25 Watercolor Paintings to Inspire

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The interesting of using watercolors to bring one’s ability and an image in their head to life is a skill not as intimidating as it may pose to some. The whole idea to harmonize a room and truly captures the purpose of the artist. Watercolor paintings are considered a unique way to creatively represent landscape, illusions, expressions, and bright feelings using water-soluble pigments. Watercolor may seem like an elementary form of art medium but with the right amount of practice, dexterity, and determination, even this seemingly childish material for painting can help you come up with great pieces.

If you have decided you’d like to try making your own watercolor paintings, here are 25 great examples to help inspire you. Just make sure to click the images to support the artists.

Mariah LeeAnne

Jiyeon Pereira

Erin Hawkins

Marta May

Margaux Miller

wilson junior

Jana LaChance

Cara Diane

Aekkarat Sumutchya

Azariah Brown

Olga Peshkova

Felipe Xavier

adriano diana

Aparna W.

Olga Shefranov

Karolina Mazur

Alexis Froio

Milena Galli

Oksana M

Buse Gundogan

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Darya Malikova

Lyubov Fonareva

Alime Kurtvelieva

Tatiana Davidova

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