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Digital Dreaming – 5 Hot Trends in the Mobile App World

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You can see it everywhere: Heads buried in their mobile devices, completely oblivious to the world around them. Sitting in their cars, staring down while the light has already turned green, with their kid looking up at them forlornly, waiting to be pushed on the swing, or as you dive out of the way before getting barreled over on the footpath. We are utterly obsessed with our phones, often to the exclusion of everything else that is going on in the world. Time on mobile devices comprises 65% of all time spent consuming digital media. That’s a huge proportion, and it’s getting bigger. It’s no wonder that apps are such huge business, with legions of companies competing for all that attention. Today we’ll look at a few prominent ways in which app developers are vying for that decisive edge.

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR has been hot ever since Pokemon Go took the world by storm. Digital minds all over the world have since been experimenting with new and exciting ways to AR-infused apps to the marked. One app developer in Melbourne devised a way to assist travelers to get their luggage and to their gate in unfamiliar airports. Another company in New York devised a slick app that allows you to superimpose tattoo designs on your body through your phone’s camera so you can see what it will look like before taking the plunge. Whatever the application, the potential for this amazing technology is limited only by our imaginations.

Wearable Technology

Technologies that can be worn on the body have enormous power to integrate with mobile and desktop apps. Fitbit is a great example of this and has been a great success that has spawned numerous copycat products. Breakthrough technologies such as Apple Watch and Google Glass have underwhelmed commercially and in terms of winning hearts and minds. However, it is almost certainly just a matter of time in until someone gets the right recipe.

Instant Apps

It’s Murphy’s law of Apps. You download a seemingly amazing app that promises to be your next best friend, only to have it sit on your device unopened and unloved for months. Eventually, you delete it, casting it into digital oblivion. Then, the very next day you encounter precisely the situation in which you could have used the app, and you curse in frustration. Instant apps promise to change all this. Rather than clutter your device with a million apps that you rarely if ever use, instant apps can be accessed instantly from the Cloud, without downloading or installation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of those controversial topics that is at once exciting and yet downright scary. The specter of machines that can learn how to think like us and take over the world might be the stuff of science fiction. However, with AI started to take over people’s jobs, predict our online behaviors and outsmart human hackers, it is clear that we need to think very carefully about how we use this sensitive technology. Like most things, there is plenty of opportunity to use it to better our lives. AI applications that understand how kids learn and tailor educational programs to their individual needs are just one way that we can harness AI to make a positive impact.

Internet of Things

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that he would build an app to interface with the bot that pretty much controls his entire house, the world has realized that IoT is not just a catchy buzzword. We can expect to see the intersection between those ubiquitous icons on our phones and the things that we use every day continue to grow.

We’d love to hear what you think are some other exciting trends that will impact the mobile technology world!

Mobile Optimization: Reassessing the Responsive vs. Mobile Site Debate

Post pobrano z: Mobile Optimization: Reassessing the Responsive vs. Mobile Site Debate
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For the last four or five years, responsive design has been the go-to approach for most webmasters looking to optimize their sites for mobile. There are good reasons for this, which we touch on in this article, but it’s not necessarily the ideal solution in when creating a positive mobile browsing experience. Despite widespread perception that responsive design is now the optimal approach, there are still valid reasons to consider a different way: a dedicated mobile site. In this article we address some of the benefits of mobile sites that you may not have considered, as well as a reassessment of the strengths and weaknesses of responsive design. The purpose is not to dispute the general efficacy of responsive design, but rather to highlight the fact that it isn’t the de facto ‘best’ choice in all applications.

The industry standard

The introduction of responsive design as a way to easily accommodate a range of screen sizes was revolutionary. As the number of people using mobile devices for internet browsing grew so rapidly, the ability to accommodate a variety of formats was a huge bonus for webmasters. Now that mobile browsing has overtaken desktop, it’s no surprise that responsive design is considered by many to be the industry standard. So much so that website building packages, designed to be accessible for a layperson, often include integrated responsive design to bring this advantage to non-experts. The hosting company 1&1 is a prime example of this. For a quick refresher, here are a few core advantages to responsive design:

  • Versatile
    Ready to adapt to any size of screen automatically
  • One website
    Because it doesn’t require a separate website, responsive design sites are easier to maintain and promote
  • One URL
    Eliminates confusion of having a different URL for a mobile site for both users and search engines
  • Prepared for the future
    Responsive design can handle the dimensions of new devices with ease

The Unsung Hero

In the eyes of some, mobile websites (usually denoted with ‘m.’ in the URL) are old hat – why go to the effort of creating two sites when you can stick to one? It’s true that having to develop a separate mobile site with a different URL poses some challenges. For instance, you have to maintain two websites simultaneously, which is not only more time consuming but can also create complications for search engine visibility if not managed correctly. However, it’s not quite as simple as that. Not all websites are alike, and there are compelling reasons to consider a mobile-dedicated site, depending on the nature of your project.

