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Basic Tips in Finding a Suitable Web Host

Post pobrano z: Basic Tips in Finding a Suitable Web Host

Statistics show that more than 30,000 sites are hacked each day, and this shows a problem that could be traced back to the security measures applied by the sites and their hosts. Choosing a good hosting provider is a decision that will help to prevent security breaches that might cause the site a big loss. You need to choose a hosting provider that will ensure regular backups and offer several layers of security to make it difficult for hackers to get through and access important files of your site.

Here are some basic tips you need to consider to choose the right web host:

Read web hosting reviews

The best place to start when you are searching for a suitable web host is reading reviews of the best web hosts. Sites like Hosting Foundry offer insightful and objective reviews of the leading web hosts, and they highlight features like security and bandwidth allocation for different packages. Choosing your web host from the list of the best companies will guarantee you access to important security features, and you will also enjoy good bandwidth allocation and speed.

Backup plans

It is important to stress that the company should have a good backup plan that will allow you to restore your site in the event of a hacking attempt. There are hosts that don’t offer this feature even as an opt-in, and this means you may lose your data permanently if someone manages to access your files.

Security features

Security is something you should not negotiate about when it comes to choosing a reliable hosting provider. A good web host should have reliable security infrastructure that is designed to shield the site against all kinds of attacks. Some of the security features you should look at include SSL certification mechanisms and firewalls. Strong security features will not only shield the site from attackers, it will also allow users to surf with confidence that their data cannot be stolen because their connections are encrypted.

Customer support

How good is the customer support of the company? This is an important factor as it will determine your experience with the company. Sometimes you will have a serious issue that can only be resolve by the technical team of the company, so the best solution would be to approach them for quick help. There are web hosts with a history of sluggish support team, so avoid those if you don’t want to inconvenience users.

Server uptime scores/reliability

A 24/7 operating web host is ideal if you would like to keep your site online and serve users without challenges. Check the server uptime score of the web host before you choose them for your project. Even one minute without connection to your site would hurt your business, especially if you expect to receive heavy traffic.

The first step in establishing a strong website is choosing the right web host. This is a decision that will determine the security and reliability your site will get, so ensure to read reviews about leading hosts to choose the one that offers the features you prefer to use on your site.

Web designers, are you keeping up with the website navigation trends?  

Post pobrano z: Web designers, are you keeping up with the website navigation trends?  

Your ability to build a website with a friendly navigation scheme just got a whole lot easier. We had a long and grueling journey through various navigation schemes. As a result, the need for responsive web design has shown us what is important and not overly complicated.

This, in turn, has given rise to a new set of best practices. Best practices we probably should have been following all along. These best practices subscribe to a minimalist line of thought. The latter is focused on the main goal of each website page.

Check these top 5 best practices out.

Best Practice #1: Implement a navigation scheme that helps a visitor get to her main goal

Visitors are often curious to see what’s new on a website. Sometimes, being able to quickly take in the latest news or updates is of great importance to them. Show what’s new up front and highlight it as such.

An attention-getting image on the home page accompanied by a CTA is an excellent way to do this.


A visitor might be confronted with a choice when browsing a website is quite large or complex. In this case, it can be easy for that person to get lost. A search bar at the top of the page or several CTAs placed at strategic locations can help. These can prevent this from happening and point the visitor in the right direction.


“Read More” is one good option.


Best Practice #2: Always let the visitor know his or her current location

Implementing a current location element is a gold standard for website navigation.

Today’s increasingly complex eCommerce sites are good examples. It can be all too easy for users to get lost. Especially in the case of megamenus leading to a host of different product categories. A solution? Keep track of where the user currently is, where he or she has been, and where you anticipate the user might go next.

Use a contrasting color for the current location indicator. Like this, you can show users where at the website they are at the moment.


A mini-map of a user’s journey is one way to help the user trace back his or her steps:


A fixed menu on top of the page can help a user decide where to go next to further explore the website.


Best Practice #3: Use standard icons and lingo

Creativity is an asset every web designer needs. Creativity should be encouraged – except for website navigation. Cleverly designed icons can serve the same purpose as misplaced street signs. They can easily send a user off on a wild goose chase.

If you want to entertain your visitors, direct your creativity to other areas other. Stick to familiar navigation structures and elements.

How about a Hamburger menu for example? Yes! This versatile menu type can consolidate a lot of useful information on a page.


