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Meter Group

Serviceplan Innovation worked with environmental science organization METER to create a book crafted with paper made from rice grown on decontaminated fields in Fukushima, which was the site of a devastating nuclear disaster in 2011.

As a leading scientific sensor company present in Fukushima since 1996, METER already had access to a lot of environmental and agricultural data, which was incorporated into the book. Through months of research, more data on science, demographics, economy and ecology from various sources were added. During visits to Fukushima, radiation data was measured which also became part of the book. Made in Fukushima was sent out to key opinion leaders in science, agriculture and food production and can be bought in selected book stores, with all proceeds going to Fukushima.

Advertising Agency:Serviceplan, Munich, Germany
Chief Creative Officer:Alex Schill
Serviceplan Group:Alex Schill
Creative Director:Franz Röppischer, Lorenz Langgartner, Maximilian Heitsch
Serviceplan Innovation:Franz Röppischer, Lorenz Langgartner, Saurabh Kakade, Eduardo Alvarez, Carolina Soto
Creative:Saurabh Kakade
Art Director:Eduardo Alvarez
Junior Copywriter:Carolina Soto
Photographer:Nick Frank
Moby Digg:Maximilian Heitsch, Gabriela Baka, Sebastian Haiss, Ricardo Abbaszadeh
Lead Designer:Gabriela Baka
Information Designer:Sebastian Haiss
Designer:Ricardo Abbaszadeh
Head Of Print Production:Robert Kaminski
Serviceplan Solutions:Robert Kaminski
Writer:Quentin Lichtblau
Freelance:Quentin Lichtblau, Rumi Tominaga, Ivan Kovac
Editor:Johannes Maierbacher
Albert Coon:Johannes Maierbacher, Andreas Wolf
DoP:Andreas Wolf
Producer:Rumi Tominaga, Yuta Matthew Kato
Cinematographer:Ivan Kovac
SAS Shoot in Japan:Yuta Matthew Kato

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