ACE Bleach: Bleach Beasts

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Bleaches in the Kenyan market are all virtually the same, to the point that many of the different brands are produced in the same factory. There is no need to describe how bleach works, everybody knows. And our product does exactly the same thing as its competitors. The challenge for ACE is primarily brand recognition. In conjunction with some new packaging, we decided to relaunch the brand with a startling new image. Instead of the standard “schoolkid in a gleaming white uniform” or “businessman in dazzling white shirt” we chose to have a little bit of fun and highlight the whitening properties by using animals that would look very different if they were dipped into ACE bleach! Easy to understand and very different from the mundane campaigns from competitors.

Advertising Agency: TBWA East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
Executive Creative Director: Jimmy Geeraerts
Art Director: Michael Omondi
Copywriter: Mark Kovalevsky

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