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7 Ways to Improve Sales at Your Shopify Storefront

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Shopify users have helped propel this storefront to iconic standing – enabling this shopping cart services provider to amass an impressive 115,000 new active storefronts over the past two years. It’s no mystery why retailers love using Shopify – the service makes it easy for just about anyone to get a professional-looking store up and running in a short matter of time. With a variety of premade free and premium templates to choose from, multichannel integration and dropship integrations, it’s never been faster or easier to start selling online.

But getting your store up on Shopify is just one part of the equation. Generating the sales you want while building your customer list is quite another. If you want more sales on Shopify, there are many tried and true methods. To help you get ahead of the game and improve your bottom line and ROI, here are 7 tried and true methods you can use that have been proven to increase sales exponentially.

Consider Using Premium Themes

Certainly, the free themes on Shopify aren’t bad. But with so many stores already using them, they are not all that unique, either. The key to really making your store stand out is with using premium themes. Your first stop should be at the official Shopify Theme Store – where you can connect with theme creators and designers to get a custom-made or premade premium theme for your store.  Another good place is Theme Forest – where you can browse thousands of awesome themes. You can also find premium themes for Shopify at places like Out of the Sandbox and many others.

Rethink Social Media Marketing

What social media marketing are you doing for your Shopify store? If you are just posting updates, blog roll posts or pictures of your products, you probably are not doing enough to really generate buzz. Instead, consider hosting contests and polls as well as showcasing your wares on Instagram and Pinterest via sponsored posts and pins. Also, explore your options with hiring social media management experts from places like UpWork or Fiverr – which offer services starting at just $5 and up.

Improve the Customer Journey with a Shopify CRM

Once your customers arrive at your store, what’s next? Perhaps they are looking at multiple channels? Maybe they’ve purchased a product from an eBay store you’ve run in the past or from your Amazon store? What about their order history, customer profile, notes and more? In order to truly improve the customer journey and get to know your market like never before, you’ll want to look into a cross-channel Shopify CRM software solution to help you piece together all your data—so you can improve loyalty and retention while enhancing the customer journey.

Expand Niche Products with Drop Shipping Options

Are you unable to carry a product inventory? Or do you feel that your existing inventory is being limited by your overall budget? You have some options here. Look into drop shipping services like Dropified or Oberlo. They offer millions of products that you can auto-import into your Shopify store and the margins are very lucrative. It’s an easy and fast way to expand your inventory and get more sales without having to worry about fulfillment or overhead.

Streamline Fulfillment & Returns Logistics

What about Fulfillment and returns logistics? You have lots of options these days with shipping software solutions and returns software. For fulfillment, consider software solutions like ReadyShipper X – which offers a multicarrier shipping solution. For returns, look to Shopify-friendly integrations like ReadyReturns, which automates your returns policy and works in tandem with ReadyShipper.

Also, make sure you look at the Shopify App Store to see all your options with products such as these. If your return and shipping volumes are low, you can always use Shopify’s included shipping and returns system. By making shipping and returns fast and easy for customers, you are 80% likelier to get more sales and earn repeat business, according to UPS.

Add Integrated Reviews & Digital Coupons

Don’t overlook the power of integrated reviews and digital coupons. More than 1 billion digital coupons were redeemed by smartphone users last year alone – and integrated reviews are a time-tested method of securing more conversions and improving customer loyalty. Shopify offers integrated apps for this, including YotPo for integrated customer reviews, and Better Coupon Box for easy digital coupons. Both will help you secure more social chatter, improve customer loyalty and trust, and will also help you improve your average order value exponentially.


Nine key questions to ask mobile app developers to help you choose the right one for the job

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The use of smartphones has made the need for apps to be on the increase. In fact if your business doesn’t have an app it’s possible that you’re losing customers. Technology has made life easier and patronizing a company that’s lagging behind in app development is one of the hardest things to do right now. I’d rather go with a company whose services can be accessible through their app. Everyone wants the easy way out, and if you’re not thinking app, you’re obviously not ready to win customers over. Having a good app is a plus to your company, which means you need to employ the services of a good web developer. There are lots of competitions out there when it comes to choosing a good web developer for your business. But here are nine key questions to ask the mobile app developers that’ll help you choose the company for the job.

