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Fake original idea / Des pièces détachées de toute originalité?

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Volkswagen Original Parts – 2012
Auto Disc Rotor “In fact it is a meat grinder plate”
Source : Wave Festival BRONZE, Coloribus
Agency : ALMAP BBDO (Brazil)
Nissan Genuine Parts “Kefa = Fake” – 2018
The brake rotor is in fact a shower drain…
Source : Dubaï Lynx BRONZE
Agency : TBWA Raad Dubaï (UAE)

Paul Schlacter’s Journey to Success and Inspiration

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For people like Paul Schlacter, being inspired is a perpetual state, and they’ve learned to live and breathe in an environment of constant motivation. For some, this might seem like a pipe dream, but according to Paul himself in an interview for DesignRush, it’s mostly about finding the right source of motivation in your work, and following that path until you land a prospective opportunity.

Starting Modestly

Perhaps surprisingly to some, considering Paul’s current position, he didn’t actually know much about graphic design as a field when he decided to follow it as his main study, although he does admit to having an inclination to drawing from a young age. To him, choosing to study graphic design was mostly about making a safe bet that could allow him to develop in a familiar direction.

He’s evolved a lot since then though, devoting his time to studying more advanced concepts like motion graphics, user interfaces and how people interact with them, and other fields that, according to him, need more attention in today’s designer world.

Paul’s Process

Many people reading this would probably immediately wonder about the kind of daily routine that drives the work of someone like Paul, and according to him, it mostly starts out with a lot of experimentation and creative brainstorming. He mentions a large number of sketches at this stage, and he also stresses the importance of getting early feedback and reiterating on the original idea until it gets the kind of response he was looking for.
As for finding sources of inspiration, Paul explains that he likes to maintain a photo blog, in which he tries to capture an interesting moment from his life every day. These small bits serve as a major drive for him, and one can perhaps see some relevance to his work in those pictures after exploring them enough.

Getting Through the Tough Times

Everyone working in a creative field inevitably runs into the “block” problem at some point, and Paul is no exception – although his advice for overcoming the situation might not be what most people would like to hear. According to him, perseverance is key in these cases, and working on the problem until it’s gone is pretty much the only viable approach he has managed to find.

However, as simple as that piece of advice may seem, it also holds a lot of truth, as anyone experienced enough in a particular creative field would readily tell you. It’s important to have the capacity to just push through the more challenging times, and sometimes the right answer is not the most elegant one.

Paul also shares a quote that has allowed him to get through some of the more challenging moments of his life, a short but powerful sentence by Ray Hunt – “Make the right thing easy, and the wrong thing difficult”. Combined with a little discipline, maybe we can all get a little closer to Paul and explore our true potential as creative minds. You never know when you might find that you have a knack for something.

Featured image by Brooke Lark

WWF: Burning Tiger, Burning Elephant

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Forest fires occur regularly in Indonesia without much regard. As of August 2017, 170 active hot spots are burning across the country. In this campaign, we try to increase the concern by refocusing on irreplaceable wildlife lost instead of just plant life.

Advertising Agency:LOTUS:H, Jakarta, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer:Hoh Woon Siew
Executive Creative Director:Dino Mojica
Creative Director:Ramdhan Hidayat, Nicholas Kosasih
Copywriter:Shinta Afiati, Dino Mojica
Senior Graphic Designer:Agung Suksma
Account Director:Ebie Prasetio
Account Executive:Juliantra Rianda
Strategic Planning Manager:Wimala Djafar
Creative Support:Suryo Guritno, Rini Susanti, Iman Budiman
Print Production Company:Illusion, Bangkok)
Illustrator:Illusion, Bangkok)
Photographer:Illusion, Bangkok)
Retouch:Illusion, Bangkok)

Banglalink: Banglalink 4G #FeelsLikeNew

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After promoting a quantum leap in speed with 3G, promoting 4G was not an easy challenge. We needed to add value to the generic proposition of speed. We found that proposition in content viewing – better video quality, smoother video calls, better game graphics and so on. The same movie that you were watching on 3G would become a much better experience on 4G. While our competition built on the speed proposition and the generic internet benefits like play a game, upload to Facebook kind of things, stuff that were already proposed with 3G, we decided to propose a world where every view is fresh view. The strapline – “Everything I see feels new” – along with stunning visuals and never-seen-before scenes carried the campaign. You may be watching the same thing as before, but with speed and robust connections, it will feel like a completely new experience. It was unexpected, clutter breaking, more relevant than the competition.

Advertising Agency:Asiatic JWT, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Managing Director:Neville Ferdous Hasan
Client Services Director:Abhishek Rahman
Account Director:S.Ehsanul Khaleque Bappee
Group Account Manager:Pavel Rahman
Campaign Supervisor:Zannat Bushra Antora
Account Supervisor:Lamia Alamgir
Account Senior Executive:Saurov Adhiraz
Vice President:Aditya Kabir
Strategic Planning:Aditya Kabir, Naimul Hoque
Supervisor:Naimul Hoque
Group Creative Director:Anam Biswas
Creative Directors:Quratul Ayin Shohel, Fahim Reza Pial
Creative Manager:Zubair Hossain Oni
Creative Art Team:Biplob Kor Birat, Azizul Haque Biplob, Humyun Kabir, Dipok Das, Zonayed Azim Chowdhury, Minhaz Chowdhury
Copywriters:Rahul Rahman, Anup Aich
Director:Adnan Al Rajeev
Photographer:Riyad Ashraf

Miyabi: The Beauty Of Sharpness 2018

Post pobrano z: Miyabi: The Beauty Of Sharpness 2018

The „Beauty of Sharpness” saga of the Miyabi knives is back with a new campaign signed Herezie Group.

SUJIHIKI, SANTOKU and SHOTOH are the names of the 3 high performance knives that Miyabi has chosen for its new campaign „Jewels”.

This time, to celebrate „the beauty of sharpness”, the legendary precision of the Miyabi blades has been applied on salmon, cheese and cucumber to create unique and incredible shapes of real jewels of food.

The Beauty Of Sharpness

Advertising Agency:Herezie Group, Paris, France
Creative Director:Baptiste Clinet
Art Directors:Sonia Presne, Thomas Vogt
Photographer:Antoine Magnien
Art Buyer:Johanna Warlus
Print Producer:Emmanuelle Sannier
Agent:Anne Lecerf
Marketing Director:Nathalie Chanbert
PDG:Andrea Stillacci