25 Gorgeous Oil Paintings

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Portraying everyday life at its best has always been the desire of writers and painters, and although the literature is a passive and serene art, painting, on the other hand, has the power to attract people’s attention. A painting artwork projects a fragment of life that interacts with the human mind, filling it up with images and memories as vivid as life itself. Oil painting is the process of painting with pigments that are bound with a medium of drying oil. Traditional oil painting techniques often begin with the artists sketching the subject onto the canvas with charcoal or thinned paint. The details express feelings, and that is why many great painters mostly used this medium to present their artworks.

So I gathered 25 paintings that I personally think are beautiful and hope you enjoy looking at it aswell, also don’t forget to click the images to support the artists.

Alessandro Sicioldr

Kenneth Slevin

Andressa Lavrador

Pina Muscas

Blaise Rhein

Mark Anderson

Robert R Glaser

Brian Egger

Cory Jespersen

Amelia De Silva

Oksana Zukova

Tatiana Kuvaldina

Yuliya Fomina

Annie Ratcliffe

Rita Poutivskaia

Megan Baute

Josephine Kyriacou

Ivana Milchanska

Crystal Colson

Andrea Espinoza Sucre

Guia Vergara

luis felipe campos

Chad Farah

Gosha Gosha

Bylgja Lind Pétursdóttir

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