Where can I find the apps you’ve developed?

One thing I love about app development companies is that their jobs are not far-fetched. By just a click you can access the apps your potential developers have created or collaborated in their creations. A good app company won’t even let you ask this question, a serious company would have shown you samples of their jobs and where their apps can be found.

May I have the list of your current and past clients?

This question is necessary to validate the answer to the first one. You don’t just believe that a company created something by mere asking, you need another company they’ve worked for to confirm their claims. Your verification shouldn’t only be about app creation but about everything you’d like to know about their services. In an email interview, Jamie Buck the co-founder of Payday loans UK, said “When in search of the right app developer, it’s not enough to see the apps they’ve developed, there’s a great need to reach out to their clients to find out their customer experience”.

What’s your pay?

This should be the next point to be discussed after you’ve confirmed the developer is up to the task. Find out if he/she can work within your budget.

What kind of smartphone do you use?

This question is necessary because the answer will let you know how knowledgeable a mobile web developer is about a particular mobile platform. If the developer is claiming to be a guru in developing apps on iPhone, then person should be using an iPhone. It is also applicable to blackberry and android.

How can my app make money?

If your goal for developing the app is to make money, then this question is necessary. The knowledge of this will help the developer add money making features in the app. You can either make it pay-per-download or free. Whatever your decision is between the two, make sure they are well clarified by the developer.

How do we communicate during the process?

How well you communicate during the development process determines how great the app will turn out. It’s expedient to enquire means of communication to ensure thorough follow up. Does the person prefer calling or video conferencing? Whatever his/her means of communication maybe, it should be convenient for you.

What kind of unique features can you create?

No matter how well designed your app is, if its features aren’t useful and very innovative it won’t catch customers’ attention. Find out the versatility of your developer and how well he/she can add features.

Who will own the app?

It’s okay to assume that you’re the owner of the app since you’re the one paying for it. But better it is to have a well written contract agreement with the developer. You guys should either sign “Work made for hire” or “Copyright assignment” contract that states you won everything related to the app.

Will my mobile app be submitted to app stores?

You ought to know if your app will be submitted to app store. This is the last step after you must have approved the beta-tested version of your app. The app submission process usually takes long.




Five mistakes to avoid when building your mobile app

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Mobile app is one of the most popular words in recent times. This is due to the fact that companies and customers are embracing the idea of having services and products at their fingertips. And just like how these apps succeed, that’s how the way some fail as well. There are mistakes to avoid if you want your app to become a success and not the opposite.

We’ll be looking at five mistakes to avoid when building your mobile app.

Building multiple platforms app at a go

The competition in app building is so stiff that you would rarely see an app that doesn’t have competitions. There are over a million apps on both Apple App and Google Play Store, so it is necessary to take time in building one platform than trying to focus on many platforms.

You tend to get excited over how good your app turned out and become tempted to launch it on multiple platforms, don’t fall for it. It’s advisable that you kick off on a single platform first and see how it goes. Doing this aids in making your minimum value product (MVP) available in the app store on time.

It’s a new app and you’ll agree that there are likely to be changes, launching on multiple platforms will make introduction of changes costly. You can’t effect a change in Apple App store and not do same in Google Play Store. Starting off on iOS isn’t a bad idea. Remember you test the depth of a river with both feet.

 Having too many features

It’s always advisable to launch an app only with its core features. It’s the first time people are getting to use the app, give them a great user experience; which can be achieved by the ability to do more with less features in your app.

In the quest of building your app with its core features, do not for any reason build an app hastily. The reason why taking your time is good, is because in apps there are rarely second chances. Once your app has been written off by customers it will take only a miracle to come back bigger.