Or, maybe a cleverly shaped menu with random clickable areas? No! Menus are not there to entertain, nor should they be designed to make a user have to think.

How about a bold logo that takes you back to Home when you click it? Always a good idea.


An animated logo that warps you into another dimension? No! Animated logos can be irritating, distracting, and add little or no value.

Best Practice #4: Don’t exceed 7 menu items

If you go beyond 7 menu items, people will have trouble remembering things. A crisp, clean menu is almost always user-friendly and is also good for ranking. A link serves the same purpose as a menu item, so don’t load a page down with links either, especially the home page.

“For Him” and “For Her” is all you need on this home page.


Stick to the most important things for the user and place their two key attractions on the top and at the bottom of the list.


Best Practice #5: Choose the menu type according to the amount of content

Mindlessly following what others are doing is not recommended. This is the rule even when they appear to be following best practices.

The reason? Your website will generally have a different amount of content than other websites. You need to go with a menu type that’s a good match for the amount of content you have.

A single navigation bar may be all that’s needed. For a small shoe store specializing in seasonal wear or limited editions, this is perfect.


On the other hand, your online store might sell 100 or more brands of clothing for people of all ages and sizes. Then, you’ll be better served using a well-structured megamenu. A vertical collapsible menu is a good option, too.


BeTheme – A Simple Solution

How to best cope with changing website navigation standards? Do that by sticking to simple, easy-to-follow best practices that tend to be evergreen. The easiest way to do this is to use pre-built websites. At the same time, you can keep up with web design best practices in general.

BeTheme has the largest selection of these in the industry – more than 320. They’re aligned with user expectations for every industry sector and niche.




Here’s a wrap-up of the website navigation best practices covered in this article:

  • Point a visitor toward her primary objective on every page
  • Make certain the visitor knows where she is at all times, where she has been, and where she is likely to go
  • Use standard icons and lingo so as not to mislead or confuse the user
  • Limit menu items to seven to avoid overwhelming the user
  • Base your menu type in accordance with the amount of content in your website
  • Use pre-built websites. They make navigating a piece of cake.

Talk in Bern, Switzerland: What are your Career Options as a Freelancer?

Post pobrano z: Talk in Bern, Switzerland: What are your Career Options as a Freelancer?

If you live in Switzerland and read this blog, it’s about time we meet. On the 25th of April, there will be a good opportunity to meet at a talk I’ll be giving in Bern, at the Urbanfish coworking space.

For 45 minutes, I will give you an overview of the career paths that you can consider when working as a freelancer, followed by a short Q&A session. After that, drinks will be served and fun can start.

The talk

This is a talk you should attend if you are working as a freelancer or if you consider freelancing. I’ve been freelancing for 15 years now and I have experimented most ways to earn an income doing gigs, so I’ll be comparing freelancing careers and explain who should consider what path. For example, people who hate taking risks should not go full-time freelancer, but consider working part-time as an employee while freelancing on the side.

For each career path, I’ll be giving marketing advice. After all, the ultimate goal of freelancing is to make enough money to keep on going. Marketing yourself as a freelancer isn’t like marketing as a design studio, I will get into the differences to help you better focus on what works.

So if you are in Switzerland, don’t hesitate and attend the talk, I’ll be very happy to meet you there. You can register on the Swiss Tech Talks website.

Design deals for the week

Post pobrano z: Design deals for the week

Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed. You can also follow the recently launched website Type Deals if you are looking for free fonts or font deals.

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A Mighty Deals Exclusive!!! You won’t find this designer’s dream of a deal anywhere else on the Web. Packed with pure professional pop, this Mighty Bundle is overflowing with more than 120 fabulous fonts and over 550 graphics and logo templates. From badges to ornaments to illustrations, and everything from modern script to watercolor brush style fonts, this collection is all you’ll need to whip up your latest projects.

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Love to craft bundle

The Love to Craft Bundle has arrived! It’s jam packed with popular Fonts, Monogram Frames, SVG’s cut files, Silhouettes, templates, digital papers and more.

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Akwe Pro Font Family of 150+ Modern Typefaces

Professional. Versatile. Those are just two words to describe Akwe Pro. This professional, ultra versatile sans serif typeface sports a modern design with perfect legibility. Created for use in both short and long blocks of text, as well as headlines and user interfaces, this font family features more than 150 unique fonts that are just perfect for your latest branding challenge.

$24 instead of $299 – Get it now!

