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Jingle Genie is a free IOS app that allows you to create a customized jingle for any business you choose, using a variety of templates that have been composed in-house by our audio production company. Answer the fill-in-the-blank questions by recording your voice into your microphone, choose a template, and rub the lamp to create your very own jingle. The results can then be shared on social media and can be used as a fun promo for your company.This app is purely for entertainment purposes, and is not for creating serious jingles.

Creative Director:Dave Anderson
Art Director:Dave Anderson
Copywriter:Dave Anderson, Jason Michael MacIsaac
Illustrator:Chad Boutillier
Photographer:Katy Hopkins
Editing:Luke Batiot
Animation:Luke Batiot
Programmers:Grant Carstensen, Matt Dunlap
Singer:Bob Mann
Composers:Jason Michael MacIsaac, Dave Anderson
Production:Chelsea Muir, Arthur Fox
Assistance:Chelsea Muir, Arthur Fox
Coordination:Chelsea Muir, Arthur Fox
Talent:Chelsea Muir, Arthur Fox

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