Bonds: Turtlenecks and Crewnecks

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Bonds are famous for making very comfy undies. Our undies vary in style, size and colour but there is one variation we do not cater for. A variation in men. Because, yes men are all born equal, but a few hours after birth some are slightly modified. They lose a rather small part of their….skin. Other underwear companies have neglected the fact that these men might need a little more protection downstairs. But not Bonds. Bonds is finally creating a range of even more comfy underwear designed for men missing this extra piece of epidermis.

Advertising Agency:Clemenger Bbdo Melbourne, Australia
Production Company:Guilty
Producer:Jason Bryne

Director:Tony Rogers
DoP:Joey Knox
Stills Photographer:Christopher Tovo
Post Production:Sam Coates
Finish:Sam Coates
Sound:Squeak E Clean 

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