S&S Nickson Font Bundle of 15 Display, Script, Illustrations and More Typefaces

How would you like a collection of fonts that are strong enough to stand on their own, but creative enough to pair beautifully with one another? That’s exactly what you’ll get with the S&S Nickson Font Bundle Collection! Take home 15 different typefaces in a variety of creatively elegant styles including display fonts, script, illustrations, badges and more!

$12 instead of $25 – Get it now!

Tips that Graphic Designers Should Follow

Post pobrano z: Tips that Graphic Designers Should Follow

As children, many of us used to draw or doodle to express our thoughts.  Perhaps we doodled during lessons when work felt tedious and we no longer wanted to pay attention.

Some of may have doodles while thinking, creating a pattern or texture on the page.  Perhaps we were discouraged by our early results and believed that we would never make it as a designer.  As a result, we might have chosen a different profession.

Now, however, there is a whole new digital realm – which can assist us with bringing drawings or doodles to life.  This has opened up a wide range of opportunities for many people to work in digital art or design.

Many people are taking the opportunity to learn about graphic design, even without a formal education.  It’s possible to take part in online tutorials which can guide you on programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign.  There is a multitude of books available to teach the principles of design.

This is often a helpful path to follow.  However, learning the foundations of graphic design, acquiring new skills or tools and developing your own personal artistic style can be a complex process.  The following tips will guide you in your development as a graphic designer who combines beautifully edited images, fonts, and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect.

Listen to the influencers


Influencers are people with a strong online presence who develop and market a concept.  This could be anything from an online concept such as a capsule wardrobe (which uses design to advertise products) to online artists who share skills or products which appeal to their audiences.

By speaking with influencers, you’ll gain insight into the online world and how it works.  This can help you gain insight into how to follow trends.  You might also learn the language often used online and gain tips on how to market products.

If you’re looking for influencers to engage with, turn to social media.  Instagram and Twitter.  Chat with the influencers who inspire you.  They might respond to you, and you can begin a conversation.  This will help you to learn from them.

Alternatively, you can follow the conversations and exchanges which exist between influencers and yourself.  This will enable you to become a part of the design community.

You’ll be able to find support throughout your journey.  Some influencers even work alongside other designers or people in the industry in order to host events or guest posts.

Search for inspiration

Once you’ve committed to becoming a graphic designer, start searching for work which inspires you.  This can be as simple as searching the web and bookmarking artists or websites which inspire you.  You could also build a Pinterest board with images which inspire you.

As you build your collection, you’ll begin to find the patterns or styles in the images which inspire you.  This will assist you to begin creating your own works of art.  If you’re constantly saving art deco images or cartoon designs, you could find resources on how to create them.

Create a hierarchy

The graphic design uses hierarchy in order to make content simple, digestible and easy to understand.  This page is evidence of this – there are larger headings, subheadings and bold type which enables you to easily scan the page.

Hierarchy helps you to capture your viewers’ attention and makes your site easy to understand.

In order to create hierarchy on your pages, you can use different techniques, including:

  1. Size
  2. Color
  3. Spacing
  4. Grouping

It’s usually best to use one dominant aspect of your design when you’d like to create an interesting page.  You could use an attractive logo or a dominant header in order to draw attention to the most important aspect of your page.

However, if your page is very well balanced, you might be able to focus on two different areas (such as a heading and a call to action button).

The element you give dominance to should be the most important part of your site or message.  This will help you to create attention in the place that you need it most.

Spatial awareness

When you’re designing, it helps to acknowledge both positive and negative (white) space.  Positive space is the space you use for your design or content and is how you fill the page.  Negative space is the empty space which hasn’t been filled.  At their best, these two different elements need to be in harmony with each other.

This will keep your design looking clean, simple and orderly.  Used consciously, negative space can send a very effective message.

How do know when you’ve achieved the perfect balance between positive and negative space?  There are no simple answers.  It isn’t about the amount of space you use in your design, as much as it’s about eliminating anything superfluous so that your page is as clean as possible.

Go back to the foundations

When taken apart, every design is about simple elements which have been constructed to send a greater message.  When you take a design apart (like un – baking a cake) you get to see the core elements that are used in the mix.

Once you’ve taken a design apart and reduced it to its simplest terms, you’ll find that you can use these principles to create your own designs.  If you’re a beginner, you might want to start slowly, but as an advanced designer, you can begin to incorporate more complex techniques.

If you’re not sure how to combine the different elements to produce the effect you would like, you can experiment.  You’ll learn each step of the way.

