SOS Children’s Villages Belgium: Really Ugly Sweater

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SOS Children’s Villages Belgium

There are ugly Christmas sweaters. And there’s the #reallyuglysweater. Take a closer look at it and you’ll see: the normally oh-so-peaceful crib is being bombed in the midst of a Syrian refugee camp. An ugly but very real scene for all those struggling in Syria on a daily basis. Gents created the fashion statement of the year to showcase the other side of the holidays and to ensure a truly merry Christmas for all children. One ugly sweater at a time. More than 10.000 eur was raised to support the work of SOS Children’s Villages in Syria.

Advertising Agency:Gents Agency, Gent, Belgium
Chief Executive Officer:Leen Van der Mijnsbrugge
Creative Director:Tim Helsen
Creative Strategy Director:Sander Vanermen
Senior Creative:Vincent Daenen
Creative Strategist:Janne Van Robays
Interactive Design Director:Simon Pertz
Senior Web Architect:Diederik Van Hoorebeke
Senior Interactive Designer:Thomas Heylen
Senior Designer:Martijn Leenaers
Account Director:Julie Bataillie
Account Manager:Albane Paret

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