30 Modern PSD Templates to Enrich Your Design Toolbox

Post pobrano z: 30 Modern PSD Templates to Enrich Your Design Toolbox

Whether you are a designer, a developer, or a copywriter, it’s always wise to have a reserve of ready-to-use resources that will come in handy in case of an unexpected deadline (deadlines are always unexpected), or just to save time and efforts.

Designers are in an advantageous position, as Internet is full of various free and premium graphic resources that can be easily found, obtained, and put to use. But there is never too much, so today we would like to refill this abundance with this list of 30 stylish PSD templates. They are professionally tailored, and will suit the needs of most picky web designers.

1. ProIndustry

1 pro-industry-psd-template

Price: $11

The first template on our list is ProIndustry – a layered PSD template by TemplateMonster designed for industrial websites. This robust template crafted with the help of dark colors, and hexagon-shaped icons embody sturdiness and reliability, which are very important for any industry. With this solid design your corporate website will shine with confidence and professional manner.

2. IT Company


Price: $11

This simple PSD template with flat design will come in handy when creating a website for an IT company, or a personal portfolio website of an IT specialist. It will also effectively serve as a landing page for any mobile app or SAAS startup.

3. Travel


Price: $11

Travel is a photo-heavy PSD template meant for travel agencies. It combines large images with extra light and clean content blocks spiced up with minimalist icons and ghost buttons. It includes everything you need to design a landing page, or a small travel website.

4. TV Channel


Price: $11

Here is a detailed PSD template made specifically for online magazines, news portals, and media websites. It features a well thought out layout with spaces for banners, featured images, and a variety of text blocks. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a finished design optimized for text-, and media-rich websites.

5. Day Care

5-psd template for a kids website

Price: $11

For those who prefer a personalized approach to designing websites we recommend this trendy PSD template. Due to its unusual fonts, and colorful handcrafted design elements, it will be a wise choice for websites aimed at kids and their parents. Its layout is very clean, and easy to navigate, so you shouldn’t worry about user experience and design.

6. Ramirez Construction


Price: $11

Ramirez Construction is a professionally designed PSD template with a classic look and feel. Initially created as a template for construction companies it includes many design elements added for this very business field, but it is quite versatile, so you will be able to design websites of any kind on its basis.

7. PROvise

7-financial psd template

Price: $11

This is Provise – a fresh looking business PSD template with crisp design based on blue and gray colors. The template’s classy look is enforced by large headline uppercase fonts and blocks for images with parallax effect. Use this design for financial, marketing, or technology websites.

8. Medicamus

8 medicamus pas template

Price: $11

Medicamus is a beautiful eCommerce PSD template with a boxed layout, and a left-aligned sidebar. Bold condensed fonts of this template will draw your customers’ attention to your products. It has been designed with conversion in mind, and will suit a wide range of medical websites.

9. Continent

9-travel psd template

Price: $11

Here is a simple PSD template for travel websites. If you like classic layouts, this one might be just for you. It features a tiled texture on the background, transparent buttons, and colorful flat buttons. Its minimalist structure is perfect for small websites promoting a limited quantity of products or services.

10. Gitex


Price: $11

With this modern business template you will be able to design a contemporary website without putting much effort into its customization. Gitex utilizes some of the latest web design trends, which makes it an evergreen choice for the next few years. Btw, we have good news for WordPress fans, there is also a Gitex WordPress theme, and it’s one of Monstroid’s child themes. We hope you remember Monstroid, a powerful multipurpose WP themes that we reviewed here at WebResourcesDepot.

11. Apartments


Price: $11

The design of this real estate PSD template is fresh and sleek. It stands out thanks to the Google Map widget placed in the top part of its layout, right under the menu bar. This template comes with a plethora of various forms necessary for a real estate website.

12. Perfect Rent

12-psd template for a real estate company

Price: $11

If you want to benefit from the images presented on your website, choose Perfect Rent. This PSD template features an image-based background with a blur effect, and some advanced gallery options. Soft pleasant colors used in its design will definitely attract your visitors.

13. Material

13-material style psd template

Price: $11

Design an ultra-modern website of any size with this flat style PSD template that also has a touch of material design trend. With plain content blocks, and stylish shadows, this template would be appropriate for websites of any topic.