When you experiment with a design you:

Learn that you know more than you think you do.

You’ll learn where you are skilled, and where you could acquire new knowledge.

There are multiple ways to approach any design or problem in order to achieve the results you’d like.

Analyze your inspirations

If you’re a beginner and you’ve begun to grasp the basic concepts and use them effectively, it’s time to move on to the designs that inspired you and learn to analyze them.   By taking your inspirations apart, you’ll begin to see how they were formed, and how you can begin to work in a similar way.

If your inspirations are websites, explore how they have been put together and the way that text, color, shape, symmetry, line and space have been used to create the look that appeals to you most.  You’ll notice that although effective design can make a big impact, the concepts are very simple.

Pay attention to alignment

You might notice that the way you lay out your page or align your fonts makes a massive difference.  This is because of the role symmetry plays in page composition.  A single flourish or well-placed element can add just what you need to make your design stand out

Your designs might range from simple to complex, but your goal is to always strive for balance.  Use symmetry as your guide to create a page which works.

Work with text


When you’re working as a designer, your goal is to get your message across.  Whether you’re creating an attractive logo or working towards making a magazine’s copy readable, your goal is to work towards clarity.  This doesn’t mean your fonts need to be boring.  There is a wide range of fonts which will add visual appeal to your design or page.


When you’re working hard at becoming a graphic designer, your goal is to practice, practice, practice.  Although you might feel intimidated by the skill of experienced designers and worry about ever being able to work to this standard.  However, even the most skilled designers were once beginners learning the foundations.

In the creative field, everyone embarks on a unique journey, developing their own style in individual ways.  There’s no single way to approach design and the majority of the time, you’ll learn through practice.

As you keep learning and developing, you’ll find out which skills are strong within your work, and which are lacking.

If you practice and develop new skills, you’ll develop as a designer.  Over time, work which took you ages to manage will become intuitive and you’ll be able to manage to achieve results quickly.  Mastering new projects will give you confidence as a designer.

Grab 15 Freshest WordPress Templates Of This Spring [WITH 35% DISCOUNT!]

Post pobrano z: Grab 15 Freshest WordPress Templates Of This Spring [WITH 35% DISCOUNT!]

Art - Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

Details |

The ultimate sleekness and magnetism of this new template would resonate with the tastes of the most demanding auditory. The theme brings you four impressive homepages that feature four most appealing, present-day layouts based on mosaic grids. What’s more, this Retina-ready template contains unlimited color presets, handy custom widgets, advanced typography options, and 700+ Google fonts. Like most Photography WordPress Themes Art contains a functional portfolio gallery for presenting pieces.

Mechanicum: Car Repair Services WordPress Theme

Mechanicum - Car Repair WordPress Theme

Details |

Mechanicum theme employs the classy red, white and dark grey color palette as its basis and jazzes it up with trendy gradients. Its customization becomes way simpler thanks to Elementor drag-n-drop editor, enhanced by the collection of more than 20 widgets. With the purpose of incorporating the latest functionality to your site in mind, designers pre-built Mechanicum with an adjustable Mega Menu, empowered its visual awe with JetElements pack and designed a number of unique professional layouts. All this makes Mechanicum one of the most advanced and prolific car repair templates out there.

BuildIcon: Construction Company WordPress Website

BuildIcon - Construction Company WordPress Theme

Details |

This iconic template lets you build a compelling web presence for a construction company. The theme is equipped with all the needed trust signals to persuade new clients to go for your company rather than for your competitors. In this vein, the theme brings you the impressive ‘Testimonials’ and ‘Our Team’ sections, pinpoints your physical location on Google map, lets people connect with your profiles on social media, etc. What’s more, all the construction-related imagery that you see on Live Demo also becomes yours once you purchase this exemplary template.

YummBlog: WordPress Site for Food Bloggers

Xayah & Rakan WordPress Theme

Details |

Charming and minimal, the YummBlog template will make your food blog exceptional and engaging. The template comes with the library of built-in layouts, including 8 ready-made homepage layouts for choosing the right style for your blog’s main page. Moreover, YummBlog theme comes with 10 pre-defined color schemes and allows you to create your own color scheme without touching any code. The theme is responsive and cross-browser compatible, providing for perfect display on different screens and in different browsers.

