Center for Autism: Two faces

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Autism has two faces. With educational support people with autism can become true geniuses. We invited Derek Paravicini, a blind British piano virtuoso with autism to perform in Slovenia. Citylights and print ads feature two opposite faces of Derek and were shot by 15-year old photographer with autism from Slovenia. The concert was sold out in 5 days. Every concert ticket sold helped us raise new funds for gifted children with autism.

“Derek Paravicini. A man with autism. / Derek Paravicini. The piano virtuoso. Autism has two faces.”

Advertising Agency: Apohal, Slovenia
Creative Director: Tomaz Apohal
Art Director: Matija Primc
Copywriter: Tomaz Apohal
Photographer: Tomaz Planinsek
Additional credits: Marija Matijasec (DTP)
Published: September, 2010

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