User experience

A major advantage of a mobile-dedicated site is that it’s bespoke. That is, because it’s distinct you’re your main website, you can tailor it specifically for mobile use without affecting the desktop browsing experience. The difficulty with responsive design is that any design changes you make to improve the mobile UX will also affect users browsing on larger screens, sometimes negatively. This is a tricky balancing act, and can result in trying to please both mobile and desktop users, but achieving neither. Mobile sites allow you to separate these concerns.

That said, the significance of this issue largely depends on how complex your website is in terms of content and functionality. For example, relatively simple and streamlined websites without many complex design elements or applications won’t have much of an issue. On the other hand, large online stores would struggle to implement design elements for their entire stock and payment processing in way that satisfies both mobile and desktop UX. Particularly for a business like this, a hassle-free user experience is crucial to optimizing conversion rates. This is where a mobile site comes into its element.


Responsive sites tend to be slower than dedicated mobile sites, which can also negatively impact user experience. This is because a responsive site still has to load virtually all HTML elements and content, no matter if a desktop or mobile device is being used. So, either you have to significantly reduce the size of your site – and risk diluting the desktop user experience – or accept slower loading times on mobile. On the other hand, mobile sites allow you to streamline mobile performance completely independently of your desktop site. This way, you can ensure both sites load as quickly as possible.


In the past, search engines weren’t as good at ranking mobile sites effectively, so responsive design was regarded as more SEO-friendly. This is changing, and search engines are now much more able to appropriately recognize them. Having a mobile site also offers you the potential to optimize for mobile-specific search intention. This means you can more precisely target mobile users and direct them to a website that’s created specifically for them. Furthermore, the greater freedom to tailor the mobile user experience can be beneficial for SEO, as UX is a tangible ranking factor.


Responsive design is an extremely useful method of mobile optimization, no doubt about it. It excels in its role for many websites, but can be complicated to implement for necessarily more bloated and complicated sites. Mobile sites offer more design freedom, allowing you to maximize the user experience of more complex web projects. Mobile optimization is not a case of choosing the ‘best’ method – it’s a matter of selecting the most appropriate method for your individual needs.

Inspired by Japanese prints, art by Mike Dorsey

Post pobrano z: Inspired by Japanese prints, art by Mike Dorsey
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Mike Dorsey is a tattoo artist who also creates stunning artworks in the style of Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Despite the large inspiration from Middle-Age Japan, his prints keep their own specificities, because the artist includes lots of elements from modern day Western society. You can see a glimpse of his work below, but you should head to his portfolio to see more.

The May Bundle: Over 70 Fonts for just $29

Post pobrano z: The May Bundle: Over 70 Fonts for just $29
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The month of May is coming to an end soon, and if you missed this impressive font bundle by our friends of The Hungry JPEG, it will be gone forever next month.

In the bundle, for just $29, you’ll find over 70 high-quality fonts of all styles, pretty much a full font library for a ridiculously low price. We’ve included a preview of a few fonts here, but to discover all the typefaces available in the bundle, you should check out this page.

Get the font bundle for just $29!

Design Deals for the Week

Post pobrano z: Design Deals for the Week
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Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed. You can also follow the recently launched website Type Deals if you are looking for free fonts or font deals.

1500+ Design Elements in 1 Huge Graphic Pack

Looking to give your latest projects a bit of a boost? This Huge Graphic Pack is sure to please with more than 1500 professional design elements! You’ll get a wide variety of tools including backgrounds, logos, badges, textures, vintage illustrations and more from a slew of different themes ranging from arcs to food to nature.

$8 instead of $750 – Get it now!

Bundle of 400+ High Quality Vector Textures from Ultrashock

Stock up on a ton of creative items now with Ultrashock’s latest Creative Bundle which contains 418 brand new vector textures including Slick Tones (smooth halftone patterns with subtle gradients), Scratches and Scuffs, Retropress (distressed halftone scuffs), Subtle Grit Volume 01 and 02, Authentic Wood Grain, Noise Volume 01 and 02, Fine Grit, Retro Textures, Rusty Metal, Destructive Forces Backgrounds, Botched Imperfect Halftones, Granite Textures and more all with amazing value!

