Organ Donation: Queue

Post pobrano z: Organ Donation: Queue

There are 300 people waiting for an organ in Finland and dozens of people die every year in vain. To make the point and to make people update their Facebook profiles, we made the queue visible. About 300 people lined up on a square in Helsinki. There were computers in front of the queue. Every time somebody would come to the desk and say “yes”, one person got out of the queue. The result: all Finnish television news showed up (TV1, FST, MTV3, Nelonen) as well as several newspapers and radio channels.

Advertising Agency: 358 Helsinki, Finland
Art director: Maria Fridman
Copywriters: Taro Korhonen, Erkki Izarra
Producer: Petra Hakala, Olli Sirén
Account Manager: Milla Kokko
Photographers: Pekka Mustonen, Tuomas Sarparanta

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