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Toronto Public Health: The Dog Walker, The Dance, The Makeover

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Toronto Public Health

A lot of people don’t know that the city of Toronto has free condoms for anyone, no questions asked. Toronto Public Health keeps the condoms in giant, self-serve bowls at sexual health clinics, community health centres, and colleges and universities across the city.

“Life in the bowl” is a series of short cartoons that treat the condoms as characters who live in those bowls. The condoms live their lives, waiting for the inevitable moment they’ll be chosen. They know they’ll be taken at some point—just not exactly when.

Advertising Agency:The&Partnership, Canada
Art Director:Yvette Reitner
Writer:Jake Bogoch
Executive Creative Director:Ron Smrczek
Producers:Raj Dhillon, Allie Pattillo
Illustrator:Blame Your Brother
Animator:Blame Your Brother

Unicef: Leo’s History

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Cyberbullying is increasingly a major problem for our society, this film was created for the Young Lions Argentina 2017 festival and the goal was to create in 48 hours and just with an iPhone a piece that would raise awareness about the cause of cyberbullying to parents and relatives. It was silver at the contest.

Advertising Agency:Miami Ad School, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Director:Mario Guerrero Peñalosa
Copywriter:Alejandro Alvarez

SM Polis Insurance: Radio Crashes

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SM Polis Insurance

People in Russia talk and text on their phones while driving. We’re used to it, nothing strange.

Radio stations provoke this behavior. Every station has a call-in show where listeners are calling or texting to win presents or just to say hi to their friends.

Smartphone using is the second, after alcohol consumption, human factor causing car accidents. Despite a common opinion, hands-free devices offer no safety benefit when driving. Driving while talking on cell phones – handheld and hands-free – increases risk of crashes fourfold. The number is even bigger for texting and using apps. SM Polis Insurance is fighting against this dangerous habit with live radio broadcast of “car crashes”.

Advertising Agency:Voskhod, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Creative Director:Andrey Gubaydullin
Art Director:Vladislav Derevyannikh
Copywriters:Anton Mamykin, Alexander Sinyuk
Media Supervisor:Elizaveta Larionova

5 Tips to Being Creative with a White Wall

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A white wall is not as dull as we are made to believe. It’s just plain and simple. And since it’s a color like any other, it can be customized to reflect your sense of style. As a matter of fact, white walls are very iconic because they stand out when mixed with other colors. Most people assume that white walls are only found in rental houses. There are actually homeowners that insist on painting some of their walls white. The advantage of such a color is that it can’t be neglected because it’s easy to spot patches of dust and dirt. Here are tips that can help you utilize a white wall.

1. Transform it into Dry Erase Board

If there are white walls in your house, you can convert a few of them into whiteboards. Such boards come in handy when kids are studying on their own. All you have to do is buy dry erase wall coating and apply it on top of the white wall. Since most kids prefer to study in isolation, you should consider creating the whiteboard in either of their bedrooms. This type of whiteboard is durable than the portable type because there are zero chances of breaking due to accidental falls. However, you have to give the coat at least 48 hours before it can be ready for use. These whiteboards have of late become popular because they don’t limit your space. They are also easy to maintain.

2. Bring in Colored Furniture

The worst mistake that you can make when you have white walls is to add furniture of the same color. Although the furniture will definitely blend with the white walls, the interior of the house will have a dull outlook. This is because the walls will capture all the focus. It’s therefore advisable you bring in furniture of a different color. This will help in creating a balance. You can even add throw pillows that have bright colors.

3. Add Wall Hangings

A plain white wall can seem idle when it’s not complemented by artwork. It’s therefore recommended you include wall hangings such as paintings, pictures, and mirrors. However, you should make sure that the wall hangings have frames that are either brown or black in color. Mirrors work well in the bathrooms while wall hangings are a preserve of living rooms. You should also consider spreading some rags on the floor just to divert attention away from the walls.

4. Blend with White Kitchen Furniture

If the walls of your kitchen have been painted white, you should consider blending them with white tiles, cabinets, and shelves. When a white finish is complemented with fittings of the same color, it creates a luxurious impression. You can also opt to add exposed patches of the brick wall to give your interior a countryside look.

5. Bring Natural Plants

Live plants do a great job in adding life to white walls. However, you have to put your plants close to the window so that they don’t die due to lack of sunlight. Besides that, you should not put more than two plants because too many of them will congest the living room.

Featured image by NeONBRAND

Audi: The Quattro Coaster

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Audi releases quattro coaster, the world’s first AR experience to interact with a TV commercial.

Audi Norway has released the Audi quattro coaster AR app, making it possible for anyone to have an Audi quattro model in their driveway at any time. The app provides an interactive experience triggered by its latest television commercial. In a move to show that Audi’s technological edge is not just in its cars but in the brand’s DNA, it’s the first time a campaign has seen a moving image activate an AR experience.

On watching the TV commercial, viewers’ chosen device recognize the film, at which point the car bursts out of the TV and into the user’s environment. Users can then explore the four Audi quattro models scaled between miniature or actual size, by freely moving their device without having to keep the marker in view. And finally, in life imitating screen, the AR experience allows people to create and test-drive a personalized test-track imitating all four seasons in their own living room or anywhere else they choose.

Advertising Agency:POL, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director:Thorbjorn Ruud, Petter Bryde
Art Director:Thorbjorn Ruud
Copywriter:Petter Bryde
Digital Designer:Ole Jakob Skattum Bøe
Client Managers:Kjetil Botten Skogly, Emma Karlsson
Production Company:DVA
Additional Credits:Anna Adamson, Johan Anstérus, Bo Gustafsson, Thomas Söderlund

The Christ Hospital: #EverydayChampions

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The Christ Hospital

Advertising Agency:ReviveHealth, USA
Creative Director:Paul Hackett
Producer:Kate Caverno
Production:Alkemy X
Postproduction Company:Alkemy X
Managing Director:Nick Litwinko
Director Of Production:Jim Huie
Vp Of Business Development:Sara Iversen
Director:Rob Adamo
Editor:Dave Bradley
Line Producer:Shannon Oakley
Senior Producer:Jason Sonner
Senior Colorist:Janet Falcon
Editor Assist:Alexander Hughes
Sound Design:Bob Schachner
Mix:Bob Schachner

Telesoftas: Portraits

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Telesoftas, a Lithuanian tech provider, decided to launch a campaign offering their services to other companies in order to help them to step forward and make a move to make life better for humanity.

With this video, Telesoftas is also communicating its own work philosophy, which is all about making a better world for every human being through technology.

Advertising Agency:Clandestinos, Vilnius, Lithuania
Creative Director:Antonio Bechtle
Art Director:Asta Ostrovskaja
Copywriter:Antonio Bechtle