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Escape has been a SPILLT pet project for the past 7 months. It was shot
entirely in-house on our green screen, and combines the use of
illustration, film, photography and 3-D motion design. The video is
built from more than 130 animated Photoshop brushes to create each
scene. Each group of brushes were layered over each other, or built on
to create both the environments and the elements in the video. Combining
animation, design and musical talents from the Denver scene, this video
represents a true collaboration of local artists. Special Thanks to
Jasper at Futuristic Films for providing us with some new cameras and
thanks to our old pals at New Frontier for providing lighting for the
~ Spillt

Music By: Mc Subcon and Kam Moye

Design, Direction, Animation: Ryan Bramwell, Chris Sayres and Brian

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