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Online Website Speed Analyzer: GTmetrix

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The speed of a website is a very important factor for providing a better browsing experience to visitors (which directly effects the success of a website).

Specially, after Google announced that "speed" became one of the elements in its search ranking, it is clear that web designers/developers should be focusing more on this.


GTmetrix is a free and online website speed analyzer which uses Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow as the analyzing engines and display their results + recommendations online.

It enables you to compare multiple URLs and, once signed up, you can:

  • view the past tests ran to compare with the current results
  • schedule daily/weekly/monthly automated checks
  • save reports
  • set any report to be public or private

GTmetrix also has a bookmarklet which you can run a test for any website with a click.

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Free Admin Template For Web Applications
jQuery Dynamic Drag’n Drop

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Vertical Soccer Billboards / L’originalité ils s’en foot?

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Adidas / Tokyo Vertical Soccer – 2004
Source : One Show GOLD, Cannes GOLD Lion, Grand CLIO, Asia Pacific AdFest “best of outdoor”, Ad Forum…
Agency : TBWA Hakuhodo (Japan)
Kryzpo Potato Crisps / Vertical Soccer – 04/2010
Source : YouTube, Via Paper-Plane
Agency : Unknown (Chile)
Il y a de meilleures façons de rebondir sur une idée que de se limiter à l’imiter…

Washed out idea / Idée identique en cascade…

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carwash2004 carwash2009
Volkswagen Touareg “Car Wash” – 2004
Source : Cannes Archive Online
Agency : DDB Istanbul (Turkey)
Land Rover “Car Wash” / Kedo Car Importers – 2009
Source : Cannes Longlist,
Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi Athens (Greece)
Une idée déjà épinglée ici à plusieurs reprises.
An idea already done several times : Click here to see more

Studio Universal: Calendar

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To increase its awareness every year Studio Universal, the most famous TV channel dedicated to the great movies, celebrates its rebirth, that took place in May 2009, giving to stakeholders and insiders/experts a calendar that unlike all the others, starts from May instead of December.

dvertising Agency: Y&R, Rome, Italy
Chief Creative Director: Alessandro Canale
Art Directors: Fabio Dimalio, Laura Sforza
Copywriter: Saverio Lotierzo
Illustrator: Oliva Studio
Group Client Director: Marco Ruggeri
Account Manager: Roberta Lancieri