29$ per month of unlimited usage? Hotjar will provide you with Heatmaps, Feedback and exit polls, Online surveys, Funnel and form analysis, Visitor session playback, Recruit user testers and a Proactive chat. Hotjar’s premium feature is the insightful Heatmaps. This will show you the taps, clicks and scroll events triggered on your site, allowing you to check out exactly what your customers are attracted by. If you want to quickly gather feedback from your viewers, Hotjar lets you build efficient simple exit polls. However, if you need more in depth answers, you can create online surveys that will really help you discover and explore what motivates your viewers. What is more, you’ll also be able to test and identify from which page most of your visitors leave your site and start working on the boring fill-in field that drive viewers away. Click on the link below to get Hotjar Insights for your website.

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10. Wingify

The Visual Website Optimizer is an intuitive and efficient A/B testing tool that will help you create multiple variations of your website, allowing you to track revenues, signup clicks and other conversion goals. This smart tool will also determine which one of the website variations suits you better, by dividing your traffic among all of them. When you are ready to take your web site to the next level, you can use the data gathered through the Visual Website Optimizer for growing your business. With each campaign you run, the Visual Website Optimizer will keep you up to date with how your designs are performing according to the goals that you set and are being tracked. In addition, this tool will also calculate the conversion rate of each design and send you a notification when one of the versions becomes statistically better than the original. Follow these steps to receive an exclusive Black Friday deal from VWO: sign up for a free trial, click on the orange “Upgrade” button with which will automatically direct you to the VWO application page and then enter your Black Friday coupon code (vwo-black-friday) available from the 28th to the 30th of November. Congrats! You now have 3 months validity and 30,000 visitors automatically added to your account. Get started by clicking on the link below.

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11. FastIcon

Looking to add a little extra to your website or application? Well, there’s truly no better way to increase the attention to detail you expend on your work than adding customized icons to the mix. Go now to FastIcon Stock Icons for all the premium-quality stock icon collections you require. Any type of icon you might be looking for, FastIcon’s got it. Their gallery is full of pixel-perfect, ready-to-use icons. All of their work is vector based, which means that you’re free to alter it in any way you see fit, whether you’d like to tinker a bit with the size, colour or ever strokes. What’s more, all icons on FastIcon are fully compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, web apps and even print projects. See what icons suit your needs and get them in small, categorized icon sets or opt for a large bundle that will comprise all icons you will ever need. The best news is that FastIcon is offering an amazing Black Friday deal, discounts to up to 70% on their full gallery of over 3000. Click on the link below and get started.

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Peace, love and copycat / Ça y va de bon cœur!

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capsulecoeur2002b capsulecoeur2004 capsuleBeer-Lovers
Heineken Beer – 2002
Headline : “Love me tender”
Source : Adeevee
Agency : JWT Zurich (Switzerland)
Coca-Cola – 2004
“For Valentine’s day”
Source : AdForum
Agency : McCann 
The Wall Pub & Store – 2014
Baseline : “For beer lovers”
Source : BestAdsOnTV
Agency :  Seven Comunicaçao (Brazil)


Vetoquinol Reproquinol: Need help?

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Animals reproduction assistance

Advertising Agency:Les Argentins, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director:Mariano Favetto, Mariano Favetto, Mariano Favetto
Art Director:Alexandre Tissier, Alexandre Tissier, Sergio Di Vita
Copywriter:Alexandre Tissier, Alejandro Cifuentes
Account Director:Didier Zakine, Didier Zakine, Didier Zakine
Account Manager:Elena Ramon, Elena Ramon, Elena Ramon
Copywriters:Alejandro Cifuentes, Anne-Laure Naumowicz

No Arms, no new ideas / Et plutôt deux fois qu’une…

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Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Poulain Crémeux Chocolate – 1991
Source : INA / Bonus : Parodie de Les Nuls
Agency : Callegari Berville, Paris (France)
E.Leclerc Tablette d’Or Chocolate – 2014
Source : YouTube
Agency : Agence Australie, Paris