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Every week, we’ll give you an overview of the best deals for designers, make sure you don’t miss any by subscribing to our deals feed. You can also follow the recently launched website Type Deals if you are looking for free fonts or font deals.

1500+ Design Elements in 1 Huge Graphic Pack

Looking to give your latest projects a bit of a boost? This Huge Graphic Pack is sure to please with more than 1500 professional design elements! You’ll get a wide variety of tools including backgrounds, logos, badges, textures, vintage illustrations and more from a slew of different themes ranging from arcs to food to nature.

$8 instead of $750 – Get it now!

Bundle of 400+ High Quality Vector Textures from Ultrashock

Stock up on a ton of creative items now with Ultrashock’s latest Creative Bundle which contains 418 brand new vector textures including Slick Tones (smooth halftone patterns with subtle gradients), Scratches and Scuffs, Retropress (distressed halftone scuffs), Subtle Grit Volume 01 and 02, Authentic Wood Grain, Noise Volume 01 and 02, Fine Grit, Retro Textures, Rusty Metal, Destructive Forces Backgrounds, Botched Imperfect Halftones, Granite Textures and more all with amazing value!

$24 instead of $674 – Get it now!

OZCodes Coupons

Find great deals on OZCodes with coupons for web hosting, WordPress plugins and themes, or design software, among many other things.

Verb: 72-Font Super Family

When artists create a new masterpiece, they have one goal in mind: to move you. Well, why shouldn’t the same go with Web designers? There’s no better way to get your next project moving than with the awesomely active (and actively awesome!) Verb font family!

$37 instead of $169 – Get it now!

Bourton Font Family of 34 Fonts & More

The Bourton Type Family is a massive layered and script typeface just bursting with variety. You’ll get more than 30 unique fonts in this family ranging from Base Layer to Drop Shadow Fonts, along with plenty of bonuses such as ornaments, frames, flags and even a set of customizable logos.

$17 instead of $99 – Get it now!

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