4 Ways a Poor Web Design Can Hurt Your Business

Post pobrano z: 4 Ways a Poor Web Design Can Hurt Your Business

In this day and age, every business has a website that it
uses to enable it to sell products or services to customers in different
places. The problem is that most businesses rush into creating websites without
paying attention to various elements of web design. As a matter of fact, a
website is not one of those things that you invest in just for the sake of
flowing with the trend. It’s better to continue doing your business offline
than to have a website that doesn’t increase conversions. In fact, such a website
is a waste of time and resources. Here is a list of how a poorly designed
website can drag down your enterprise.

1. Increased Bounce

This one goes without saying. When your website has a poor
design, it becomes difficult for visitors to navigate through the various tabs.
Besides that, it loads at a speed of a snail. Such poor user experience causes
visitors to leave your portal without buying anything. Keep in mind that
internet users, especially the millennials are very mean with their time. They
actually prefer websites that load at lightning speeds because they usually
have busy schedules either at work or in school. If your website takes ages to
load, you will definitely lose customers to your competitors that have websites
that load at a much faster speed. If you want o experience an improvement in
conversions, you must work on the speed of your website and make it more user

2. Poor Search Engine

The websites that appear in the first pages of search engineresults usually contain content that has been optimized for SEO (Search EngineOptimization).This means that such content has phrases that are commonly usedby people while looking for information on the internet. Content that is highlyoptimized increases the visibility of your business. Lest you forget, customerstrust brands that appear in the first pages of search results. If your websiteis not optimized for SEO, it’s hard for your brand to be noticed, consideringthat a single search has millions of answers. This is because it will appear inthe last pages of search engine results. Most customers don’t bother to checkanything that’s beyond the first two pages. You must therefore hire a website design company that willoptimize the content that’s on your portal.

3. Device

A few decades a go, people could only browse the internet
using a computer. Those who didn’t own a computer had to go to the nearest
cyber café. Things have now changed. Smartphones have made it easier for
everyone to access the internet. The good thing is that mobile devices enable
people to browse from anywhere even while on the go. In fact, there are very
few people that access the internet via computers. This means that businesses
have to create websites that are optimized for mobile devices. If your website
can’t be navigated using a mobile device, you will definitely experience a
decline in conversions.

4. Customers Lose
Confidence in your  Brand

When the content on your website is not of high quality,
your business will rank poorly in the search engines. This is because search
engines consider the quality of content before allocating any spot position to
a website. Even if you use paid ads to drive traffic to your website, customers
will not have the confidence of buying anything from your business when they
find content that’s not based on true facts. High quality content will actually
continue to generate traffic for your business even while you sleep. This is
due to the fact that people will first see your website when they search for

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