Skimming on user experience

Mobile app users are one of the most impatient people to come across. In the sense that 26% of apps are only opened once and never to be used again; if customers are finding it difficult in navigating through your app, it’s definitely bound to fail. Jim Rizzoli the co-founder of Zerobounce an online email verifier, in an emailed interview said that “Anything you create that has to do with people in the recent times must appeal to people to them at the very launch; even though you will still have to improve on it later. Your goal is capture their interest at first.”

They need to have a self-describing and not only intuitive experience when using your app. It’s expedient to get right your user experience before launching that app. There’s no room for second impression in the mobile app business. It’s either you get it right and keep improving, than to hurriedly build what won’t last.

Not incorporating analytics

Not including analytics is like running a business without records. It’s dangerous right?  Yeah. That’s the same way not incorporating analytics in your mobile app is dangerous. Analytics are used in measuring the progress of your app. With them you get to know your retention rate, engagement, average time spent within the app, daily active users, etc. The knowledge gotten through these analytics are to assist you in making necessary changes in the app.

Marketing after submitting App

You shouldn’t wait for the app to be launched in App store before marketing. It’s okay to start marketing as the app within two to four weeks before it goes live. You can send a pitch of your app to authors on tech sites to write about your app. Apps do not sell themselves, that’s why it is very much necessary to define your audience before launching.


An impressive cake designed with the help of algorithms

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What happens when a talented designer, architect, and 3D artist combines her passion for baking cakes with her professional skills? The answer is in pictures in this post, with one of the latest creations by Dinara Kasko, a designer gone pastry artist.

Thanks to the power of the Internet, this Ukrainian housewife mashed up her passion with her professional background and now gives cake-creation workshops all around the world. See the video at the end of this post to see more about the making-off of this cake.

5 cool ideas to give a new life to everyday items by repurposing them

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Recycling is a way to stop the waste, it makes sure that the products you throw will come back to life in another form. However, there is a way to recycle your everyday items by yourself, especially if you are a designer.

1. Vintage Tennis Rackets turned into Mirrors

The shape of a tennis racket looks like a mirror frame, so why not just take this literally and just create a mirror with your old tennis rackets?

2. The Bath Tub Couch

These old vintage bathtubs look great when used for their primary functionality already, but they even look better when repurposed into couches.

3. An Old Dresser turned into an Awesome Gardening Planter

Turning a furniture into a planter doesn’t only give it a new life, it makes grow new life.

4. The Beer Chandelier

Using the word chandelier usually connotates a classy item for lightening your interior, not exactly something you’d imagine to be built with old beer bottles. However, if you look at the image under, you can see that it can work pretty well.

5. The Bathroom Bike

A great way to decorated a bathroom, include your old bike into the interior design of the room.

As a conclusion, the examples shown here should be convincing enough for us to always try to find a clever and practical solution before throwing anything.

10 Award Winning Industrial Designs

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Every year, A’ Design Award reward excellency in design from all over the world. In the 2017 edition, many great designers submitted their work in almost every possible field of design you could imagine. However, it did catch my eye that the entries in the industrial design category seemed to be really outstanding. In this post we share some of the great work we saw, and you can enter the competition for a chance to be featured in 2018.

1. Qoobi One

Wireless Tube Pre Amp by Matvey Evstigneev.

2. Bebe

Images of Bebe by Ajay Choudhary.

3. Less Door Handle

Less Door Handle by Azam Eskandari.

4. Polycom RealPresence Trio

Polycom RealPresence Trio Smart Conference Phone by Pip Tompkin Design.

5. Nest Speakers

Nest Speaker Nesting Speaker by Donita Viktoria Salazar.

6. 3D Printable Prosthetic

Illume 3D Printable Prosthetic by Cliff Shin.

7. BenjiLock

BENJILOCK Fingerprint Padlock by BenjiLock Llc.

8. Shell Homage Hangers

Shell Homage Hangers by Rania Elkalla.

9. Formon Core

Formon Core Desktop 3D Printer by Rron Cena.

10. Ergonomic Salon Hair Dryer

Salon Hair Dryer by Mojtaba Hosseini.

