Here Are The Deals You Need To Know About in 2015

Post pobrano z: Here Are The Deals You Need To Know About in 2015

2015 is probably the best year for you to start stepping up your game as a web professional or as a website owner. The main reason we say this is because, judging even only by its start, 2015 looks to be a year full of amazing web trends and outstanding deals on web resources and tools. If you won’t take out word for it, just look at what amazing deals we’ve found so far.

1. Mighty Deals

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? The thrill is even bigger if the discounts exceed 80% and still provide you with high quality products. This is exactly what Mighty Deals offers: huge savings on tools and deals for web and creative professionals. Among the offers on Mighty Deals you’ll find design tools (royalty free vectors, Photoshop plugins), highly advanced templates (WordPress, Drupal), toolkits and even web development lessons. The best thing about Mighty Deals and the offers they sell is that everything is very straightforward both for vendors and buyers. As a buyer, you don’t have to waste time with registration or creating an account. And there are no fees to pay either. You can simply browse through dozens of free daily deals. Their useful newsletter will keep you posted on the latest hot deals and you’ll be able to rest assured you’re not missing out on the biggest bargains on the world wide web. Submitting deals is a piece of cake and will help you gain new customers and increase your sales figures. The signup is simple and each sale goes straight to your PayPal account, while the vendor dashboard shows you in real time how many units you’ve sold.

2. MyDesignDeals

Nobody is born a professional, it takes years of practice and dedication in any chosen craft in order to achieve a level of proficiency that will allow you to call yourself a professional. Luckily, if you’re a web developer or designer, there are places out there that will help you become the best at what you do and MyDesignDeals is just such a place. Head on over to MyDesignDeals if you’re in search for some of the best stock design resources around. These first-rate resources will help you save time on your projects while at the same time teaching you how some of the best designers are doing things. MyDesignDeals was created by a community of designers in order to supply you with kickass resources at greatly discounted prices. Their repository includes textures, brushes, design tutorials, vectors and much, much more, Check out some of their limited time bundles and make sure you subscribe to their newsletter in order to get updates when new deals are released. By subscribing, you’ll also get free, instant access to The Designer Toolbox containing thousands of free resources. Also make sure to check out one of the most popular deals of all time in The 164 Best Photoshop Styles on the Planet.

3. Logo Design Team

It’s not easy to have a logo that stands out from the crowd and impresses your customers at first sight. But it’s not impossible either. The team at Logo Design Team guarantees to deliver a unique, outstanding logo that will satisfy even the highest standards. You can rest assured the logo will entirely reflect the identity of your brand thanks to the innovative ideas of their experienced team of designers. Besides logos, they also offer Mascots, Websites, Brochures, Banners, Flyers, Posters, Illustrations, Caricatures and Social Media Graphics that will help you step up your game and stand out from the crowd. The team of dedicated designers will work with you to make your dream become reality. You only have to place your order, and then it’s straight into the work with reviewing the various design concepts, submitting your personal feedback and getting involved in the creation process. It actually is as easy as it sounds to achieve the perfect logo to define yourself and your brand. Only now you can redeem a 10% off discount on any purchase you make by using the coupon cod MYD10.

4. DealJumbo

DealJumbo is the place that delivers you exclusive deals from worldwide artists, web professionals and graphic designers. They offer a wide range of premium bundles and unique freebies, so you’ll definitely find something there for you to use. Their latest deal is the 5in1 Mega Bundle v.11: Logo/Badge Templates. What makes it so attractive is the amazing bargain of 93% off that you get for these high quality logo, badge, insignia and vector shape resources. These are perfect both for freelancers who are just starting up and for those who want to step up their game and take their logos to another level. Wondering what else DealJumbo has to offer? The Valentine’s Day Graphics includes 13 illustration and 3D image sets that will make your Valentine’s Day project look gorgeous. The Creative Artist Toolkit comes with 7 unique illustration sets that will boost your creativity and help you with designing your website, invitations or postcards. DealJumbo also offers some amazing freebies that you can download just by typing in your email address. You can enjoy free vintage textures, hand drawn shapes, vector SEO icons, business cards mock-up and much more.

