MTV & KamaSutra “Hardwear”: Hardwear Condoms

Post pobrano z: MTV & KamaSutra “Hardwear”: Hardwear Condoms

BRIEF: Condom brand KamaSutra was looking to shed its twenty year old ‘dad’s brand’ image in India and reconnect with the youth. So they teamed up with a brand that’s as youth-centric as it gets – MTV. Together they collaborated on a quirky new range of condoms called ‘Hardwear’. Now they needed to launch the brand and get the young audience interested in KamaSutra.

SOLUTION: The name ‘Hardwear’ allowed us to conceptualize a fun campaign using sexual innuendos and ‘suggestive’ handy-man tools. To stay true to the bold nature of both MTV and KamaSutra, we kept the communication edgy, young and colorful (pun intended).

Agency: Happy, Bangalore, India
CEO_ Kartik Iyer
CCO: Praveen Das
COO: Siddartha Roy
Creative Director: Naren Kaushik
Art Director: Aswin Sridhar
Illustrator: Aswin Sridhar
Copywriter: Megha Ramesh
Account Management: Ajay Kumar & Pallavi Nayak

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