Gillette Razors: BabyFace Texture screen

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Beard fashion was bad for Gillette and for babies, whose only language of communication is touch. Research proved that soft warm contact is essential for development. We convinced dads to sacrifice their beards by launching the first-ever skin to surface haptics campaign. Haptic technology uses electrostatic forces to manipulate the friction between finger and screen. Our tablets featured in maternity wards, birth classes and baby-fairs enabling expecting parents to contrast the scratch of a beard stubble vs. a clean-shaven face, just as a baby would.

Advertising Agency:Acw Grey, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chief Creative Officer:Tal Riven
Creative Director:Moti Rubinstein
Copywriter:Shay Chikotay
Art Director:Oren Alster
Ux:Oren Alster
Ui Designer:Oren Alster
Svp Account Director:Shai Almagor
Regional Communication Planning Director:Gilad Kat
Mediacom Client Director:Shimi Hamias
Head Of Planning:Dana Wolfsfeld
Head Of Production:Gal Yaakov
Photographer:Ariel Van Straten
Ceo:Greg Topel
Tanvas:Greg Topel, Jamaal Hollins, Mondher Cherif
Texture Design:Jamaal Hollins
Chief Scientist:Mondher Cherif
Producer:Israel Revach

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