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logo-copa-2014-brasil The 2010 World Cup didn’t even had its final and we are already seeing problems in the next World Cup. Being a Brazilian citizen and a designer I am ashamed and angry about what is going on right now. Yesterday there was the official presentation of the World Cup 2014 that will be held in Brazil. Everyone was quite worried about that, already knowing that there would be a big possibility of having dirty stuff happening under the negotiating tables. So we discovered the first one yesterday.

The new logo is the first proof of how unreliable things will be. Since this logo was shown in Brazil, nobody knew who did it and who choose it. ADG, the designers organization in Brazil, was supposed to hold a competition to make the logo, and suddenly, this awful logo appears from nowhere, being the “official”. All designers in Brazil were terrified with the news (not only counting that the logo seems a person ashamed). A few days later, we discovered that a french studio did it. Bizarrely when we googled about it, there was not a simple link to that studio. Weird huh? But yesterday we discovered that the agency Africa was the one behind it. Nizan Guanaes, the owner of Africa, is well known by his political contacts and benefits he has gained with it. So, what probably happened here? He bought the rights to do all the campaign, behind everyones back. How can we be represented by that crap when we have amazing professionals working here?

A nice start for a cup that the president Lula told everyone that will be “transparent” about everything. Not only counting that there are some politicians trying to make a law to avoid bids for stadium constructors and etc, telling that would make things happen faster (translating: stealing makes things faster?).

Say hello to the “transparent” 2014.

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