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The North Face

The North Face Korea, the No. 1 outdoor brand in Korea which greets its 50th year anniversary of the foundation, publicly announced the statement ‘50years of exploration’ and began the campaign with McMURDO, which is a representative heritage product of The North Face, as the object. 

Can The North Face Korea, which had presented to the consumers an exploration within the downtown which could not be thought of while riding the dog sleds together with McMURDO in the last, give as a present yet-another, differently-colored adventure this time? In order to unfold a very special opportunity for an exploration of which the brand spirit is alive and overflows, the campaign overflowing with the energy was prepared together with INNORED. 

 Until now, as the spaces in which the unimaginable adventures are unfolded, the pop up stores of The North Face approached the consumers. In commemoration of the 50th year since the foundation, the consumers visit the special pop-up stores. And the customers who tried wearing the McMURDO products get around to receiving the proposal worth doubting the ears. “You can purchase the McMURDO product which you are wearing now free-of-charge. 

Can I help you for that shopping?” At the moment of answering ‘Yes’, suddenly, in front of the customer, the blue sky and the zipline that goes down 120 meters from a dizzy height are unveiled. The shopping situation is extreme, so much so that the McMURDO can be received free-of-charge at the counter installed 120 meters below. 

What would the people facing the moments of the challenges and the explorations, which could not be thought of, select? The moments of the adventures overflowing with the thrills. The new exploration begins! It has been gaining great views on YouTube and Facebook websites. The video has been shared rapidly, already achieved over 5mil. 

Views only in 6 days. The North Face Korea’s campaign series delivers a unique concept to people who lead a routine and would like to help them awaken the values of exploring in their life.

Advertising Agency:INNORED, Seoul, South Korea

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