Lexus: All-Terrain Envelope

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Direct Marketing, Design

Over 95% of direct mail is never opened. So, to entice our adventure seeking, high income target, we created a physically engaging demonstration of the hill-climbing ability of the Lexus GX using the mechanism of a Manila envelope. Once unwound, an insert revealed the recipient had just traced the elevation of a drive between Vancouver and Banff. This led them to a landing page where they could win an adventure on that exact drive in a GX. With a huge lift on qualified leads and a renewed excitement for the brand, it was Lexus Canada’s most successful direct mail campaign ever.

Advertising Agency:DentsuBos, Toronto, Canada
Vp:Travis Cowdy, Lyranda Martin-Evans
Executive Creative Director:Travis Cowdy, Lyranda Martin-Evans
Art Director:Amber Arezes
Copywriter:Shane Rodak

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