14. EngCorp


Price: $11

EngCorp is a business PSD template that will be equally good for industrial and medical websites. It uses a well-tried fusion of navy blue, and dark red colors that are both neutral, and energetic. Thematic icons designed specifically for this template will help you build an ecology-themed website in no time.

15. Agriculture

15-agriculture psd template

Price: $11

This agriculture PSD website template offers a modern breezy layout based on alternating flat and image-based content blocks. It features areas with inclined lines, gallery previews, blocks with social media buttons, and many more. Use is as a landing page, or as a foundation for your corporate website.

16. Steel Service Center

16-psd template for an industrial company

Price: $11

For developing a professional industrial website consider this PSD template with large sliders and extraordinary polygonal buttons. Besides being very versatile, it is also well optimized for conversion, and extremely easy to edit.

17. Fashion


Price: $11

Keep your website up-to-date with this classy fashion template for creative portfolios, fashion blogs or event sites. It features an eye-catching top area with a large slider, and a tiled gallery preview block. This template includes both square and round image previews, which add a futuristic feel to the design.

18. Architecture

18-architecture psd template

Price: $11

Update your website’s design with this striking architecture PSD template. This template relies on large images, so make sure your photos are stellar to squeeze the most of it. This template can be used for architecture, interior & furniture, or exterior design websites with equal efficiency.

19. Sandman Consulting Services

19-business psd template
Price: $11

This template is a readymade landing page for IT, marketing, and advertising companies. All you need is to customize it a bit according to your needs, and turn it into your website. The template has been designed with attention to details, that’s why it is perfect for businesses that require professional looking websites.

20. Architecture Company

20-psd template for an architecture bureau

Price: $11

Architecture PSD template makes building an elegant website a very easy task. It mostly depends on images, so you can adapt it to any website topic. Modern fonts used in this template make its content easy to read, and contribute to its user experience.

21. Hosting Company

21-hosting psd template

Price: $11

This PSD template is a wise choice for a hosting company website. It trustworthy design with landing page functionality, and a classic color palette is exactly what is needed to boost your online business. Such elements as pricing tables and pie charts have been added to extend its functionality.

22. Incentive

22-psd template for a corporate site

Price: $11

Incentive is another medical themed template worth mentioning. It has been designed to power business websites of various medical institutions such as dental, plastic surgery clinics, medical equipment companies, and such. It boasts a clean layout, and a fusion of red and blue colors.

23. Design


Price: $11

DESIGN is one of those templates that can be used without any customization at all. It comes with a clean and beautiful design, created to put your creative works on the first place. You will love its expressive typography, portfolio capabilities, and social media options.

24. HR Staffing and Recruiting


Price: $11

This fresh PSD template will become a solid background for any business website. It comes shipped with a pack of premade pages that will allow you to present your services in a professional way. There are also spaces for mobile app buttons added allow you to link to your apps on Google Play and AppStore.

25. Fernando

25-business-style-psd template

Price: $11

If you still haven’t found a template that would suit your business website, pay attention to Fernando. Its design is so versatile that you can build an unlimited number of layouts by just swapping its elements. This really huge PSD template is a great find, no matter if you’re going to customize it or not.

26. Office for Rent

26-clean psd template

Price: $11

You need a professional site to start a successful business project. You can build it from scratch, or use this PSD template and create a fully functional website. Office for Rent embodies homeliness and comfort, which are so important for websites in this niche. Put to use its spectacular blocks with large images – and your website will have no rivals.

27. Wedding

27-wedding psd template

Price: $11

This delicate template is a readymade solution for wedding-themed websites, but of course you can adapt it to build a website of a similar topic. For example, a store selling flowers or gifts. It has been designed with the help of beautiful images, semi-transparent elements, and narrow, almost invisible lines that add to the template’s lightness.

28. Web Development


Price: $11

This is a neat website template for web development studios that boasts colorful progress bars, effective testimonials, and a well-converting contact block among other features. In the header of this template you will find a large image with a conversion-optimized call-to-action button.

