Amigos for Kids: Cycle

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Amigos for Kids

Stop the Cycle

Statistics show that 1 in 3 abused children are more likely to become abusers themselves in the future. To combat this cycle and create awareness we launched the #StopTheCycle campaign.


Advertising Agency:Republica Havas, Miami, USA
Production House:Dark Side Management
Illustrations:Estúdio Ícone
Chief Executive Officer:Jorge Plasencia
Chief Creative Officer:Luis Casamayor
Evp General Manager:Anthony Bianco
Creative Director:Michael DeJesus
Associate Creative Director:Derrick Muniz
Director Of Communications:Daniella Biffi
Account Manager:Eva Zelaya
Director:Natalie Baj
Content & Social:Natalie Baj
Account Director:Bianca Ruiz

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