10 Tips On How To Generate A Logo

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A logo is one of
the best ways to communicate with your clientele and create a brand name for
your business. Many business owners struggle to create the right logo for their
business. Instead of just picking up a new design, it is better to follow a few
tips when creating the logo for your business. These few tips will make it easy
for you to get the right logo.

We will share with you ten different tips which you can
follow while creating the logo for your business.

Understand your brand:

The first thing
which you have to ensure is the association of the logo with your brand. You
have to write down a few things which you need to associate with your brand.
Once you design the logo, you have to ask yourself if these things associate
with the logo design or not. Doing so will help you choose the right design.

Industry reflection:

You should always
choose a logo design which reflects your industry. It will help you design a
more relevant logo, which can best present your business.

3. Get
the colors right:

The colors in the
logo should be such that they go well with each other. Also, they should
complement each other as well. Only when you get the colors right, the logo
becomes easy to decipher.

Choose fonts wisely:

While designing, or
creating the logo, it is essential to understand that the fonts are not only
for creating the company name but also add a bit of personality to the logo.
Due to this very reason, you have to choose the fonts carefully. They should be
easy to decipher and should add to the look of the logo and the personality of
the business. Doing so will help you create a logo which can brand
your business

Decide the type of logo:

Logos can be of
different types. You can choose one which uses only the brand name of the
company, or you can choose one which has an abstract design. When you generate logo
for your business, it is essential to first decide between different types like:

  • Monogram
  • Abstract
  • Mascots
  • Emblem
  • Wordmarks

Only once you can
decide the logotype, you can go ahead and create the right one for your

6. Go
with simple design:

One thing which
most of the business owners and designers ignore is that you should always keep
the logo simple. Only when it is simple enough, people can associate it with
your business quite easily. You should ensure that at the most, you use two
colors in the logo and the fonts should be easy to read. The viewer should be
able to decipher the logo in a single glance. You have to keep this in mind
while generating the logo for your business.

Choose a versatile design:

You need to
understand that the look of your business will not just be on your website. It
can be on your business cards, manuals, pamphlets and a variety of other marketing materials. Hence; you have to choose
a versatile design which will look good on all of these places.

Decide the positioning:

You can generate
the logo in a horizontal or a vertical position. The choice is entirely up to
you. However, before you finalize the draft, it is essential to decide which
one you prefer and then choose accordingly.

9. Be
ready to revise:

You have to assume
that in the very first attempt, you can’t generate the perfect logo. That is why;
you will have to edit it at least a few times. You might have to change the
entire design and start from scratch as well. Instead of getting frustrated,
you have to understand that it is part of the process and therefore; be ready
to change the design.

Make it readable:

Lastly, you have to
generate the logo in such a way that anyone can read it. Only when that is the
case, you can go for mass branding.

These are the ten
tips which you should always follow when generating a logo for your business. You
can easily brand your business with the help of the logo designed using this
guide. Once you follow this guide, it is effortless to get the right design in
a short time.

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