BusConnects: Working it out Together

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BusConnects, a division of the National Transport Authority, launched their second round of public consultation for the Core Bus Corridor Project with an expansive through the line campaign created by TBWA\Dublin. The campaign visuals, by Watermark Studios, feature an intricate representation of Dublin city as a Rubik’s cube being solved thanks to the collaborative efforts of the public and BusConnects.

Advertising Agency:TBWA, Dublin, Ireland
Ceo:Deirdre Waldron
Head Of Account Management:Paula Kelly
Executive Creative Director:Des Creedon
Business Director:Yvonne Caplice
Creative Director:Clayton Homer, Dillon Elliott
Art Director:Mikey Ryan
Copywriter:Blaise Hoban
Account Director:Eibhin McLoughlin
Account Executive:Alana Ryan
Producer:Sarah Collins
Senior Strategist:Shane Kelly
Digital Artist:Watermark Creative

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