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Disturb me – The popcorn makers

Post pobrano z: Disturb me – The popcorn makers

“Disturb Me” is an interactive installation between human and his environment. It is to make perceptible the reciprocal links and often forgotten contact, that we maintain with our environment.

The projection depends on the sound emitted by the spectators and creates consequently, a transitory and colored environment. The projected forms are revealed when in contact with surfaces of the room.

The senses are awakened, the room becomes alive.

Source: thepopcornmakers

MIT Senseable City Lab: Obama | One People

Post pobrano z: MIT Senseable City Lab: Obama | One People

For President Obama’s 100th day in office, the MIT SENSEable City Lab has created visualizations of mobile phone call activity that characterize the inaugural crowd and answer the questions: Who was in Washington, D.C. for President Obama’s Inauguration Day? When did they arrive, where did they go, and how long did they stay? The results are presented in two dazzling visualizations.

Watch The City | The WorldProject’s website