Dunking for Donations

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The latest from Toronto-based digital production boutique Lollipop is jrich23.org for Phoenix Sun’s star Jason Richardson and his Foundation. 

NBA fans are familiar with the explosive style and virtuosity of Phoenix Sun’s star Jason Richardson – they’re the same skills that won him two back-to-back NBA Slam Dunk championships. But what many don’t see is the work Jason does off the court helping young people reach their full potential through his foundation. That was the starting point for the site.  

jrich23.org invites visitors to select from a choice of balls lying around an atmospheric court, each which triggers Jason to perform a unique dunk or trick captured exclusively for the website. With over ten minutes of total content, a total of 12 shots to choose from and in-depth info on the various activities of the Foundation, Lollipop have created a host of reasons to open your wallet and donate. 

Complete campaign info is here


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