5. Templates-master

If you’re running a Magento based eCommerce website and you’re looking to improve your conversion rates, then look no further than Fire Checkout. With Firecheckout, Templates Master set out to create the ideal extension that will make the checkout process of your store the easiest and most enjoyable experience possible. Fire Checkout provides you with elegant and highly flexible pages both for your single page checkout as well as for your checkout success page as well as translation in 11 languages. You will have complete freedom to add details blocks and custom content blocks to your pages as well as add up to 5 custom fields to use as you deem necessary. What’s more, you will also be able to vary the sort order of address fields. And that’s not all, Fire Checkout runs with AJAX, which means you will get increased speed and happier customers. Also, Fire Checkout is optimized to run smoothly on all mobile devices and provide your customers with more reasons to keep coming back to your store.

6. MaxCDN

MaxCDN is one of the most affordable CDN Hosting services for WordPress sites. You get Faster Content Delivery with MaxArchitecture™ which means you can deliver content faster on any device no matter how big your files are. MaxCDN speeds up your website and at the same time it reduces your server load for an affordable price. MaxControl delivers much faster tools like the instant purge that will make your new origin deployments seen immediately, the instant SSL that enable your SSL and sees it deployed in real time, and Instant SPDY (one click activation to improve performance). Thanks to the real time reporting and analytics engines, your data will be given meaning and you’ll be able to make informed decisions. What is more, their complete APOI and GitHub integration will enable you to automate each and every aspect of your CDN workflow. Also, EdgeRules will allow you to control the way in which the servers deliver content without contacting the tech support team.

7. Elegant Themes

Looking for premium, beautiful WordPress Themes that can help you achieve the ideal design and feel for your blog? Elegant Themes offers you complete access to their collection of 87 themes for only 69$. With over 200 thousand happy customers, Elegant Themes offers stunning themes and useful plugins that will help you transform your ideas into reality. The smartest and most flexible theme in their collection is called Divi and it wants you to know the sky’s the limit. With the Divi Builder you’ll be able to make your own creative layouts without bothering to touch a single line of code. Creating truly dynamic sites has never been this easy before. Divi comes with 18 pre-made layouts which are completely customizable and you can rest assured everything will be responsive when you finish configuring your website. Thanks to the Divi Modules, the layouts are entirely customizable, offering you full control over the elements of each page. Sounds too good to be true? There’s more: Don’t miss this chance to take advantage of their 20% developer subscription discount.

8. AnimatedVideo

Combining creativity, innovation and technology, the team at AnimatedVideo delivers amazing 2D and 3D videos that meet all your needs and expectations. If you’re looking to engage your viewers and encourage them to join in the conversation, then AnimatedVideo is the ideal team for you. They offer a wide range of videos from which you can choose: corporate, marketing, explainer, tutorial, entertainment, kids or info videos. AnimatedVideo is able to engage scripts and illustrative storyboards to create the perfect video for you. Their team of professionals will keep you updated and ask your opinion during the entire production process. The script and following edits will be prepared according to your choices and ideas. Next up, the storyboard will focus on characters, also the visual story and the voiceover will be done by a professional voice over artist or by employing specialized software. So if you want to work with a team of skilled professionals to create the video you need, you can use a special discount right now by writing “GETOFFER” in the “About Video” field and submitting your request.

9. Inky Deals

Inky Deals is a repository of diverse design resources and products meant to get your projects or websites into a league all their own. It’s also a place where you’ll find some of the sweetest deals anywhere and if you’re unhappy with any product you buy, you’ll not only get all your money back, you’ll also retain the possibility to continue using the product. The latest project the team over at Inky Deals has cooked up is the one they’re quite possibly most proud of. In order to create their awesome free design bundle that is available right now, they’ve teamed up with some of the most respected and versed designers and developers in the community and came up with the 471 premium resources available in the bundle. What’s more, these resources come with full royalties, which means you can use them both commercially and personally without any extra fees. If news about this bundle made you curious, head on over to Inky Deals right now and see what other amazing offers they’ve got.

