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15 years of The Public Theater in 45 seconds

The Public Theater logo design

In 1994, Paula Scher was commissioned to create a new identity and promotional graphics system for The Public Theater. 15 years on, and the design has been honoured by the Art Directors Club.

Pentagram squeezed 300 pieces of Public design work into a 45 second video collage (shown above).

The Public Theater brochure design

More of The Public Theater work on the Pentagram website.

I’ve always admired The Public Theater logo. The clean, minimal design appeals to my taste, and It’s a pleasure to feature the work here.

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Stretching the Virgin logo

“You can’t expect a man, who’s successful business-philosophy is, “Screw it, let’s do it” to really care much about this inconsistency in the visual identity of the Virgin brands. And after all, isn’t he himself the consistent identity of the Virgin brand?”

VIBE shows us just how many Virgin sub-brands there are, and how different the identities look.

Virgin logos

Virgin logos

I gotta admit, some of these look plain tacky, but it’s a good reminder that your logo is not your brand. It might be one small part of it, and an important visual part nonetheless, but there’s so much more to a company than brand identity.

The handwritten Virgin mark, white on red or vice versa, is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable logos in the world, but it’s Richard Branson who I see as the real force behind the empire.

Even more Virgin logos on VIBE.

Via Quipsologies.

Along similar lines: 10 handwritten logo designs.

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25 years of Duffy logos

Duffy design

Minneapolis-based design agency Duffy & Partners has published 25 years worth of logo design. You can view the slideshow on the Duffy website, and here I’ve picked out just a few of the featured logos.

“Designing a logo is perhaps one of the most daunting assignments for any designer—it requires patience, craft, precision and imagination. On face value it may seem simple – but if you think about it, a logo is an attempt to distill all that a company or a brand represents into a single emblem of identity.”
Dan Olsen, Creative Director at Duffy & Partners

Kerzner Marine Foundation (2006)

Kerzner Marine Foundation logo design

Pangea (2005)

Pangea logo design

St. Paul Travelers (2003)

St Paul Travelers logo design

The Islands of the Bahamas (2003)

Bahamas logo design

Viant (1996)

Viant logo design

Diet Coke (1994)

Diet Coke logo design

Minneapolis Public Library (1992)

Minneapolis Public Library logo design

A personal congratulations to everyone in the Duffy team for reaching the 25th anniversary milestone.

All 150 logos can be viewed in a slideshow on the Duffy website.

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WTC Logo Preservation Project

World Trade Center logo

The World Trade Center Logo Preservation Project was created by Korean designer, Ji Lee, currently working as creative director at Google Creative Lab, NYC.

“World Trade Center buildings are present in thousands of classic New York skyline logos owned by local businesses in the city. They tend to belong to small businesses that are likely to disappear over the years to come. So are their logos and the Twin Towers.

After 9/11, I started to photograph and archive these logos in order to preserve the many different graphic expressions of these important historical buildings.” Ji Lee

World Trade Center motif

Manhattan fruit truck

World Trade Center logo

Manhattan beer distributors logo

Downtown Little League logo

Brings back a lot of memories from a visit to Manhattan in 2001. I arrived in New York in June, after winning a student travel bursary and arranging an internship. I spent a few days in Manhattan before catching a Greyhound bus to Pittsburgh, where I spent three fine months with the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (and working part-time in the Sewickley Country Inn).

My return flight to the UK was via New York, where I spent a few more days between September 13th and 17th, 2001. In a way, the people on the street seemed closer together, but witnessing the hundreds of thousands of ‘missing person’ flyers pinned throughout Manhattan was heart-wrenching.

The WTC Logo Preservation Project. Worth building upon.

Via swissmiss.

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Steven M. Johnson

Here is the work of inventor/author/cartoonist/former urban planner Steven M. Johnson.

His mental process :” Mix-’N-Match, outrageous extrapolation, speeded-up thinking, random/lateral thinking (which comes close to the hypnagogic state between waking and sleep where some claim inspired inventions and scientific inventions come through), and so forth.”

“If I could use two words to describe what it is that I enjoy it is that I love to be sneakily outrageous . . .”

complete article here

New York Times Blog

Source: i0n

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