A collection of fake programming covers

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As web designers and developers, we have all been guilty of taking shortcuts when it comes to building websites or apps. For that reason, we usually try to hide a little when looking at these fake programming covers that make fun of our own shortcomings. These are part of a “fake programming books” meme that consists of taking the famous O’Reilly cover style, with a main color, the title in a box of that color, and a line-based black and white drawing of an animal.

I already knew of the “Copying and Pasting from Stack Overflow” cover, which you can find at the end of this post, but googling it opened a whole new world of giggles for me.

Google The Error Message

This is how 99.9% support people work after asking you if your computer is plugged in.

Writing Code that nobody else can read

Why comment when you can just write regular spaghetti code like everyone else?

Changing stuff and seeing what happens

Welcome to a world of learning by doing.

blamin the user

The easy way to get away from responsibility, blaming the user.

Pointless meetings

This one is not only for developers or designers, but for anyone who has an office job.

z-index: 100000000000

Next step is “Z-Index: 100000000000 !important”, we’ve all done this!

Copying and Pasting from Stack Overflow

This is how more than half of the Internet works, copying and pasting code from Stack Overflow.

The Benefits of Open-Source software for Web Design

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People often stay away from open source software because of the perceived risk that comes with code anyone can inspect. It’s a logical argument, but it’s not necessarily a good reason to not use open source. Open source coders are always looking for security flaws and finding ways to fix them so they can make a name for themselves in the world of coding. And coders flock to open source software because they can build upon an existing framework without having to deal with roadblocks thrown up by a major name developer. In fact, many major websites are built on open source software primarily due to the fact that there’s no need to get around trademarked code.

Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla are all major software platforms used by millions and are all created from open source code. In fact, WordPress is the most downloaded content management system on the market. WordPress became popular because it’s easy to use, has countless free plug-ins, and thousands of templates both free and paid. Joomla and Drupal are also content management systems and have features that are similar to WordPress.

All of these open source software systems are popular for various reasons; the least of which is that they’re free or almost free. They come with developer support to help users get past issues, are easy to use, and users can make the platforms fit their needs with little effort. Read on to the infographic below to learn more about these popular platforms and how they’re here to stay.

What’s Trendy in 2017. Top 15 Flagship Themes

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What’s Trendy in 2017. Top 15 Flagship Themes

No matter if you are going to update the already launched web resource or bring a new project to the web, you are likely to be looking for trendy and stylish solutions that will help your resource shine. In the showcase that we share below, you can find the 15 most popular and trending flagship themes from TemplateMonster compatible with the latest versions of the world-known platforms. So, if you run a website on WordPress, Joomla, HTML5, Magento, OpenCart or PrestaShop, you are likely to find a design that matches your preferences.

The inventory of ready-made themes from TemplateMonster counts more than 26,000 for various purposes. More and more often you can notice multipurpose templates being added to the marketplace. The demand on such themes grows at a fast rate. Fit-it-all designs come loaded with every piece of functionality suited to enhance the visual appeal of a site and make it more powerful from the inside.

The themes that we will discuss here include various features and are suited for different purposes. However, all of them have special peculiarities in common. All of them are developed as per the latest web tendencies. All of them are well-documented and feature free 24/7support. You can personalize their layouts on your own or ask experts from TM Service Center for help.

Intense Multipurpose Website Template

Intense is a powerful and feature-rich HTML5 theme intended to be used for a number of business projects. This is a fully responsive website template that includes a collection of 450+ HTML pages, multiple header and footer layout variations, pre-designed templates for blog/portfolio pages, reusable elements, various sidebar widgets, and a whole lot of other options. The theme includes a rich collection of child skins that are intended to be used for the web resources of different niches. The theme is eCommerce-ready, letting you get started with a full-fledged web store on its basis.

Details | Demo

Starbis – Multipurpose Website Template For Business

Starbis is a multipurpose HTML5 template suited to be used for both personal and business projects. It includes a growing collection of child skins, which are available to the theme owners at no cost. The theme is powered by the fully responsive Bootstrap framework, which is intended to adjust all components of the layout to all screen sizes. The theme includes collections of header and footer styles, which will help you bring the desired structure to the page layout in the shortest period of time. Starbis is an eCommerce-ready template, which comes loaded with every single element needed to build a web project by means of which you can start selling for profit.

