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urban carpet cyan

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Carpet Surprise – march 2009 – Dongsi District, Chayangmennei Dajie, Fuchengmen and Sanbulao areas, Beijing, China. Street public temporary events happening all along year 2009 in order to share the Instant Hutong project with people and bring it back to the city districts it was inspired from. During the Carpet surprise happenings, fragments of Instant Hutong project will be shown to the Hutong dwellers inside the courtyards and on the public lanes. Showing the work to the Hutong dwellers is an exhibition way which is sympathetic to the urban and social anarchic structure of the Hutong itself.

The Art of Todd Scalise

Post pobrano z: The Art of Todd Scalise

Santa Fe artist/designer Todd Scalise goes big with his work. His recent string of colorful, large-scale mural projects are proof of this. Not to mention his latch-hook style rug portraits. More info on Scalise below.


Artist’s statement:
I think in shapes. Indigenous art systems from the southwest also rely on geometry to create imagery. To me, shape relationships are a magical way for images to take form. Contemporary and ancient ‘images of power’ are recurring themes in these paintings. I work with acrylic – paint and yarn. I consider my rugs to be ‘paintings in yarn’. The combination of iconography and geometric patterning gives them a heightened sense of abstraction. I view my painting process as being closer to sign painting than to easel painting. I allow myself the freedom of walking around a painting with one element at a time trying to explore all of its possibilities. I prefer to use water-based paint because water enables me to move in a way that oil-based paint will not. I achieve many of the shape relationships in my paintings by cutting tape directly onto the surface of the canvas to mask out colored areas. Paint stains are often the basis of a new composition. Spilling paint directly onto the surface of a canvas is one way I keep myself off balance. When a painting becomes too rigid, I take a palm sander to the surface. This distresses the image, which I inevitably have to rebuild. If needed, I use broad gestures of paint to revive a painting. When all else fails, I throw the painting into the washing machine. -Todd Scalise

TYPO Berlin 2009 – SPACE : kick-off

Post pobrano z: TYPO Berlin 2009 – SPACE : kick-off

Photography by Robert G

The smell of sweet freshly baked sausages followed me from the Berlin Mitte to the enormously charming venue of Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Designers from all corners of Germany, Europe and abroad slowly fill the Main Hall on the first floor. The taste of sweet strawberry juice touches my lips and flows down to my spine as the approximately 1500 attendees softly rest assured into the pillows of their chairs. As Simone Wolf and Donald Beekman approach the bench, silence slowly dawns upon the crowd. Every corner of the space wispers Deutsche Gründlichkeit and so the 14th International Design Conference, TYPO Berlin 2009 kicks off.