Love Life: Responsive Personal Blog WordPress Design

Love Life - Responsive Personal Blog WordPress Theme

Details |

Blogging will be a pleasure and a true creativity outlet if you go for Love Life theme. The clear and trendy design of this theme is totally responsive, which means that your blog will be a pleasant read even on mobile. What’s more, social options make sharing your posts on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms as easy as cake. Additionally, you can use this template to power a designer portfolio as all the tools needed for this come handy.

Dezingo: WordPress Theme for Creative Startups

Dezingo - Creative Startup WordPress Theme

Details |

If you’re after eye-candy grid-breaking layouts and artsy typography, Dezigno theme would make an ideal creative web presence for you. The neat, material-design inspired homepage of this theme becomes quite engaging thanks to intricate microinteractions that users see when scrolling it down. Dezigno theme is SEO-optimized to let you fit Google guidelines for websites and improve your position in search engine search results.

MediaTel: Youtube/Vimeo Video News Aggregator WordPress Template

MediaTel - Youtube/Vimeo Video News Aggregator Magazine WordPress Theme

Details |

MediaTel is the theme that lets you built an impressive, media-rich website. It’s powered by the reliable Unyson framework and brings you a custom visual page builder. The template is ready to harbor intense video integration, still remaining responsive and fast-performing. What’s more, it brings you a number of custom widgets and advanced customizer options.

Industry Multipurpose WordPress Website

Industry - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details |

Do you represent an architect business, building company, chemical factory or machinery business? With the multipurpose Industry theme, your website will hit home with a lot of site guests. Industry theme provides for showcasing your popular services and some details about your company, introducing your craftsmen and team members, presenting your accomplished projects, etc. Moreover, all your website sections will look stunning thanks to added Parallax and Smooth Transition effects.

Amenity: Business One Page WordPress Site

Amenity - Business One Page WordPress Theme

Details |

Amenity is an impressive one-pager for businesses of any kind. Its ultra-modern UI is underpinned by Parallax backgrounds, trendsetting color palettes, asymmetrical dividers, mosaic image grids, animated counters and more. This theme runs on polished-to-perfection Redux Framework and provides for streamlined customization with Elementor builder. What’s more, Amenity theme offers you a number of ready-made header and footer styles, sidebar variations, unlimited Google Fonts, custom handpicked color schemes, etc.

Lily: Clean & Stylish Blog WordPress Design

Lily - Clean & Elegant Blog WordPress Theme

Details |

Lily is one of the best new themes for personal blogging. It delivers you improved performance, cleaner design, faster loading and sleeker UX. Lily lets you choose from 10 different layouts for your homepage. Moreover, this blog theme brings you a number of advanced customization options that let you fine-tune the appearance of tags and categories, as well as search results and archives on your website.

Lanterno: Inspiring Outsourcing Company WordPress Theme

Lanterno - Astonishing Outsourcing Company WordPress Theme

Details |

Are you searching for a company website design that will truly inspire your clients? Lanterno is just what you need for your case. This theme looks light as a feather thanks to blue-and-white color scheme and sophisticated font choice. The powerful Elementor page builder allows you to set up the main website content without any coding skills. Lanterno also brings you JetElements add-on that adds a number of custom site blocks to your layouts.

Webion: Trendy Minimal Multipurpose WordPress Template

Webion - Minimal Elementor Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details |

Webion template stands on the verge of web design innovation and brings you a sleek UI that resonates with 2018 web design trends. Thanks to Elementor and JetElements, creating intricate layouts and adding diverse content blocks is a non-issue even if you’re completely unfamiliar with coding. Moreover, Webion template is loaded with Cherry plugins, different Blog and footer layouts, custom widgets and more. Also, it lets you power an Ecwid-based e-store section in case you need e-commerce functionality.

Deep Mind: Psychology Clinic WordPress Website

Deep Mind - Psychology Clinic WordPress Theme

Details |

DeepMind would constitute the basis of a perfect present-day psychology clinic’s web presence. Template interface emphasizes informativeness and lets you tell everything your clients need to know about the clinic and services you provide. DeepMind theme brings you an exhaustive set of astonishing and elegant ready-made pages for your easy site customization. Customize the theme on the fly with Elementor and WordPress Live Customizer and launch your new web presence in record time!

Tristana: Immersive WordPress Site Design for Bloggers

Tristana - Blog Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |

Tristana is a sleek and elegant WordPress blogging theme that’s impossible not to fall in love with. It features grid-based galleries, asymmetrical layouts, trendsetting pixel-perfect fonts and prolific social options. For example, social icons are placed above the fold both in PC and mobile viewports and allow you to grow the audience of devoted followers. Moreover, the Instagram-powered gallery, situated on the home page, projects best flicks from your lively profile in this social network and invites to follow you there.

