BARE BONES: A London/NY One Night Stand

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Bare Bones, the London-born creative outlet set up by illustrator Harry Malt and friends a year ago, is heading to New York. The US exhibition will be on Tuesday, June 29th from 6-9 at envoy enterprises (131 Chrystie St) and features London/Euro-exports and a gang of NYC locals. Following will be a tear-a-strip-off-it after party downstairs at Home Sweet Home from 9-11. Live performances by the mighty Jugger-Nut & The Giggle Fits.

Bare Bones is an non-commercial outlet for artists, photographers and image makers across the world. Spawned in London in the deepest plunge of the global economic melt down, it is a raw celebration of doing things for love and fun — a timely reminder how in times of hardship, art and creativity can and always will, flourish. 

Harry Malt*, Chris Bianchi*, Neal Fox, Frank Laws, Hannah Bays, Robert Rubbish, Kate McMorrine, Stephanie von Reiswitz, Billy Bragg, LeGun, Heretic Print Studio, Leigh Fox, Lie-Ins & Tigers, Nervous Stephen, Simon Dara, Amelia Johnstone, Hanna Hanra, Matt Lambert, Peter Rapp, Kate Merry, James Pecis, Tom Jennings and Zoe Taylor.

Niall O’Brien*, Jamie Daughters, Ross McDonnell, Brian Daly, Shane Deegan, Richard Gilligan, Jacob Lillis and Andreas Laszlo Konrath.
Neil Gavin

Michael Smith*, Richard Milward, Gary Fairful, Sebestian Horsely, SC Breen, Svetlana Graudt, Gavin Bennett, Jamie Putnam and Slavko Vukanovic.

Matt Lambert*, Sean Pecknold, David OReilly, Andy Martin, Matt Smithson, Niall O’Brien, Ross McDonald and several more film makers to be announced soon will be premiering original works.

*group curator

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