Companhia Athletica gym: Switch your routine

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“Switch your routine for ours.”

It is common for people to change physical activity by sedentary lifestyle, spending hours in front of the computer or Televison. Now, the Companhia Athletica gym proposes a new challenge: why not do otherwise? This is the synthesis of a campaign created by DDB Brasil. The ads are a series of posters made by hand with pieces of electronics that were dismantled and turned into real sculptures. As an example, computer components that formed a boxer or TVs that became a weight lifter. The campaign was made in artisan way, taking about four months to be produced and completed in March of this year. This whole production process is in a hotsite ( that brings all the project making of with videos, giffs and pictures of every detail, in addition to the ability of people to download posters in high resolution and share the project on social networks.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Brasil
Creative Director: Sergio Valente, Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Moacyr Neto
Creative’s: Renata El Dib, Murilo Melo, Gabriel Sotero
Photographer: Ricardo Barcellos, Sergio Prado
Illustrator: Renata El Dib, Murilo Melo
Web producer: “Denis” Gustavo Alves
Programmer: Fernando Kreigne
Account Supervisor: Suzana Poli, Marcelo Balista de Macedo
Media: Valdir Vieira, Daniela Dib da Silveira
Art buyer: Clariana Regiani da Costa, Carmen Castillo
Approved by: Marcos Nisti

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