McDonald’s: The 100% meatless “Meat”-magazine

Post pobrano z: McDonald’s: The 100% meatless “Meat”-magazine

Objective: For the 2010 launch of McDonald’s Veggie Burger, develop outstanding media ideas that are specifically targeted at nutrition-conscious young adults.

Concept: In order to convey the message “100% vegetarian” as clearly and uniquely as possible, we chose a well-known Austrian culture magazine called “Meat“ – and literally stripped it of the meat: From cover to cover, we crossed out every single mention of the word “meat” with thick green bars. On the magazine’s wrapper, we printed a lofty “Ode To The Meat” that lead over to the new Veggie Burger.

Target audience: Nutrition-conscious young adults.

Advertising Agency: DDB Tribal, Vienna, Austria
Chief Costumer Officer: Eric Schoeffler
Creative Director: Eric Schoeffler, Sebastian Kainz, Hannes Böker, Werner Celand
Senior Art Director: Dietmar Kreil
Copywriter: Sonja Minar
Etat Director: Philipp Krumpel
Account Manager: Marisa Somera

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