Wheattico: Crop Farm Responsive WordPress Site

Wheattico - Crop Farm Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |

If you work in the agriculture niche, you can power an aesthetically pleasing, nature-inspired website with Wheattico template. This theme opens up with an immersive Parallax-enhanced hero image that instantly catches visitors’ attention and streamlines them to learn more about your company. Thanks to Elementor visual editor, you can get astonishing customization results effortlessly. No doubt, Wheattico template is SEO-optimized, responsive and cross-browser compatible, so that there won’t be a single obstacle on your way to online prominence!

You’ve just reviewed the 15 newest and most inspiring WordPress templates of this spring. Hurry up to get hold of any of them on April 9 – 11 with an impressive 35% discount!

What is the theme that appeals to you most? Let us know about your preferences in the Comments section below.

Stay tuned for more!

DINA: the lamp you need to pay to get some light

Post pobrano z: DINA: the lamp you need to pay to get some light

When you stop for a moment and think about it for a second, technology is amazing. Take lamps for example, all you need is to hit a button and you get some light. It’s almost too simple and maybe the reason why we spend so much electricity unnecessarily.

This could have been the thought process behind the creation of DINA, a lamp that requires that you insert a coin before you can use it. Although you can get your money back easily, the fact that you need to pay when using the light is a recurring reminder that cool technology comes with an energy price.

This cool modern desk lamp was designed by MOAK, a design studio from Cali in Colombia who specializes in lighting and furniture.

Brilliant Ways To Advertise Inspiration Resources Daily Work

Post pobrano z: Brilliant Ways To Advertise Inspiration Resources Daily Work

To make your brand stand out while advertising, you need to find the perfect elements to include in your campaigns. As you can learn from AuthorityAdviser, every marketer wants to create eye-catching advertising that can be noticed by many people, and for this they will struggle to include the most interesting information that will get viewers thinking about the message hidden in the advert. There are brilliant ways you could create inspirational messages that will improve the impact of your advertising. Here are some of the tactics you could apply that are effective.

Trick the Eye with Juxtaposed Imagery

While creating an advertising campaign, one of the things you want to take care of is presentation. Crafting a perfect message includes using tools of communication like imagery and juxtaposition to help create visualization in the minds of your audience. The good thing about this technique is that it often results in adverts that are interesting and many people will want to get more information about what the presentation is all about. It is one of the best ways to stand out and capture the attention of the audience.


Proportion is another aspect of advertising that you can use to create impactful ads. In this case, you try to make some parts of the advertisement louder and eye-catching in a manner that no one can ignore. However, using proportion may not always offer a beautiful outcome, but the advantage is that it creates an unusual image that will trigger the attention of the audience.

Use Exaggeration

You can also apply exaggeration in some concepts while advertising. The purpose of this is to ensure the advert does not look obvious and is unique in the eyes of the viewer. Exaggeration will help you to present a message in a manner that is different and intended to help the audience understand what you are communicating more profoundly.

Edit Photos to Add Clever Effects

Don’t always give people the obvious while presenting your message through photos. You can edit them to add special effects that create a dramatic result. Such messaging sticks better in the minds of the audience and could carry more impact if shared well. You should stretch your creativity, but also be careful not to reach limits where some people will be made to feel offended by the way you craft the message.

Play with Scale

Scale helps mostly when you want to show how convenient something can be to the user. It is a form of exaggeration that will help to show the audience how the item could be useful to them. It’s a subtle formula of saying a lot with little.

Marketing is a field filled with many possibilities and you should explore all of them to bring out the results you desire for your projects. There are many tactics you could employ to make your messages more impactful including using exaggeration and proportion to illustrate what you are saying. The idea is to be different and stand out from the competition. See some ideas you could employ above.

Have you noticed these web design trends in 2018?

Post pobrano z: Have you noticed these web design trends in 2018?

As a space of ideas, fresh design and inspiration, the internet is a space which is constantly changing and evolving.  As designers add new elements of imagination each and every day, there is no wonder design is subject to shifts.

Web designers have grown with the increase in technology.  Sites are now more dynamic but still user-friendly and precise.

Each day designers create websites which fit in with business needs, adapt to new screen sizes and are aesthetic all at once.

In 2017, mobile browsing changed the face of web design.  More and more users switched from desktop browsing to tablets or mobile phones.

