Ambi Pur: The Innocent

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Ambi Pur

Ambi Pur, in collaboration with CJ Worx, released a new online film, “THE INNOCENT” under the campaign, “Stink Don’t Drive” talking about stinks that Thai drivers tend not to notice in their car. This is because when they are in their car for a long period of time, they eventually become familiar with smelly car. As a result, their sense of smell is unable to detect any hidden stinks in their car. Ambi Pur and CJ Worx, thus, utilize this insight to remind every Thai drivers of “Stink Don’t Drive” through the online film, THE INNOCENT. The story revolves around an innocent man who has no clue what he has committed. In the end, the film will reveal the answer and in the process, reminding Thai drivers of the stinky car smells that they could be so familiar with.

Advertising Agency:CJ WORX, Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Creative Officer:Saharath Sawadatikom
Creative Director:Natkanate Ruengrujmethakul
Senior Art Director:Perawich Charoenphan
Senior Copywriter:Supachai Pakdeesrisakda
Digital Designer:Sereephap Sourtanglai
Social Media Group Head:Rotjarin Sangteerapanit
Social Media Art Director:Pemika Yosakrai
Senior Social Media Copywriter:Worawut Sangsoon

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