Passing The VMware Certification Exams – The New Industry Standard

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The VMware certifications validate the candidates with virtualization concepts that facilitate the IT operations in IT infrastructure, cloud computing, data centers, and mobile devices. The VMware together with the EMC Corporation is among the mighty technologies under the Dell organization.

The VMware training and certification are divided into four distinct categories namely:

  • Cloud- any certification that involves vCloud and its products.
  • DCV- these are certifications that focus on the vSphere as well as vCenter technologies.
  • Desktop mobility-this is concerned with the management and configuration of VMware environments such as the Horizon 7.
  • Network Virtualization- the key aspect here is the networking as well as security software definition.

These categories are offered in four levels: the associate, professional, advanced professional, and design expert. The candidate starts from the associate to the expert level if one has successfully excelled in each of the preceding certifications. However, each level has several certification exams that lead to the award of a specific VMware certification. In some instances, the candidate needs to complete only one certification exam in order to receive the designated digital certificate.

The following are the certification exam that a candidate can channel through to receive a certification upon the achievement of the requirements:

  1. VMware Certified Associate(VCA)- it is the basic level of the VMware certification where the candidate will learn the VMware technologies. Anyone interested is required to have already passed the VCA-DBT (1V0-701) exam in order to claim a certificate.
  2. VMware Certified Professional(VCP)- it is the most common certification and a bridge to proceeding to the advanced certification under VMware track. One has to pass either 2V0-620 or 2V0-602.
  3. VMware Certified Advanced Professional(VCAP)- is designed for professions who have been utilizing VMware at an advanced level. It is a requirement for the candidates to pass 3V0-732 Exam.
  4. VMware Certified Design Expert(VCDX)- achievement of this certification involves commitment and ability to demonstrate the design of VMware architecture. It is mandatory for candidates to submit a design and defend his/her design against the review panel.

Why VMware Certification

The certification covers a variety of technological study which is not only available for those who have been in the industry for quite some years but also for those who are starting their career in the IT industry. The certified professional will advance their credibility with their clients, employers, and colleagues regardless of their existence in the industry.

Finally, VMware is an ideal program for the leaders in the virtualization arena. In fact, it is a must-have certificate which IT professionals in the virtual environment should possess. It is a proof of one’s competency in his/her place of work.

Proven Techniques to Tackle VMware Exam

Having decided to do any VMware certification exam, many questions may arise. The most common is how to prepare for a specific VMware Exam choosing the appropriate certification program. It is demoralizing when one registers for an exam with the intention of passing but yet fails. I have prepared the useful techniques that you can utilize to become a successful VMware expert, I got them first hand from the respected VMware experts.

Consider yourself

It is important to know oneself despite the fact that we sometimes compete with friends using the same pace. Do not read to complete a certain concept because your friend usually completes within a given time limit. Consider your own pace and the rate of understanding concepts than reading VMware as a fiction novel. Everyone’s ability differs.

Register for the appropriate exam

VMware has so many certifications that are related and connected in that one is a bridge to another. If you do not meet the requirements for the exam there is no need to do and fail because you will neither get certified nor advance your knowledge. Whatsoever the case, start from where you are familiar with.

Manage your time well

Time management is often the important step in our journey to excellence. It is the tool to reach our goals. While preparing to do the VMware exam, it is recommended to be stuck to the timetable you have created for efficient preparation. However, you should not squeeze your time so much that you cannot clearly understand the concepts within a given time or even get time for a break.

Find the training materials

The only way you can make yourself familiar with the course outline is training and preparing for Vmware Certification. The material can be acquired online in any format you like depending on your satisfaction limits. They are elaborative and concise. Many successful individuals recommend some specific websites which are good at the training of VMware courses. These sites are testking, prepaway and examcollection. They also offer valid VMware exam dumps and courses which are considered to be a great help to prepare for the exam.

Always have a course outline

The point of reference at all time during your studies is the course outline. It ensures that you are on the right track on the way to getting the certification. It is necessary to keep track of yourself and your learning. Without the study guide, you may end up learning other concepts that are out of the curriculum content.

Engage in discussion groups

The discussion that you have with friends or colleagues who have done the exam or yet to do is often beneficial. It is a chance to prove to yourself that you have understood some concepts. The discussion builds your ability to think critically and apply the right solutions to obstacles.


The introduction of the VMware certification has never been an unreasoned decision. It has helped in shaping the IT industry in various aspects that can neither be explained in writing nor in oral form, the rapid technological inventions explain better. All the effects of VMware concepts can be traced in all organizations in different spheres from virtual databases to cloud computing. The knowledge gained through the training designed for the VMware certification cannot be achieved by attending an institution only. VMware certification is an advantage for everybody from the IT graduate to the professional to keep pace with technological development as well as it boosts your personal growth.

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