WWF: Burning Tiger, Burning Elephant

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Forest fires occur regularly in Indonesia without much regard. As of August 2017, 170 active hot spots are burning across the country. In this campaign, we try to increase the concern by refocusing on irreplaceable wildlife lost instead of just plant life.

Advertising Agency:LOTUS:H, Jakarta, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer:Hoh Woon Siew
Executive Creative Director:Dino Mojica
Creative Director:Ramdhan Hidayat, Nicholas Kosasih
Copywriter:Shinta Afiati, Dino Mojica
Senior Graphic Designer:Agung Suksma
Account Director:Ebie Prasetio
Account Executive:Juliantra Rianda
Strategic Planning Manager:Wimala Djafar
Creative Support:Suryo Guritno, Rini Susanti, Iman Budiman
Print Production Company:Illusion, Bangkok)
Illustrator:Illusion, Bangkok)
Photographer:Illusion, Bangkok)
Retouch:Illusion, Bangkok)

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