Tata Tiscon: Plant for the Planet

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Tata Tiscon

Civilisation today is staring at what can only be called the biggest human challenge. This pandemic has left us thinking, wondering and questioning about all that we have done in the past. The environment is one such area where enough human effort may not be sufficient to reverse the damage caused so far, but a little conscious effort every day, collectively may promise our future generations a safer planet to inhabit, a lot safer than the one we call our home today. Like every year, Tata Tiscon, India’s biggest name in construction continues to spread the message of building a strong planet through Tata Tiscon Go Green, the brand’s sustainability initiative.

Advertising Agency:Wunderman Thompson, India
VP Managing Partner:Vijay Jacob Parakkal
Chief Creative Officer:Senthil Kumar
ECD & VP:Arjun Mukherjee
Creative Director:Moeinuk Sengupta
Copy:Moeinuk Sengupta
Client Services Director:Sreeparna Gupta
Production House:Lightbulb Productions

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