Miyabi: The Beauty Of Sharpness 2018

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The „Beauty of Sharpness” saga of the Miyabi knives is back with a new campaign signed Herezie Group.

SUJIHIKI, SANTOKU and SHOTOH are the names of the 3 high performance knives that Miyabi has chosen for its new campaign „Jewels”.

This time, to celebrate „the beauty of sharpness”, the legendary precision of the Miyabi blades has been applied on salmon, cheese and cucumber to create unique and incredible shapes of real jewels of food.

The Beauty Of Sharpness

Advertising Agency:Herezie Group, Paris, France
Creative Director:Baptiste Clinet
Art Directors:Sonia Presne, Thomas Vogt
Photographer:Antoine Magnien
Art Buyer:Johanna Warlus
Print Producer:Emmanuelle Sannier
Agent:Anne Lecerf
Marketing Director:Nathalie Chanbert
PDG:Andrea Stillacci

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