Details | Demo

Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Monstroid Squared is a multifunctional and feature-rich WordPress template featuring a clean and minimalist design. The theme includes free lifetime updates and an ever-growing collection of child templates suited to be used for a number of business niches. The theme includes eCommerce integration, letting you launch a full-fledged web store on its basis. Collections of ready-made pages and pre-designed layouts are included to streamline the process of the theme customization. The theme runs on Cherry Framework 5 and includes a number of custom Cherry extensions. Premium-quality plugins are included for free use. Thanks to the integration of Jetimpex Dashboard, you can rest assured that the most valuable pieces of data and settings will be always backed up and protected from malware.

Details | Demo

Woostroid – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Woostroid WooCommerce template includes every single feature needed to build a full-fledged web story. It supports both WooCommerce and Ecwid plugins. Owing to the regular and free lifetime updates, you will always have the most innovative options for running a profitable online business. Woostroid includes a growing collection of demo themes, which are intended to be used for tools, jewelry, lingerie, and other topics. The number of the niche skins is set to grow with the release of every consecutive update. With the purpose to make it much quicker and effortless to personalize the pages of the theme, webmasters are provided with free access to the Power drag-and-drop page builder and a number of content modules. WordPress Live Customizer is included to reveal the results of the theme modification in real-time.

Details | Demo

Creado – Art Gallery Responsive WordPress Theme

Creado WordPress theme will appeal to those users who are looking for a creative and functional starting point for art gallery websites. It is powered by the Grid CSS technology, which lets you organize different types of content in a non-standard style. WordPress Live customizer is added to reveal the results of the theme modification in real-time. 7 header styles, multiple custom widgets and content modules are included for free. The theme runs on Cherry Framework 5. A fully responsive Bootstrap-based framework makes every piece of content shared on the web page fully adaptive to the screens of all handheld devices.

Details | Demo

Jumerix – Multipurpose Joomla Template

Jumerix is a multipurpose Joomla theme that can be used to match a number of business purposes. With it help, you can get a blog, business studio or online portfolio live in the shortest period of time imaginable. All elements of the theme’s design are fully responsive and 100% editable. A rich UI kit is included to let you save time on creating custom designs for different design elements of your site. The theme includes a collection of multiple homepage layouts and ready-made pages for you to choose from. Swiper slider and video integration are added to bring an eye-catching presentation to different pieces of content on your site.

Details | Demo

Eveprest – Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme

Eveprest PrestaShop web theme is a superb way to attract more attention to your business or personal project. This is a multipurpose ready-made design that will be suited for selling fashion, beauty, jewelry, electronics, furniture, and other items on the web. The template includes a collection of 10 niche skins for various purposes. Web site content will be really easy to read due to lots of negative space and clear structure. Personalizing the pages will be a child’s play owing to TM Mega Layout builder. This is the best solution that supplies quick and smooth web development. 10+ premium modules are added for free use. The theme is fully responsive, thus it will not be difficult for you to attract site visitors throughout the world. If you have any inquiries on the subject of template usage you can have a look at the rich documentation, also you receive 24/7 priority support helping to get rid of any issue.

Details | Demo

imPresta – Multipurpose PrestaShop Theme

imPresta is a multipurpose PrestaShop theme that comes enhanced with a unique set of features suited for multiple purposes. Thanks to the integration of TM Mega Layout Builder and Mosaic Product module, you can tweak the pages of the site without touching a line of code. The theme includes a collection of exclusive premium modules, which you can use at no cost. 6 niche-specific skins are ready to be used for food, accessories, tools, cosmetics, toys, and bikes shops. There are also three pre-built product layouts for you to choose from. Advanced navigation and product sorting options are included alongside with a number of stunning product presentation options.