In 2018, there is a need for designers to stay relevant by adjusting their designs to a range of different screen sizes.  As a designer, you might be wondering which other trends are emerging for 2018, and how this will influence the work you are doing.

The striking impact of subtle shadows

Flat design has been trendy for a while now.  This trend removed all shadow from a site, creating a two-dimensional effect.  2017 saw the return of subtle shadows.

However, 2018 brings a range of new options.  As designers play with grids, shadows are being used more than ever.  These shadows evoke imager of a world that exists beyond the screen.

Shadows not only enhance the aesthetics of the page but also assist with directing user attention.  Shadows can be used to highlight a link or emphasize a call to action.

In 2018, shadows are being combined with vibrant colors and gradients in order to enhance the effect and create a striking impact.

A new vibrancy

2018 has seen the introduction of a range of vibrant new colors.  The subtle, safe colors of the past are being replaced with a saturated selection.

These colors have a dramatic impact.  Headers are no longer timid, and now give a shout out to viewers with cheerful hues and slashed designs.  Gone are the subdued sites as the internet starts to brighten up.

Brands who want to set themselves apart from traditional designs or corporate colors are now presented with an inspiring new palette to work with.

Particle backgrounds

As the design is shifting and changing towards images in motion, so are websites.  The particle effect enables designers to create an evolving background image which loads quickly.

Sites with great visual impact resonate with viewers, creating a memorable user experience.  Designers use images to strike an emotional chord.  A moving image has a much greater impact.

In addition, moving images can be used on social media sites, with a backlink to your site.

Design for mobile devices

2017 saw a massive increase in internet browsing via mobile devices.  These devices are highly personal and can be easily used while out of office or on the run.

As a result, designers have had to adjust, ensuring that navigation panels are effective and easy to use.  Imagery has to be adapted to a small screen as well.

This ensures that a carefully selected image has the impact that designers intended.  Sites are becoming simpler in order to adjust to small screens.

Broken grid layouts

Grids give the designer the ability to add content, images and even videos in an orderly format.  Grids bring a sense of harmony to designs.

In a quest for a new level of innovation, designers are now using broken grids to keep order without the constraint.  Broken grids allow designs to drift while keeping the flow.

Illustrations become predominant

Imagery is always evocative and resonates deeply with the viewer.  This is why a picture will always say a thousand words.  As 2018 starts to unfold, illustration is starting to take center stage.

Both GIFs and photographic imagery still have a role to play.  However, the unique very human touch that illustration brings is gaining new prominence.

Illustration creates a sense of nostalgia, taking us back to the world of 1960’s fashion.  As technology grows and advances at a rapid level, illustration provides a human touch to both our websites and our lives.

Organic shapes

Sharp edges and right angles have dominated website design for the past few years, giving a clear and modern feel.  However, in 2017, this started to change.

A new trend began to emerge, with big players such as Google, Twitter and Facebook adding a softer element to their designs.

However, it isn’t just site designs which are changing.  Large blobs of color are starting to give a new and very organic feel to background designs.

With the corresponding rise of illustration, this means that real-world imagery is now being given a playful and almost cartoonish element.

Superimposed images and duotones

As the internet begins to burst with color, it is time for designers to be more playful.  Google launched Material Design in 2014 and shifted the boundaries of internet design.

As vibrant colors become more popular web designers are also bringing in additional features such as dual toned backgrounds or superimposed images in order to create aesthetic appeal.

Contrasting colors such as red and green create both depth and interest.  Add gradients and photo saturation and the end result is intriguing.  Websites are becoming far more vibrant and multidimensional.

Innovative Typography Choices

In recent years, typography has focused on clarity and simplicity, but this is beginning to change.  Minimalism is being replaced by a sense of adventure and innovation.

Typography is becoming an art in its own right and is no longer willing to take a backseat in web design.  As a result, 2018 will bring fonts which are bolder, brighter and more innovative.

Think cutouts, misshapen words, transparent text and larger, bolder lettering.  Legibility is still key, so designers need to utilize a great deal more skill to achieve a cutting-edge effect.

Spacing is unusual in 2018.  This still requires the technical eye of a designer to prevent the results from being utterly chaotic.  Words are more widely spaced and this impact can be very effective when done well.

Alongside the recent growth in handmade fonts, typographers will be bringing new innovations into text this year.  The results will have a massive impact.

