SM Polis Insurance: Radio Crashes

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SM Polis Insurance

People in Russia talk and text on their phones while driving. We’re used to it, nothing strange.

Radio stations provoke this behavior. Every station has a call-in show where listeners are calling or texting to win presents or just to say hi to their friends.

Smartphone using is the second, after alcohol consumption, human factor causing car accidents. Despite a common opinion, hands-free devices offer no safety benefit when driving. Driving while talking on cell phones – handheld and hands-free – increases risk of crashes fourfold. The number is even bigger for texting and using apps. SM Polis Insurance is fighting against this dangerous habit with live radio broadcast of “car crashes”.

Advertising Agency:Voskhod, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Creative Director:Andrey Gubaydullin
Art Director:Vladislav Derevyannikh
Copywriters:Anton Mamykin, Alexander Sinyuk
Media Supervisor:Elizaveta Larionova

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