$24 instead of $674 – Get it now!

OZCodes Coupons

Find great deals on OZCodes with coupons for web hosting, WordPress plugins and themes, or design software, among many other things.

Verb: 72-Font Super Family

When artists create a new masterpiece, they have one goal in mind: to move you. Well, why shouldn’t the same go with Web designers? There’s no better way to get your next project moving than with the awesomely active (and actively awesome!) Verb font family!

$37 instead of $169 – Get it now!

Bourton Font Family of 34 Fonts & More

The Bourton Type Family is a massive layered and script typeface just bursting with variety. You’ll get more than 30 unique fonts in this family ranging from Base Layer to Drop Shadow Fonts, along with plenty of bonuses such as ornaments, frames, flags and even a set of customizable logos.

$17 instead of $99 – Get it now!

ClayXYZ: a desktop 3D printer for ceramics

Post pobrano z: ClayXYZ: a desktop 3D printer for ceramics
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Until now, I refrained from purchasing a 3D printer primarily for one reason: all you could print was plastic. Of course, I’m talking about consumer 3D printers, it’s been possible to print on metal or ceramics for a while already, but purchasing one of these printers was out of budget.

ClayXYZ is the first 3D printer for clay and ceramics that you can purchase at an affordable price. There is still a Kickstarter campaign running for it, but it has been largely financed already.

The device is as simple as any printer should be. Get your 3D model ready, load some clay, and print. It’s natural material, so you can add some extra finishes and touch it up by hand, but that’s not mandatory. For designers, this is a whole new field that opens up, and no need to use ugly plastic for 3D printers anymore.

10 gorgeous UI kits for designers and developpers

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Working on website or apps interfaces? Check out these free UI kits, they will make you more productive and save you tons of time.

1. Design elements by Dennis Flinsenberg

Clean and simple, a standard kit that will always prove useful. Download here.

2. PerfectJane UI Kit by Igor Shkarin

Icons, bars, buttons,… tons on design elements. Download here.

3. UI Design Kit by Alex Boamfa

A PSD kit filled with great UI elements. Download here.

4. Free iPhone and iPad App UI Kit by Pixeden

Designed to help you create a great mobile app UI interface with common smartphone and tablet UI elements. Download here.

5. Media Player GUI PSD

A UI kit filled with all the elements to create your own media player. Download here.

6. Moonify Ui by Joachim Löfstedt

A dark-themed set of GUI elements. Download here.

7. Hanna UI Kit by Amin Badie Zade

A complete UI kit with many useful elements. Download here.

8. Tron Glow UI Set by Thiyagu Sivanganam

A dark UI theme with cool glowing effects. Download here.

9. iTunes UI Kit by Susumu Yoshida

All the UI elements you’ll need to emulate the iTunes interface. Download here.

10. Black UI Kit by Jonathan Moreira

A black UI set with bold elements for gorgeous designs. Download here.

8 design freebies you should download right now

Post pobrano z: 8 design freebies you should download right now
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A round-up of recent useful freebies for graphic and web designers.

1. Latina Essential, Free font family by Latinotype

This font is based on calligraphy, but calligraphic features have been changed in order to make Latina a more neutral font. This prevents readers from losing their focus when reading a continuous text. On the other hand, these same features get highlighted when using the font for headlines or display text. Latina is the perfect choice for publishing design (books and magazines), branding and advertising.

2. Free Smoke Brushes for Photoshop

For many things that you may need to include in a Photoshop composition, all you need is often to take a quick photo. For smoke, you’d have a hard time to do it quickly, so these free smoke brushes for Photoshop come in very handy.

3. 96 Cooking Icons

A large set of gorgeous line icons created by Ekaterina Sosedova. Deserts, fruits, first and second courses, you’ll find all icons to be aligned, accurate and editable.

4. Material Design UI Kit

Material Design Kit is the ultimate library of UI elements, app templates, and style guides combined into high-quality source files for Sketch & Photoshop. Everything you need for a faster workflow and better results when design for Android.

5. Minimal Powerpoint & Keynote Template

If you are like me and try to attend events that are not directly design related, you surely have seen plenty of horrible Power Point presentations. This free Power Point and Keynote template was presented by Dublin Design to help you create beautiful presentation quickly.