Subtle animations

With fonts becoming bigger and bolder and colors more vibrant, the animation is becoming more subtle.  Designers are saying hello to a range of micro-interactions which guide users on how to use the site.

Think of the button which shakes when you enter your password incorrectly or the text which unfolds to assist you with finding your way around a site.

These subtle animations delight viewers as they offer a deeper level of engagement.  However, they largely stay in the background, allowing vivid colors and bold typography to take center stage.  Balance is a large part of web design trends for 2018.


As 2018 unfolds, web design presents a brighter, bolder opportunity for designers to create a massive impact.  Sites are taking a more playful approach to design, with bright colors, bold text, and integrative animations.

The mobile phone era is changing the face of design, offering up the opportunity for brighter colors and simple imagery.  Use of illustration is making a comeback, adding a very human touch to a technological world.

As a web designer, 2018 is a time of innovation and change.  Working towards expressive sites and subtle effects allow designers to forge personality into brands or sites more easily than ever before.  The move away from minimalist sites and flat design can only be a welcome change.

Buying Domains in 2018: How to Figure Out a Good Name for your Site

Post pobrano z: Buying Domains in 2018: How to Figure Out a Good Name for your Site

Your website’s name and URL address are how customers remember you. Your website also has an IP address that anyone can find for free using

In the screenshot above, you can see the result of a WhoIs search for The IP address is highlighted. But who is going to remember the IP address of every site they visit? Site names make the Internet possible for ordinary people to use.

What Makes a Poor Site Name?

Users must be able to remember your site’s name.

  • Avoid numbers (either written or numerical eg three or 3) – people have to say “number” or ‘word’ every time
  • Avoid dashes (-) – Sites with hyphens are often perceived as low quality
  • Avoid underscores (_) – Who is going to say “underscore” when they are talking about your site?
  • Avoid trademarks (eg Hoover, BBC) – That way you avoid expensive legal battles you will lose
  • Avoid mis-spellings (eg hoovver) – Their legal team has more clout than yours
  • Avoid triple letters (eg MissScunthorpe) – They are hard to remember

A good site name must be memorable, easy to say and have an unambiguous pronunciation.

Ideally, it will include what you do, be one word that you can trademark, eg, WordPress or two words run together, eg, InMotion or LinkedIn.

Where Should You Buy Your Domain Name?

Most web hosting companies give you a free domain name, but experts agree this is an unwise option to take up for your company name: Rather, you should buy your site address from a different company.

Trust is essential when searching for a domain name, and your searches must be private. Some name resellers sell your search data to unscrupulous domain “investors” who buy the domain you searched for and try to blackmail you into paying ten times what they paid.

LCN is one domain name seller you should look at.

LCN offers free domain privacy so a simple WhoIs search won’t reveal your name and address. They keep your searches private so that you can come back the next day and no domain sitting parasite will have ‘stolen’ your preferred URL.

Do .shop and Similar Domain Names Work?

You have a whole galaxy of domain name suffixes to choose from. Forget them all: Nothing works like .com or

Country-level domains work well within that country, but .com domains are essential for international businesses: Nothing else conveys the same authority.

Can You Use Your Business Name as Your Site Name?

Yes if someone hasn’t already registered that URL.

Should you do so is another question.

If your website visitors come from Google and Bing, your URL should tell users about the services you offer. This is less important if yours is a high street business with mostly word-of-mouth custom. will work for a company with mostly local trade where everyone knows who you are and what you do. If you are targeting a broader geographic area through search engines, will work better

Think about your business exit strategy before settling on a site name. The name would need to be attractive to anyone buying your business. If your preferred URL were, that would only appeal to potential buyers of your business from North Yorkshire. Similarly, avoid local colloquialisms, eg,, because ‘butties’ is meaningless to many outside the North. (If you are not a Northerner, it means sandwiches.)

Other Ideas for Your Site Name

If you are setting up your business and website simultaneously, then you must check any business name you think of to check if the .com domain name is available.

Think of adding an extra letter to a URL that is unavailable, eg, or Another trick is to use homophones, eg, or

Long Story Short

Never search for a web address on an untrustworthy site, and that includes many web hosting company sites. Only search on a website that is entirely trustworthy and guarantees your search data will remain private.

Look for a .com site name that reflects what your business does and that will have a broad appeal to buyers. If possible, your URL should be similar to your ‘trading as’ business name, but it must not include numbers or dashes.

Once you have set up your site there is more to be done – Check out this TechDonut guide to improving it.