Details | Demo

Magetique – The Most Comprehensive Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Magetique is a versatile eCommerce theme powered by Magento 2. This is a feature-rich solution that is enhanced with every single piece of functionality and extensions needed to get started with a conversion-oriented web store. The theme includes a collection of more than 20 premium extensions for free. 5 ready-made layouts are suited to be used for fashion, cars, electronics, and other purposes. All elements of the template are fully editable and can be tweaked by means of ready-made layout options and advanced customization tools just the way you want.

Details | Demo

Jedi – Multifunctional Joomla Template

Jedi Joomla theme allows making a highly effective introduction to your business on the Internet and encourages people to explore more of your content. It is intended to become a rock-solid starting point of small to large-sized business web projects. Introducing extra style to the page’s visual appeal, this specific web template maintains equilibrium with well-positioned blocks that allow focusing on the content. This is a fully editable template containing 40 pre-designed pages and multiple header & footer variations. Thanks to its totally responsive layout, your web page will successfully adjust to the size of any display used to view it on. Neat, valid coding and comprehensive documentation will aid you in transforming this Joomla web design just how you need.

Details | Demo

Brave Theme – Multipurpose HTML Website Template

Brave multipurpose HTML5 theme is a fit-it-all solution that is intended to be applied to a number of business and personal web projects. The number of pre-designed pages and UI blocks simply impresses. Downloading the template you will be able to access all visual and functional elements needed to make your web resource an attention-grabber. Brave is integrated with Novi page builder. This is a revolutionary visual page builder that allows you to craft versatile web pages as you simply drag and drop multiple elements. The theme also includes multiple widgets suited to share different types of content on the pages of your site. Intended to be used by beginner and pro web developers equally well, the theme makes it possible to launch a powerful web resource without investing a fortune in premium features.

Details | Demo

Bellaina – Real Estate Responsive WordPress Theme

Bellaina is a full-fledged WordPress template intended to be used for property selling websites. It includes GPL license, which gives you the freedom of its modification in any way imaginable, as well as installation on as many web resources as you wish. The theme runs on Cherry Framework 5 and includes a number of a number of advanced Cherry options. It is also loaded with premium extensions, which you can use at no cost. For example, Cherry Real Estate plugin will bring advanced property search filters to your site. There is also an option to reveal search results on the integrate Google map and send property submissions to agents.

Details | Demo

Kustrix – Fashion Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

Kustrix theme is best suited to be used for fashion and beauty blogs. This is a functional WordPress template featuring GPL license. A clean and spacious layout of the template is intended to provide the web audience with the unparalleled UX. The theme is well suited to present content-heavy projects on the web. An easy and intuitive interface will be handled by the users of all skill levels perfectly well. Site visitors will definitely appreciate the pleasant user experience provided by easy-to-use navigation and smart arrangement of the layout. Responsive layout usually means that your web project will rapidly adapt to any device and any display dimensions. Richly documented and featuring cost-free round-the-clock assistance, this website template will help you get moving with your Internet project in no time.

Details | Demo

Ascendio – Corporate & Business WordPress Theme

Ascendio is a ready-made WordPress theme that will help you build a powerful and full-fledged corporate web page. It is loaded with the revolutionary Elementor page builder, which allows you to tweak the theme’s layout without touching a line of code. The theme can be used for both corporate purposes and eCommerce web projects. A number of header and footer variations are included to bring a fresh and stylish look to your site. A number of custom extensions are included at no cost, letting you save extra cash on the promotion of your business. Thanks to the integration of WordPress Live Customizer, bringing changes to the theme’s layout won’t take you too much time.

Details | Demo

Skyline – Business, Dentistry, Architecture & Travel Moto CMS 3 Template

Skyline is a multipurpose Moto CMS 3 template that can be adjusted to any purpose of yours. It includes a collection of 5 homepage layouts for different niches, 3 child themes, and 2 variants of the main theme. The theme is built with an intuitive drag-and-drop page editor, which frees you from the necessity to tweak the source code whenever you want to bring changes to the layout. The theme includes regular updates, which will provide its owners with new fonts, more pages, and additional possibilities of White Label.

Details | Demo