Audi Piloted Driving: In the footsteps of Strelka

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A short film documentary about the searching of the currents descendants of the Soviet space heroin, Strelka. A Russian stray dog who became the first living being to return from space This documentary reveals an exciting true story, told by those who experienced it in person. An exciting journey that begins in the turbulent Cold War and ends in the present day. From the stratosphere to Missouri, passing through the Kremlin, the White House and the glamorous Hollywood of the 1960s. The documentary appears on, a digital platform where you can see as well a viral video that recreates Strelka’s great-great-grandson’s tribute to his admired grandmother. Site:

Advertising Agency:DDB, Barcelona, Spain
General Creative Director:Jose Maria Roca De Vinals
Executive Creative Director:Jaume Badia
Creative Director:Guille Ramirez, Alex Ademà
Art Director:Silvia Cutillas
Copywriter:Javier Nuñez
Producer:Vicky Monino, Laia Vidal
Production Company:Blur
Executive Producer:Mario Forniés
Film Director:Marc Corominas, Anuska Peñalba
DoP:Román Martínez de Bujo

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