Best CSS Zen Garden Theme Ever

So there I was skimming through my usual list of websites on another boring day when this headline caught my eye:

Best CSS zen garden file ever?

My head spun furiously. Could it be possible? You be the judge! Let me warn you though, that a sense of humor is required to appreciate the screenshot below.

Geocities 1996 CSS Zen Garden Submission

Hungry for more? View the site in its full, animated glory!

Of course, there had to be an explanation for this madness, right? Apparently the design, entitled “Geocities 1996″, is by Bruce Lawson. He did it back in 2004 out of nostalgia. He writes:

The CSS Zen Garden has been highly useful to me in demonstrating the value of standards when attempting to convince my reluctant colleagues to abandon tables. Thanks Mr. Shea!

However, it’s also been a major pain in the arse, as Nongyaw, friends and family now expect every site I make for them to look as good as the zen garden submissions. As a design-challenged individual, I’ve found myself almost nostalgic for the multi-coloured, multi-typefaced gif-ridden designs I used to see in 1996 when I moved to Thailand and first used the web, back in the days when Netscape 3.0 was the coolest browser out.

View the full article.

I hope that made your day. It surely did for me!


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Best CSS Zen Garden Theme Ever

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