Glenn Barr "Haunted Paradise" expo in Antwerp.

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Painter, illustrator Glenn Barr (Detroit, US) is one of the most celebrated and succesful underground artists of the moment. His paintings have appeared in galleries from Seattle, Melbourne and San Francisco to New York. Glenn Barr’s paintings revolve around myths of the city. The dark side of city life, the laneways, clubs and secret interiors are the backdrop to his world. Glenn Barr’s work is therefore mentioned being the visual equivalent of a David Lynch film.

Barr’s work has been featured in a variety of comics and graphic novels such as Mad, DC comics and Paradox press.
His contribution to animation include background styling for the Ren & Stimpy show, Bjork’s „I miss you” video and the new Woody Woodpecker show.

Barr’s paintings have been reproduced in art journals like Juxtapoz, Erotica and Film Threat magazine.

Glenn Barr will be exhibiting at Mekanik Gallery, Antwerp.
‘Haunted Paradise‘ is his first solo expo in Europe.

*Opening night „Haunted Paradise”, September 25th, 2009.

Haunted Paradise
art show, Glenn Barr
25 September – 30 October 2009

Galerie Mekanik
St. Jacobsmarkt 73
Antwerp, Belgium
+32 3 234 234 7*

Info: Linda Torfs +32 (0)478 294 685

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