Common Good for MTV Canada

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With a focus on visually driven stories, Toronto-based Common Good is a directing collective backed by a full service design, animation and VFX studio. Award winning directors Anthony Burns, Jamie Webster and Eric Makila launched Common Good in the autumn of 2010 with the mandate of telling stories driven by the kind of stunning imagery that has been the hallmark of their work. With the skills to take an idea from concept to completion, they are able to solve the most complicated problems in beautiful and unexpected ways. Common Good is represented in Canada as a directorial collective by Radke.

Common Good has just completed a rebrand for MTV Canada that consists of over 100 spots. They have posted a selection of their favourites on Vimeo. Full credits and more info.


20101130_211531_MTV_mirror_3.jpgMTV Memory Bank20101130_211617_MTV_create_1.jpgMTV Creation20101130_211650_MTV_campfire_5.jpgMTV Campfire

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