29. Wegy


Price: $11

Wegy is another stylish PSD template. It comes loaded with an assortment of design elements: buttons, icons, pricing tables, charts, and many, many more. In fact, this template is also available as a Joomla template.

30. John Smith

30-psd template for a creative portfolio

Price: $11

Here is a full-featured portfolio and resume template for photographers, visual artists, and other creative folks. Its homepage is full of crucial elements for every CV website: progress bars, experience timelines, testimonials, and more.

Which of the above listed PSD templates would you use in your next project? Are there any other cool templates that you think should have been mentioned on this chart? Please let us know in the comments below.


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Choosing A WordPress Theme With A Great UI And UX Design

Post pobrano z: Choosing A WordPress Theme With A Great UI And UX Design

If there’s one thing that some web designers don’t understand, it’s UX design. There’s a huge difference between print design, brochure design, web design and UX design. Designers often think in terms of “cool” and “space”, meaning they only look at something and think about how cool they can make it look. Rather, UI and UX focused designers focus on how a user is going to interact with a website.


Plugins are convenient but they’re also a developer’s nightmare. Not only that but they have to kept up to date constantly to avoid getting hacked via SQL or security vulnerabilities. When you’re looking for a theme, it’s best to avoid themes that come overloaded with plugins. It’s also best to look at every available plugin that comes pre-packaged and to make sure they’re consistently kept up to date and that there’s no security vulnerabilities.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.06.34 PM


We live in the age where almost half of browsers are potentially coming to your website from a mobile phone or hand held device. Websites have to be responsive from the get go. A good design and theme will be built with mobile first in mind and will scale down perfectly in all resolutions. Good responsive websites start with the design and are usually finished with the help of styling media queries. Any decent UX designer has already thought of and planned out the responsive design before firing off PSD files to the web developer.

Price/Sales Volume/Popularity

I realize that not every high selling theme is great but the more they sell, the more time they have to devote to keeping it up to date and to making it better. The sales volume of a theme is a decent indicator of how many people like it, how devoted the author is probably going to be to keeping it up to date and the overall quality. With that being said, there are plenty of horrible themes out there on popular sites like Themeforest that have high sales volume.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.04.37 PM

Heading Tags

From a SEO standpoint, a good theme also needs to properly utilize heading tags to tell search engine bots crawling the page what the page is about. A theme without consideration of headers and heading tags probably didn’t put much consideration into any other aspect of SEO either, so that’s more work for you.

Custom Themes/Building Your Own

Why not build your own theme? For people not too overly concerned about the budget, it’s far better and more reliable to have a developer build you a custom theme from a bare bones minimal theme. It’ll come tailored to your specific needs and it won’t be overloaded with styling or plugins that come pre-installed with most of the themes out there today.

Sliders Beware

For some reason, everyone likes to implement full screen or half-screen sliders on websites today. I don’t know why, as studies have shown they have little to no impact on customer interaction but you need to make sure those are responsive as well. Take a look at what Yoast had to say about sliders.

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 2.08.45 PM

Page Flow/Convenience

Imagine yourself as a customer on that theme browsing for whatever it is you plan on selling or doing with the website. How easy can you find everything? Do you have to scroll past several sections of information you don’t care about just to get to the part of the website you came there for? That spells bad news because most people will leave a website within 3 seconds if it doesn’t capture their attention, creating a bounce in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Having proper page flow and being able to find everything with ease is essential. People don’t think in terms of development or design, they’re just searching for something and they want to find it right away. They don’t want to be inconvenienced by a bunch of advertisements or a long 10,000 word sales page of jargon they’ve read on other websites.

If you ask any WordPress developer, they’ll tell you about their love/hate relationship with themes. They can be convenient but they’re often messy, they’re hard to change, they come overloaded with unnecessary code/plugins and they can cause security vulnerabilities but there are quite a few decent UX designed themes. You have to really figure out why customers are coming to your website in the first place, what problem are they looking to solve, what problem does your website solve for them and so on.

responsive web design

If you could only pick one thing from the list above, a website HAS to be responsive. Themes NEED to be responsive to capture your mobile audience. The mobile audience is rapidly growing and isn’t stopping anytime soon.