20 Open Source CSS Snippets for Colorful Graphics

Post pobrano z: 20 Open Source CSS Snippets for Colorful Graphics

Pure CSS graphics are some of the most interesting advancements in modern web design. Although there isn’t a wide net of browser support, CSS3 can now render icons and graphics using nothing but code. This may not be useful in every project but for those who love CSS it’s a fun way to design new ideas. You might even try blending these codes into a code builder like IMCreator. Feel free to copy and edit these free CSS code snippets which are perfect for building graphics out of nothing but HTML and CSS code.


pure css santa claus graphic


bauble christmas ornament pure css

Flat Camera

flat camera simple color scheme icon pure css

Music Note

sixteenth note simple css music icon

Cloud Icon

pure css cloud icon design


pure css open source pencil graphic

Animated Guy

pure css3 animation guy graphic


animated motion printer css3 graphic

Arc Wave

colorful arc pure css open source

Top Hat

top hat suit man pure css

MacBook Pro

apple macbook pro laptop css


airplane pure css open source graphic

Comic Book

comic book typography words css


fire flame pure css open source code

Pure Ribbon

css open source ribbon blue design

Iconex CSS Icons

pure css icons flat design iconex

Flat Gift

flat gift present box icon css

Pure CSS Paper

pure css paper stack code

Weather Widget

weather widget open source css code


css gameboy open source code

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A Dramatic lookalike? / Une drama-tique ressemblance?

Post pobrano z: A Dramatic lookalike? / Une drama-tique ressemblance?

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

TNT channel “We know drama” 2012
Source : Eurobest Grand-Prix, CLIO Silver,

Agency : Duval Guillaume Antwerp (Belgium)
Nessma TV “Your daily dose of drama” – 2015
Source : Prosdelacom
Agency : Karoui & Karoui (Tunisia)