VEBU (Vegetarierbund Deutschland): Long live the goose

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A social media campaign in order to save the Christmas goose by cooking a yummy vegetarian Christmas dinner. More info at

Christmas – a time of love and culinary deliciousness. For the goose it’s a time filled with horror. For 12 weeks she gets fattened and stuffed until she gets plucked and served as a roast on a nicely decorated dining table. Just because one wants it that way. The goose does not want that at all. Unfortunately it has no choice. But I have! Therefore I will take side with the goose and cook a yummy vegetarian Christmas dinner. That way I’ll save one goose’s life. (And maybe also Auntie Berta’s since she has such a high cholesterol level…). But that’s not enough. I will become a goose myself. I‘ll put on a beak and go out on the street, respectively on facebook, twitter & co so that you and many others will come out as a goose and celebrate a vegetarian Christmas too. Long live the goose! And if you absolutely want to put something in the oven… why not a bun instead of a roast? As said above, Christmas is the time of love.

Advertising Agency: Draftfcb, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Dirk Haeusermann
Creative Director: Alexandra Höhn
Art Director: Malte Timm
Junior Art Director: Tim Lehnebach
Junior Copywriter: Jennifer Kaune
Illustrator: Vitali Nazarenus
Photographer: Ines van Megen
Additional credits: Neue Sentimental Film Berlin, Optix Digital Pictures, Hastings Music
Published: December 2010

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