10.  DesignVitamins

DesignVitamins is the place you need to go when you’re looking for free unlimited access to the best stock graphics around. This project has been pioneered by a team of young, enthusiastic designers looking to create high quality resources that can be available to creative individuals around the world. Up until now they’ve amassed a repository of over 33,000 items with approximately 1000 new ones coming in every month. The resources they offer really do act the role of vitamins in the sense that they will give new energy and an extra something to all your designs. Check out their gallery of stock vectors, AI and PS addons, tutorials, textures and more to find that which has been missing from your designs all along. Rest assured, DesignVitamins will offer you tools and resources fit for any professional at prices that any startup designer can afford. Don’t waste any more time and check out their website right now.

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Best jQuery Plugins for Dynamic Graphs and Charts

Post pobrano z: Best jQuery Plugins for Dynamic Graphs and Charts

Statistical data can prove to be immensely beneficial in the right circumstances. While it’s always an option to create graphics in a program like Photoshop, at times it would be easier to dynamically generate charts using JavaScript. This post includes over 15 free jQuery plugins for generating dynamic charts, graphs, tables, and numeric displays. Web content has never look so cerebral!


chartist js open source library javascript


dynatable js javascript library open source


jquery open source bootgrid library


jquery high chart table open source plugin

Pizza Pie Charts

pizza pie charts plugin open source


scatterplot js javascript open source library


jqtimeline jquery timeline open source plugin


restable jquery open source plugin


jsplumb open source core plugin code


peity charts data visualization jquery plugin

JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

javascript js infovis toolkit visualization


jqplot charts graphs data stats


jquery sheetrock open source plugin library


heatcolor graph jquery plugin open source


jchartfx open source jquery plugin codes


chartjs open source library plugin jquery

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Building & Customizing HTML5 Range Sliders

Post pobrano z: Building & Customizing HTML5 Range Sliders

Web developers who have been keeping up with HTML5 specs know about the fascinating range slider. It was popularized on the iPhone and has since grown into a powerful utility for the web. Below are a series of customized range sliders using CSS3 or jQuery. Everything is free and open source to use in any project work either commercial or personal.


range slider js open source library


jquery range slider open source plugin


nouislider slider range html5 open source

Ninja UI

ninja ui open source slider range


ion range slider open source html5


html5 slider open source plugin download

Colorful Sliders

vertical colorful sliders open source download


dragdealer js open source javascript library

iOS7 Range Slider

html5 ios7 range slider open source design


radio buttons to slider range html5 jquery


jslider jquery slider open source download

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Best Resources for CSS3 Transition Animations

Post pobrano z: Best Resources for CSS3 Transition Animations

Although JavaScript is seen as a reliable language for animation CSS3 has also become a great choice. Transition effects can be used even in browsers where JavaScript has been disabled. But the greatest opportunity comes with a combination of both CSS3 and jQuery using fallback methods.

This post includes a handful of brilliant CSS3 animation libraries using transition effects. Many of them are based solely on CSS3 while others utilize a jQuery fallback. You’ll also find a small heap of open source code snippets which implement the same functionality with animated transitions.


css open source jquery plugin animition


animate css open source library


impress presentation open source javascript


anima open source javascript library


animatable drag webapp open source code


effeckt css open source transitions

Pure CSS3 3D

pure css3 3d open source code snippet

Button Hovers

animated button hover effect design

Hover Effect

animated hover circle effect open source

CSS3 Askew Hover

askew hover animation effect css3


block rotation css3 open source code

Slidedown Toggle

slidedown toggle css3 sliding menu

CSS3 Transition Effect

css3 after effects transition animation code

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Speed dating in a fast car / Épinglés pour mauvaise conduite!

Post pobrano z: Speed dating in a fast car / Épinglés pour mauvaise conduite!

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Renault Clio RS “The ultimate speed date” 2013
Source : Cannes Lions SHORTLIST

Agency : Publicis Brussels (Belgium)
Ford Mustang “Speed Dating Prank” – 2015
Source : DailyMail
Agency : Unknown (USA)

A copycat is a copycat? / Une copie est une copie?

Post pobrano z: A copycat is a copycat? / Une copie est une copie?

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Double A “Double quality paper” 2014
“Not all papers are the same”
Source : Cannes BRONZE LION

Agency : Buzzman (France)
Jarlsberg Cheese – 2015
“Only Jarlsberg is Jarlsberg”
Source : Creativity Online
Agency : Try/Apt, Oslo (Norway)