Absolute Best Tools for Crafting Web Typography

Post pobrano z: Absolute Best Tools for Crafting Web Typography

Every designer would agree that typography is a huge part of web design. But the process of choosing which fonts to use can be a hassle. Thankfully there are several free online webapps to help you decipher online font families, pick your favorite(s), and design text in a way to match your layout. Take a gander over these tools and see if any can help you launch that next kick-ass project.


typecast typography online webapp tool


typewolf webapp typography design


wordmark it fonts testing webapp


adobe typekit online web fonts resource

What the Font?

what the font webapp checker typography

Nice Web Type

nice web type design homepage

CSS Font Stack

free open source webapp css font stack

IcoMoon App

icomoon app web fonts website

Web Font Combinator

web font combinator website webapp

My Font Book

font book viewer webapp design

Glifo PS Plugin

icon webfont plugin for photoshop

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Free Open Source JS Audio Music Players

Post pobrano z: Free Open Source JS Audio Music Players

Digital media has become much more streamable in recent years. Faster Internet speeds allow uploaders and streamers to consume media at a more hasty pace. This advancement has created a world where developers can build amazing media players with much less code than ever before. The following audio players are completely free and super easy to add into any website. Take a peek at each example to see if any could be useful in your own project work.

Codrops Audio

Dark Player

free dark audio player interface

Amazing Audio Player

amazing dark audio player ui


jplayer interface ui design


audiojs javascript player library


media element js javascript library

HTML5/CSS3 Player

html5 css3 javascript audio player


jspeaker javascript audio plugin

Mobile Audio Player

mobile free audio js player

JW Player

html5 flash jw player interface

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The UX And UI Tools That You Need And Should Use

Post pobrano z: The UX And UI Tools That You Need And Should Use

As new UX and UI tools come on the market, many of them have new and improved features that can make your design efforts faster, easier, and with more satisfying results.

Nearly all of the highly-rated tools listed below have powerful rapid prototyping features. Most of them make it easy for you to share your work with others, and several of them are especially suited for use by widely dispersed project teams. Our listing also includes UI design resources. Stay tuned and check-out the newest and perhaps the best UI and UX tools and eesources on the market.


Proto.io performs many of the same functions as do many of the other tools in this list, but this tool takes the art of rapid prototyping to the next level. It is especially adept at giving you valuable insights as to what your final product will look like and how it will perform, while you are still in the early stages of design. Thanks to its extensive and comprehensive UI library, Proto.io has made the use of static mocks and hotspot prototypes obsolete.

You could be excused if you become a bit spoiled, since by having this versatile tool at your disposal, you can create all the prototypes you want without having to write a line of code. Creating a prototype involves nothing more than applying multiple touch and mouse events combined with drag and drop functionality to the UI element you are working with. It’s that easy, and the fact that Proto.io works on your web browser makes things even easier, plus you can test your prototypes on real devices.


Pidoco allows you to create clickable wireframes quickly and easily and test your interactive prototypes on mobile devices, where they will take on the look and feel of real apps. You will however, see something Pidoco does better than most of its competitors, once your prototype is on a real device. You can click, use keyboard entries, touch gestures, or device motion to trigger simulated reactions, and get a close up and personal demonstration of your design’s potential capabilities. Even page transitions can be included in your prototypes.

Change management is another of Pidoco’s strengths. You can create design templates called global layers and use them to build prototypes extremely quickly. If you make a change to one layer, all of the pages containing that layer will follow suit. This tool’s collaboration features are also easy to use, allowing you to share, edit, and track information in real time with others.

Vonn Mobile Material Design UI Kit

When you see an Android material design app that has been developed using the Vonn Mobile Material Design UI kit, you may get the impression that the design was a slow, exacting, and painful process. This is not the case however when using this kit by Visual Hierarchy. The Vonn kit is fully compatible with Google’s Material Design guidelines, and as a result, bold colors, informative animations, and flat elements are standard features in the fresh interfaces users of this kit are capable of producing.

Within this Material Design UI kit you will have access to 100 1920 x 1080 pixel drag and drop templates, which have been placed in 9 logical categories. The templates can be opened with Adobe PhotoShop CS5+, making selecting a template that serves your purpose about as easy as it gets.


With AppCooker, you can design apps with a genius iPad app, build and share beautiful iOS apps prototypes, and get the best user interface designers tips while doing it! Your iPhone and iPad wireframes are sure to impress your clients, who will be even more pleased when they realize the savings in time and money AppCooker makes possible. Having tools at your disposal like the map idea tool, or the mockup and icon design tools, makes doing the right thing easy. AppCooker is the ideal, if not the ultimate tool for iOS app design.