6. Photoshop T-Shirt mockups

A collection of all kind of T-shirt mockups collected by Design Freebies. You’ll find various style and designs of shirts to present your designs.

7. Material Components

Beautiful and customizable components to create material designs for iOS, Android, or the Web.

8. Elegant certificate template

An elegant template, in case you deliver certificates or diploma and want to make it look good.

Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Template Monster’s Flagships

Post pobrano z: Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Template Monster’s Flagships
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Website launching is a thing that requires careful consideration and a great amount of professionalism. If you’re a layman in web design, you’ll have to order web design services from one of the professionals in the area. As getting a person work on creation of your website is pretty costly, you can just be smart and go for a website template.

Why are modern templates handy in website creation? The market of modern themes offers templates for different branches of industry, as well as multipurpose ones that let you create literally every website you need. The themes are pre-packed with rich sets of plugins that you get free and save you hundreds of dollars. You can tune up literally every pixel of your website with advanced customization options and simple-to-use WYSIWIG editors. Moreover, they have valid, well-structured code, and are SEO-optimized and well-tested in terms of responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

Today, you’ve got a great chance to get one of top-notch website templates of this year absolutely free! TemplateMonster, one of the well-established template provides, is giving away 1 of the 3 their flagship templates to you. Let’s see what are the prized that wait for the winner of this giveaway.

What templates can you win?

Monstroid2: Groundbreaking Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Monstroid2 is a real masterpiece in terms of design and functionality that took almost a year to be produced. This theme is a clean and smooth-functioning multipurpose website template with a great set of premium features. The template comes with 9 niche skins that serve as website templates for different branches of industry. There will be more skins coming soon and all the template owner will get them absolutely free. Monstroid2 is issued under GPLv3. This means that you can install the template as many times as you wish on an unlimited number of domains and modify its source code up to your wish. Make use of one of 20+ prebuilt plugins (e.g. BuddyPress, BbPress, MotoPress Menu, Cherry Projects, Booked Appointment, etc.) and edit the theme trouble-free with Power Builder and Live Customizer editors that provide for WYSIWYG template editing and live preview of the changes. Monstroid2 is WooCommerce-ready and lets you run an e-store based on one of Monstroid2 niche skin that best fits your needs.

Eveprest: All-in-one Multipurpose PrestaShop Template

Details | Demo

Those of you, who always stay at the edge of e-commerce innovations, would just admire Eveprest theme that’s got all you can imagine and even more. This premium PrestaShop theme comes with 10 ready-made themes for different industries: clothes, interior design and furniture, electronics and gadgets, jewelry and accessories, lingerie, spare parts, etc. With the theme, you get a pack of premium modules that are actually worth $1357. Among them, you’ll find modules for creating collections of goods, lookbooks, 360 product views, advanced filters, product mosaics, layouts, etc. You can also change the color scheme of your theme in one click to foster the unique style of your e-store. Don’t miss your chance to take your e-commerce up a notch with this theme ad you’ll be exited at your skyrocketing revenues.

WooStroid: Feature-rich WooCommerce E-store

Details | Demo

WooStroid is a feature-leaded premium WooCommerce template that reflects on top web design trends of 2017. Its design is user-centered: the template ensures good readability on different devices and provides for convenient shopping experience. Five skins of the theme are created for websites that sell clothes, jewelry, lingerie and tools. Woostroid has ultra-responsive design: you can upload images in 4K resolution and let shoppers-on-the-go see the finest details of the products that you offer. With WooStroid, you can run the shop not only on WooCommerce, but also on Ecwid, which is another comprehensive e-commerce solution for trouble-free e-store creation and management. The template lets your shoppers create wish lists and compare tables, use ajax product filters and navigate your website using MegaMenu. Moreover, the theme is SEO-optimized and will please you in terms of loading speed and smooth performance.

How to enter the giveaway?

The rules of the contest are very simple. You just need to leave a comment below, specifying which one of the three templates you would like to get. The deadline is the 26 of May, 2017. The winner will be selected randomly among those entrants, whose comments met the deadline and contained the name of the desired theme.

Don’t lose your time! Check out the templates’ Details and Live Demos using the links below the template screenshots and leave your Comment to don’t miss your chance to get one of these great templates free.

I wish you all good luck participating in the giveaway. If you have any questions concerning the rules of the contest or the themes presented above, do not hesitate to drop me a line in the Comments section below.

Stay tuned!

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