Firefly is primarily a collaboration and project management tool. It helps you organize and manage your design project, or several design projects, with ease. It is an ideal tool for keeping a rapid prototyping project focused and on track. You can upload your UI ideas, prototypes, app designs, and related information for review and annotation, and maintain version control while doing so. What you place on Firefly will be accessible through any browser, making this a valuable tool for a global project team.


InVision is especially well-suited for use in a design-driven environment. Its most useful feature is its ability to easily transform static screens into interactive, clickable prototypes. InVision has many of the same features and capabilities as competing UI and UX tools, but it is far easier to use than most. Drag and drop functionality is nothing new, but this tool makes applying this and other capabilities more straightforward than ever. InVision’s collaboration features and task management capabilities are also very impressive. InVision can be a highly useful and versatile addition to your toolkit.


FileSquare makes design work easy. You can quickly link sketches, wireframes, and hi-fi images together to create your prototype. To incorporate an image, just drag and drop it onto the editor’s screen to upload it. You can use FileSquare’s Full Screen Mode to make an added impression when you display your design work. With FileSquare, you can collaborate with your team any place, at any time.


INFRAGISTICS is one of the more versatile and powerful app development tools on the market day. Features include a library of Android and iOS controls and widgets for building mobile apps. Desktop controls and a sample browser are also in place that will allow you to prototype applications for Windows 8 or Windows Forms, and there is even a HTML5 Designer in the INFRAGISTICS package of controls and development tools.


You can create and share your designs with Justinmind Prototyper and test the designs on real devices. With this handy tool, and its more than 500 widgets to work from, you can turn out highly interactive wireframes for your app design in no time, and test them on any iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Justinmind Prototyper allows you to publish your wireframe experience online to get customer’s and user’s reviews.

Ace iOS 8 Mobile UI Kit

The Ace iOS 8 Mobile UI Kit could be aptly described as a turnkey design tool. This highly-organized kit comes ready to create stunning apps that will perform flawlessly on iPhone 6, right out of the box. Its strength lies in the 300+ UI elements and 100+ icons to build on, together will 75 .PSD templates arranged in eight logical categories. The Google family of fonts and necessary functionality to produce all Retina HD 4.7 sizes adds to the versatility of this kit.


If you think you have a great idea, why not wireframe it? iPLOTZ is a UI and UX tool that can take your idea and transform it into a clickable, navigable wireframe in no time at all. iPLOTZ works on Windows, Mac, or Linux with flash-enabled browsers. You can drag and drop components onto a page, link them or add hotspots, and export your pages for others to review, comment on, or edit.


iRise is all about avoiding projects that are late, over budget, hampered by excessive documentation requirements, and constantly delivering imperfect software solutions.  iRise can help your team become more agile and work more efficiently through the application of rapid prototyping and global collaboration techniques. With this tool, distributed teams can visually collaborate on working app simulations without having to resort to writing code.


Notism is a prototyping and UX tool whose main strength lies in its unique and powerful collaboration capabilities. Many of the tools listed here make collaboration with project members an easy task, but Notism takes things a step further. This tool allows you to share and edit notes, sketches, and images on video, greatly streamlining the entire collaboration process.


If you are a PowerPoint user, you should feel right at home if your prototyping tool of choice is PowerMockup. With PowerMockup, you create your prototypes right in PowerPoint, just as if you were creating a presentation. In addition to making prototyping practically effortless, using PowerPoint as your platform means that non-technical stakeholders can more easily keep abreast of the design process and provide useful feedback.

Ending words

You will likely benefit from using any of the tools listed above. They are all highly-rated, and each has its own devout followers. If you feel something is missing that should be added to our list, or if you would simply like to comment on one these useful tools, feel free to leave your comments below.Advertisements:
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15 Best WordPress Job Board Themes & Plugins

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Online job boards have risen in popularity with the current phase of Internet technology. Every company is looking for their next employee, and job boards have allowed companies to search anywhere in the country(or even the world!). Best of all it’s super easy to launch a custom job board focused on any career track from writing to marketing and development.

Take a look over the following WordPress themes and plugins built for creating usable job boards. Most are free while a few are sold as premium scripts. But each one comes with its own set of benefits & drawbacks which can help you determine the right job board for your needs.

Job Board

open source job board wordpress

Zartis Job Plugin

zartis job plugin free open source


osclass job board system

WP Broadbean

wp broadbean plugin jobs

WP Job Manager

wp wordpress job manager plugin

JobBoard Theme

wordpress premium theme job board


wpjobus plugin theme wordpress jobs


jobera wordpress portal theme premium

Nine to Five

wordpress theme jobs ninetofive


jobify wordpress theme design listing

WP Job Hunter

wp job hunter wordpress jobboard


job roller wordpress theme

WP JobBoard

wordpress job board plugin website


jobpress job board wordpress theme

Jobs & Experts

new wordpress plugin jobs experts

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